For Debatable Fan Interest – Belfour for M-A. Poulit (EDM)

This one is mere specualtion on my part. And has no foundation whatsoever.

In the Event that the Toronto Maple Leafs (or Laughs) should tank the season and presumably rebuild, who should we acquire from a “prospect” basis.

Think this through before submitting.I for one would like to put thhis out there, because it is interesting to think about. In a dump scenario, trade Ed Belfour to Edmonton Oilers who are currenlty specualted to want Experienced playoff goalies, for Marc-Andrea Poulit, who was drafted by Edmonton in the 1st round 22nd overall in 03-04 I believe. He is also a former linemate of one Sydney Crosby. He post growing, solid, numbers as an amateur with Rimouski, 114pnts in the final season, and currently leads the Abbysmal Hamilton Buldogs of the AHL in Scoring, although at less than a point a game, 45+pnts in 50+ games.

My reasons for this are curiousity, but I always wonder about “dark horse” players who play second fiddle to super stars. Poulit was a darkhorse player in a rich draft, way down the list from Ovechkin and Malkin. However, Malkin was until the draft, a “dark horse” himself as everybody and there cousin knew Ovechkin was going 1st. Malkin was Ovechkins right hand man, I wonder, what about Crosby’s?

Belfour(salaryand age dump) for Poulit (either straight up or with picks/prospects, doesn’t matter)

Let me know what you think?

Is there any other propects active or in th pipe that Toronto should be considering.

Are there any “drak horses” that have gone under-radar because of superstar linemates?


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  1. lukeleim says:

    if Edmonton was willing to part ways with Poulit id say giv’er on the trade.

  2. PaulK123 says:

    I have been hearing rumors about getting Malkin out of Pittsburgh (unlikely). Its ridiculous but that’s what ive been hearing.

  3. lukeleim says:

    kyle Wellwood, Andy Wozniewski, Tie Domi, Nik Antropov, Justin Pogge & Maple Leafs’ 2nd-round pick of 2006.

  4. 92-93 says:

    two things to consider when talking about a belfour trade

    1) with Edmonton, they will probably want to dump Ulanov and/or Conklin going the other way along with a prospect. if i were the leafs, i’d be going after Greene, Schremp, or – my fav – Danny Syvret.

    2) again, i want to reiterate to everyone out there including Spector and a whole slew of hockey columnists – trading Belfour (an aging, inconsistent goalie whose best days are behind him and playing Telly who has better numbers) is NOT sign that the leafs are giving up on the season or the playoffs. if anything it should be a sign that the leafs are more serious than ever in trying to make it this year. however, it seems that most commentators out there think that trading Belfour is the equivalent of the leafs ‘throwing in the towel’ on their season – ridiculous.

  5. BleedinBlueEH says:

    Somebody who I think the Leafs should Aquire, is Andrew Ladd. I read somewhere that Carolina would be interested in Bryan McCabe. If a Bryan McCabe for Andrew Ladd trade was possible, I would do it.

    The Leafs do not have a “power-forward” prospect that they will have in the future. So if you add Ladd (Power Forward) to Wellwood (offensive), Steen (2-way with above average scoring abilities) and Stajan (defensive forward with some offense), it would give the Leafs 4 good young kids to build the offense around.

    In the off-season they could sign Derek Morris, who is a McCabe clone (they play the same style), for probably a couple million less than McCabe.

  6. the_canadian_game says:

    belfour to edmonton for ulanov, prospect(pouliot)

    allison, wozniewski to calgary for leopold and kobasew

    antropov, klee, prospect to chicago for arnason and bell

    Derek Morris or Willie Mitchell or Filip Kuba in off-season

    Next years lineup-




    Kilger-Wellwood-edm prospect




    Tellqvist and Rask

    no pogge because he needs to develop still.

    id say those trades are very possible because were getting players that other teams dont want.

  7. future_agent says:

    how can you say pogge needs to develop over rask? rask is no where close 2 being at NHL level…it would either be aubin or racine…pogge would probablly be brought up to the marlies to replace whoever the leafs called up

  8. the_canadian_game says:

    the only reason i said that was because rask plays in tougher league and during the lockout, he was facing nhl players.

  9. Aetherial says:

    Just some ideas…

    Anybody thought about McCabe for Bertuzzi?

    Not sure if I like it or not. Vancouver may also have to take come salary from the Leafs in this one. Like McCabe + Belak for Bertuzzi.

    Belfour for … 2nd rounder from Edmonton. They won’t get more.

    Arnason for Antropov + 2nd OR Antropov Wellwood + 2nd for Calder and Arnason

    Klee to Vancouver for Matt Cooke (if the McCabe deal isn’t feasible)

    Berg to whoever… I am hearing a second round pick. Specualtion is that that is what the Leafs would get since the start of the season.

    Allison to Calgary (if they don’t get Jokinen) for Leopold or Langkow

  10. 92-93 says:

    i dunno about Berg being worth a 2nd rounder although he is a valuable depth defenceman.

    I think the most likely destination for Ken Klee is San Jose but Buffalo might get him too despite the fact that they play in the same division.

    The Allison trade i’ve been proposing for months and i think its asking a little too much by adding in Langkow.

    The Belfour deal seems sensible, but there is no harm in JFJ going for one of their prospects – especially if he is willing to take either Ulanov or Conklin off of Lowe’s hands.

  11. 92-93 says:

    Is it me or does it seem that Eric Lindros is NOT ready to return is returning to the Leafs tonight as an ineffective player who can barely shoot the puck and is risking the long-term health of his wrist?

    i dunno, it just seems like if he cannot come back and play effectively, why come back?

    granted, there have been conflicting reports about how far along he is – some suggesting that he is ignoring medical advice to have season-ending surgery or to simply keep off the ice period. we’ll see…

  12. Aetherial says:

    I think a Belfour deal will have to take someone off of Edmonton’s hands in return. I bet they would like to dump Peca.

    Alison was not for Leopold + Langkow… that was an -OR- scenario. I suspect the Leafs would take Leopold, the Flames might want to give up Langkow.

    I wonder what Chicago would want for Calder, or Arnason, or both?

  13. Aetherial says:

    I suspect exactly the same thing.

    He is not ready. He should have had surgery. Someone made a HUGE mistake here.

    Howard Berger is going to look like the world’s biggest genius when all this happens. He called this from day 1.

  14. koolcracker says:

    Another thing to keep in mind with Belfour trades, he has the no-trade clause, so picking a destination out of a hat just might not work out, he would have to like where he’s going.

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