For All The Doubters

Ed Moran writes: “No more doctors, no more symptoms, and no more waiting and wondering: Jeremy Roenick will miss just two more games and then it’s back to work next Saturday.”

This is great news for the Flyers, at long last we are finally getting a body back from the DL. If they can just get Primeau and Desjardins back we will be in really good shape, but Primeau’s head continues to disagree with his return, but one has to ask how much longer he’ll be honest about his symptoms.

Malakhov is out up to 2 weeks for those that haven’t gotten the update on his fractured jaw from the other day.

April 7th,


41 Responses to For All The Doubters

  1. Lint07 says:

    That’s what I call a warrior!

  2. NemiNA says:

    No doubt about it, J.R. is a crazy S.O.B. hes a great guy and one hell of a personality, i say welcome back, now all we need is Primeau and i;ll be damned if Philly isnt the team to come out of the east.


    Did anyone else see the flyers play the rangers on ABC saturday and notice that Melrose said that burke would be the playoff starter? Esche was named the playof starter in january. And the Steve Levy and Darren Pang spent a half hour defending Melroses statement instead of anouncing the game. They were saying WHEN esche falters, like that will happen, that Burke will go in, It all proves that Barry Melrose is an Idiot when it comes to philadelphia hockey.

  3. hockeyhead says:

    well let me just add that barry melrose is an idiot period. the guy is a wind bag. his top five goalies for the playoffs is terrible. habby got smoked by boston, burke and eshe are iffy belfour is hurting. barry does nt know hockey. he doesn’t admit to mistakes either as the final score comes in (boston rallies down three goals to win) and barry says tampa has as good of goaltending as anyone and he does not even say anything about boston. don’t listen to him. the east is up for grabs this year. go beantown bears.

  4. Next_Semenko says:

    JR what a guy!

  5. hockeyhead says:

    yes, what a comeback. who shot JR?

  6. cgolding says:

    Okay, the commentary on all sides for that game just proved how stupid these people are that do this professionaly. I really don’t understand how they are not aware of what is going on with every team in the NHL. Seriously, how hard is this. Get a link, account, whatever… with every local paper that covers the different teams, and every morning go through the beat writers columns and you will know what going on in each city. I mean it’s your job, what else do you have to do?

    So yeah, considering all this at one point Pang came up with the Roenick-Primeau-Kapanen line, which was reported by the beat writers like a week and a half ago as the probably line combo. He then proceeded to pass it off like he was some sort of genius… when clearly someone that knew what was going on had whispered in his ear.

    Then you got Melrose. Guy drives me nutz. For the first time in forever i’m actually anticipating the playoffs, not dreading them. I attribute this entirely to the faith i have in hitch*****. They’ve said from the start that Esche was gonna be the guy… and these guy continue to try and create a national story of the “goaltending controversy” in philly. GOD! leave us alone. Esche is our goalie. You are morons. Shut up! At least Clemente knows what is going on, but the rest are absolutely clueless.


  7. matteo says:

    JR is the toughest man in all of sports. Everyone in the NHL should take note of everything JR says and does, because if the league had one or two JR’s on each team it would be far better off.

    He has a fire in his belly for the game, yet he understands his role as an entertainer as well. He is outspoken and is not afraid to go out on the edge. The NHL need people like JR in order to market itself better to the public.

    On one of his first games back in Philly after the incident he watched the game from the tunnel and was banging on the glass and going crazy. in between periods he signed everything the people were sending his way. Then he did an interview WITH HIS JAW WIRED SHUT. If more NHLers would adopt JR’s attitude the doors would open and fans would be able to identify better with the players.

  8. matteo says:

    It was either Sue Ellen or Professor Plum in the conservatory with the revolver

  9. matteo says:

    He is by far the least knowledgeable and most annoying guy in all of hockey. When he isn’t working his day job modeling for the Keebler Elf on packages of cookies or playing an Ooompa Loompa in off broadway productions of Willy Wonka and the Choclate factory he is on the air annoying me with every single word that comes out of his little elven mouth.

    Melrose is another story. He is like a train wreck. I just watch him to see what stupid thing he is going to say next. But at least he is entertaining. Pang is devoid of any redeemable value.

    I hear Pang just broke a new story about how Lindros will be traded to the Rangers and Melrose reported that Pelle Lindbergh will get the start in the nets for Philly over Bob Froese.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    al iafrate is pretty tough too. how many guys can smoke cowboy killers (marby reds) during intermission and then go back out and play. just kidding.

  11. hockeyhead says:

    i love panger. HOLY JUMPIN’. melrose is an idiot tho. “i like the leafs, they play with passion with heart and passion, they fight every play, they play with passsion and heart and passion.” “eddie rules.” he must of got waived by the bruins b/c he never says anything positive about them. barry said that pete peeters was going to be back in for the flyers. pelle lindberg RIP. he was awesome.

  12. big_booty says:

    Anyone else ever notice how you never see Darren Pang and that faggy olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton at the same time?

