Forget any major trades for this year draft

┬áThis is only my opinion, but, I think there won’t be any major trade involving the Canadiens this year at the entry draft pick for 2 reasons.

Fisrt, I don’t think the Habs wants to give any young players they have in Montreal (Higgins, Pleckanec, Latendresse, Komisarek) and in Hamilton (Price, Chipchura, Locke, A.Kotsisin) these young guys are the present and the future of the club.

Second. I don’t think any GM through out the league wants the Canadiens problem (Kovalev, Dandenault, Murray, Huet). I think they have there own trouble and they don’t want more from Montreal.

So for those who think San Jose will sent Marleau to montreal , well ……continue to dream , because Montreal have nothing to give back to the Sharks.

The only way Bob Gainey can move is by the UFA market in July, and don’t dream to fast about players like Briere, Drury or any good player in the NHL , because the’re all affraid to play under the pressure of the Montreal fans.

Well, that’s my opinion and I hope you guys will have fun speculating all summer.. hahaha…