For Debatable Fan Interest – Belfour for M-A. Poulit (EDM)

This one is mere specualtion on my part. And has no foundation whatsoever.

In the Event that the Toronto Maple Leafs (or Laughs) should tank the season and presumably rebuild, who should we acquire from a “prospect” basis.

Think this through before submitting.I for one would like to put thhis out there, because it is interesting to think about. In a dump scenario, trade Ed Belfour to Edmonton Oilers who are currenlty specualted to want Experienced playoff goalies, for Marc-Andrea Poulit, who was drafted by Edmonton in the 1st round 22nd overall in 03-04 I believe. He is also a former linemate of one Sydney Crosby. He post growing, solid, numbers as an amateur with Rimouski, 114pnts in the final season, and currently leads the Abbysmal Hamilton Buldogs of the AHL in Scoring, although at less than a point a game, 45+pnts in 50+ games.

My reasons for this are curiousity, but I always wonder about “dark horse” players who play second fiddle to super stars. Poulit was a darkhorse player in a rich draft, way down the list from Ovechkin and Malkin. However, Malkin was until the draft, a “dark horse” himself as everybody and there cousin knew Ovechkin was going 1st. Malkin was Ovechkins right hand man, I wonder, what about Crosby’s?

Belfour(salaryand age dump) for Poulit (either straight up or with picks/prospects, doesn’t matter)

Let me know what you think?

Is there any other propects active or in th pipe that Toronto should be considering.

Are there any “drak horses” that have gone under-radar because of superstar linemates?