    Coincidence? I think not.

  13. Enigma says:

    why is it that J.R. is getting praised for returning from his 9th concussion (1 more then Eric) but Eric is getting criticized for having “mush for brains.” Don’t get me wrong I like the way Roenick plays the game and am happy to see him back, but being an Eric Lindros fan as well it’s frustrating to see this people bash him and support Roenick.

  14. Enigma says:

    this = these

  15. hockeyhead says:

    that is B-R utal. he’s not that bad.

  16. hockeyhead says:

    eric has missed how much time? uh uh. jr has missed how much time? how long has jr been out with this broken jaw? couple weeks. eric has missed a ton of games. plus he is a baby. i’m not playing for quebec. jr is better for the game.

  17. big_booty says:

    The nine concussions mentioned for JR is an arbitrary number. It’s something he said right after it happened, which caught everyone by surprise. I don’t believe they were ever do*****ented. Hell, most of them could have happened back at Thayer Academy for all we know.

    On the other hand, Lindros’ bell-ringings are well-do*****ented because of the microscope on him and his battle with them. Everyone and their mother knows that he has a Cartier chandelier for a cranium, but the guy still insists on getting back in the game.

    JR is a much more durable player than Lindros, and a much better person, personality, and leader. He never alienates the fans or does anything selfish in the locker room.

    Lindros, along with his parents and their selfish and immature attitudes, makes himself an easy target by doing nothing more than anything he can do for his surname.

  18. matteo says:

    Roenick’s injury was much more severe because of the broken Jaw and overall trauma. Also, JR didn’t get this concussion because he was looking down and got hammered. He was hit in the face by a slapshot…it was a horrible incident and could have killed him…..besides Roeinck went against his family’s wishes and came back. Lindros listens to mommy and daddy about everything…big old momma’s boy. Mommy, I went poo poo can you come and wipe my butt…….Lindros…Hah…JR is 10 times the man that Lindros is.

  19. GretzNYR99 says:

    I love JR, he’s great for the game, and it will be great to see him back. I’d like to see him score more goals like the old days. I remember Chicago was the team to beat back then. Roenick, Larmer, Goulet, Murphy, Chelios, Ruutu, Smith, Marchment, Belfour, etc… and Roenick would score 100 points and 40-50 goals… those were the days. JR played a hard-nosed, nasty, and yet a flashy offensive game complimenting good defensive sense. Few could counter-attack it. I say he should go back to #27, he was much better then, and it looks better than #97.

    As for the JR/Big E arguement… I’m a diehard Ranger fan, and I’ve always loved Lindros, no matter how much he killed the Rangers back in the day. It’s hard to decide. Eric is a warrior, yes. Coming back from 7 concussions, naturally, you’re going to have to miss a lot of time to make sure that your head is in check. Some people’s heads are worse than others with concussions. Eric played hard this year, and unfortunately got caught with his head down. JR got a puck to the face, which isn’t fun at all, and could be rushing it. Before we go making judgements, lets at least see how Roenick holds out. Roenick doesn’t have a concussion history… yet. Lindros, on the other hand, developed one. So before you go saying that Roenick isn’t concussion prone in the future (which he most defenitely is, as is the case with every injury), impartially evaluate the situation. My call is, they’re both warriors, they both deserve a lot of credit. I agree with Lindros not being the guy to advertise for the game with the Quebec incident.

    Which leads me to this question… Who should the NHL advertise to the people?

    Jeremy Roenick? Dany Heatley ruined his image after the accident. Joe Thornton? He ruined his image after that brawl in the bar with his brother and some po-po’s. Rick Nash? Ilya Kovalchuk? The NHL has some serious marketing problems, one of the most notable being advertisement. They need to figure this one out quick.

  20. FlyGuys10 says:

    one word -> HEART…Lindros comes back from every concussion and plays scared..before his most recent one, Big E was starting to bash a little again…and this was after a long time of playing like a baby…J.R. and his 9 concussions are doing just fine and he is still one of the best out there…he should get praised…Lindros will never prove himself under adversity

  21. Viller says:

    He did a phone interview before even having his jaw checked out by doctors…

  22. hockeyhead says:

    no way guy. i’m in the boston area and joe has no negative backlashes from that. he was very cooperative with the police and press. joe is a stand up guy and he gets better every year as a player, captain and guy in the community. nick boynton would be good, brian rolston, marty lapointe, mike knuble. tons of bruins are really well spoken and involved in charity. they have combined forces with the dropkick murphys with charity and events. the bruins have bands play during intermission and after the game as a way to push hockey. they’re doing great things. hopefully theres hockey again.

