Forecast of Team Canada 2004 Line-up

To start off the rumors about who will be on the Team Canada, let me tell you a few needed facts. Each team needs to have 23 players (20 skaters, and 3 goalies), and each team must also have atleast 3 players under 22 on their roster. I’m guessing there will be 12 forwards, and 7 defensemen.The players will be in no particular order, with that let me break down who I think will be on the team:


Owan Nolan- Partially because the thing Quinn has for signing people onto his team that played in the Olympics.

Jarome Iginla- He is doing great this year, and if he continues his play, he will be a shoe-in.

Paul Kariya- A speedy winger, very skilled, not having a great year, but a great career overall.

Mike Peca- A great defensive forward, not a point scorer but will come back to help.

Jason Spezza- (Player under 22)- A bright player who will blossom into a star one day very soon.

Joe Sakic- He’s scores, passes, he’s fast and patient, what more could a coach want?

Steve Yzerman- I think he’ll be on the team just to cap off his incredible career.

Brendan Shanahan- A big, strong leader who is not afraid of hitting a guy.

Simon Gagne- A good offensive player who will bring some youth in.

Ryan Smyth- – A good player who is a proven scorer and will help Canada out a lot.

Joe Nieuwendyk- A very good player, and will be there because Quinn likes him, he is a very good player also.

What the hay, Matt Stajan- (under 22 rule) Someone young is got to be there. He’s very good.


Rob Blake- A great defender, who is surely going to think about the defence before offense.

Chris Pronger- A big frame, will surely push around some Europeans. (Don Cherry, hilarious!)

Adam Foote- A stay-at-home defenseman to make sure the goalie is not all by himself.

Scott Niedermayer- Similar to Foote’s playing style, and will be up sometimes too.

Ed Jovanovski- A burly guy who will push around his weight. Will also make the outlet pass.

Sheldon Souray- A good player who is making his mark with the Canadiens.

Carlo Colaiacovo- (under 22 rule)- He’s a good player and will make some good plays and be there to try and win.


1. Martin Brodeur- The best active goalie, solid like a ROCK. Surely win Canada a medal.

2. Ed Belfour- Pretty old, but has 424 wins to his advantage.

3. Roberto Luongo- A rising Canadian star who faces 40 shots a game, pretty young too.

This is just my opinion, this is no way sort or form the line-up, Let me hear what you guys think and who should be in and who should be out. I’ll try to respond to as many as I can