  23. gojiclan says:

    Heres what i think

    Melrose is an idiot. I couldnt believe he had the stupidity to go on live television and claim that sean burke is the playoff goalie. has he been watching any of the philly games at all? even if he wasnt, can’t he read well enough to look at the stats esche has put up, or listened to a clip of hitch saying back in january that esche is the man for the playoffs? one for can sum of melrose…..retarded

    ROenick coming back is a huge gain for philly. THey get the warrior back that they have missed since he left the ice. Philly has been just about .500 since he and primeau have been out, and i dont think that sa coincedence. sure they lost firepower in those two centremen, but roenick leads the team with words, while primeau leads by example. to get half of their leadership back is a huge gain, no matter what team you are on.

    LIndros holds nothing on roenick. ROenick wants to get out thre and play, he has since he was cleared form his concussion status. LIndros would sit, and sit, and sit, listeinin to his mother and father telling him what to do not paying attention to his own body, that nobody else knows but him. TO put these two in the same sentance is a joke. ROenick plays with a passion. His injury was a freak thing, i dont remember the last time i saw him get hurt by holding his head down looking for the puck….like the last 2 times lindros got his concussions….lindros needs to retire while he still have brain power left. Roenick’s 9 concussions (even if 9 is the actual number) are completely different physically then lindros’ 7

  24. Primis says:

    That’s good news but also incredibly dangerous.

    I hope JR realizes what he’s doing — he’s very lucky if he did in fact fully recover from this last incident. He’s had enough previous concussions and such that the stakes only get higher every time something happens.

    And I really do like the guy, think he’s good for the game, and don’t want to see him end his career in a Joe Theisman sort of way.

    — Primis.

  25. EmptyNetter says:

    It’s a good question — advertising, especially spotlighting individual players. For human interest I’d go with charity involvement. Guys like Hal Gill get psyched every Christmas to go shopping for toys for the underpriviledged. Also, play up the local angle — guys who grew up or played college locally. JR, Brian Leetch, and I think Brian Raffalski all grew up in the Boston area. Remind people that hockey isn’t just a Canadian sport anymore. But overall, character and heart beats skill (and questionable character) any day.

  26. EmptyNetter says:

    Oh yeah, Janet Jackson should perform during 2nd period intermissions.

  27. Bman says:

    JR is pretty tough, but the toughest in all of sports, now come on. He’s great, I love his game and I am glad to see him coming back. I think you are getting a little too over excited. As for 2 JR’s on every team, i don’t think so, some of the things he says are just plain stupid. Now that he’s coming back you can’t just forget all about the other things he’s done in his career. Take for example earlier this year the water bottle, i know he came out and apoligized for it and i applaud him for it he is very classy, but you can’t throw water bottles, the nhl should take note of that. But i am always glad to see someone back from injury, so i wish him luck.

  28. sixteenstone says:

    Who Cares??? really

    good for JR and the Flyers they need him back.

  29. Lynchmob450 says:

    You’re a F UC KING retard!!!

  30. shotnthdark says:

    No no man, Pang changed and said Doug Favell is gonna start for Philly, assuming they can get the roof of the spectrum fixed in time for the playoffs!

  31. Lint07 says:

    …and you’re 12 year old. What’s your point?

  32. Lint07 says:

    Probably every FAN of hockey.

    Why don’t you watch ping-pong instead?

  33. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    Melrose is such an easy simpleton to figure out. Aside from his awful choice of suits, his blantant lack of hockey knowledge, and his ability to lay some claim to that LA Kings team that went to the finals…….the guy is just lazy! Its obivous he doesnt spend much time doing research. He looks at the standings and makes assumptions from them, and looks at the trades and makes assumptions from them as well. Hes never right when he picks teams for the cup, he changes his picks by the week, and who ever is in first place is his pick to go all the way. That brings us to the “Burke” comment, he said this because the guy is just plain misinformed, he sees that the flyers traded for Burke months ago, and never bothered to do the due diligence and actually see how he was playing in Philly (god f u c k ing awful). So he just asumes that he will be the guy, all the while never taking the time to notice how well Esche is playing (aside from that joke of a goal scored by Leetch). The equation is simple: Melrose = a s s clown

  34. matteo says:

    More players should speak up and even throw water bottles if it brings the quality of the refs to the attention of the league and media. More players need to call them to task.

    If everyone started throwing water bottles maybe the league might actually get something done.

  35. Bman says:

    No, you are absolutly wrong. Let me guess, next they should just hit the refs with their sticks instead, to make eveyone notice. The refs obviously make bad calls sometimes, but they are doing a fine job as far as i am concerned. Your obviously a philly fan because no one on that team can do anything wrong in your eyes, they are all saints.

  36. Enigma says:

    with all that i’ve read….I still think it would be pretty great to see a lindros vs roenick clean hockey fight.

  37. goodfela26 says:

    Throwing water bottles at a ref is not nearly as serious as other things going on in this league nowadays., i.e. Bertuzzi, McSorley, Havlat, etc.

    I do agree it was in bad form for JR to do that, but name any other player in any sport to apologize out of the blue in front of a national audience.

  38. Flyer_Fan says:

    Just feel like saying

    Timander instead of Weinrich


    (JR is the man!)

  39. Flyer_Fan says:

    you tell ’em!

  40. anionnat says:

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