Forget Nolan…Leafs need D-Men!!

After a pitiful loss to a much superior Red Wing team, it has become blatantly obvious that the Leafs need Nolan like they need a hole in the head.

The Red Wings completley undressed the Leafs defense corps in a 7-2 victory. The Leafs have proven that they do have great offense, but in order to make a deep playoff run this year, they need an extensive defensive upgrade.

Of course we have names such as Yuskevich, Marchement, Boughner…but knowing Quinn the way we do, he’s more apt to make a subtle deal and go with a lesser known player for minimal loss to his current roster and prospects.

Who should the Leafs target and who should they deal to get them? Should they target Zhitnik as it seems the Sabres may start a fire sale? Should they go hard after Yuskevich? Marchment? Boughner?

What do you think?

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  1. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    For one thing… comments on this particular thread have not been my best, I’ll give you that.

    And I was not bashing or name calling. I was merely pointing out that two players on Toronto in particular were poor.

    I was unaware Tucker’s nail came off, so, I guess he may have been justified. Even so, there is something to be said for “taking a number” and not going after a guy as he is heading to the bench during a stop in play.

    Next, I do not think the Leafs are two players from the Cup, but I guess I didn’t make that very clear. However, whereas you see this as fact, and would deem it as intelligent; I don’t, so we would differ anyway. Not saying that the Leafs couldn’t win the Cup with the addition of two players, I just personally don’t see it.

  2. Aetherial says:

    Agreed, and on other posts in this thread I also said that I don’t think the Leafs are two players away from the cup.

    The red wings games WAS only one game. It showed me though that the Leafs have mor ethan two holes in their lineup. They need 2 solid defenseman, not necessarily spectacular but solid. Then they need another forward.

    They do have heart and that does matter but without the players they will fall short again.

    The Wings however, are rounding into shape again this year. Just what the rest of the league didn’t want to see.

    It was great to see Stevie Y back. I HATE the Wings of course but Yzerman is one of the classiest guys to ever play the game.

  3. TML51 says:

    It’s not so much one bad game, it was a game against a proven championship team. I’m not jumping off the band wagon, I love my Leafs. But what Detroit did to the Leaf defense was nothing short of masterful, and proved that once they figured out the Leafs defensive short comings, they were able to dismantle them at will. This is why I think we need d-men as compared to a forward such as Nolan. Don’t get me wrong, he’d fit well with the leafs, but I think the priorities lie elsewhere.

  4. Uncle_Kevin says:

    Mike Rathje should be the Leafs number one target when it comes to acquiring help on the blue line. This big tough stay at home defensemen is exactly what the doctor ordered for an already competent offensively minded defense corps. Rathje will provide the Buds with a guy who will be able to log 22 – 26 minutes of quality responsible ice time, and be the go to guy in the dying seconds of the game.

    #2 on the list should be the similar talent from LA – Aaron Miller. Aaron’s game is similar to Ratehje although he would not have the same impact as Rathje.

    Beyond netting at least one of the above two defensemen, Toronto must GET either Nolan or Iginla. Here is what they can offer for Nolan: Karel Pilar, Brad Boyes and 1st round pick.

    Asking price for Iginila will be higher. The leafs had offered a package including Boyes, Carliocavo, Belak and Pilar for Kovalev. It would be a huge bonus if the same deal would be accepted by the flames but it is unlikely – even if the deal was chased down with some cash. The Leafs will at the very least need to add one of their every day players from the top two lines and the word on the street is that any deal involving Iginla must include Antropov. Given Antropov’s recent surge in output and his young age, Quinn is very hesitant to part with the big 6’5″ centreman. Antropov is the kind of guy who could move on to score 35 – 40 goals, and produce 90+ point seasons, AND be a big prescence up the middle. Players like that are the kind you can build a team around. What makes giving up Antropov more palatable is the fact you would getting another young gun back who has already proven he can deliver BIG TIME in the big leagues. Adding Antropov to the package would mean that the Leafs could pull back on Boyes or Coliacavo. Toss in a second round pick and we could have a deal that would make sense for both team.

  5. c2p996 says:

    My very same views. Rathje is a 2-3d on most any team. He still has a tremendous upside.

    Giving up an injure prone Antropov would not be a great loss if you’re getting a PROVEN CDN STAR like Iginla.

    Iginla for Antropov, Tucker, Ian White & 1st rounder.

    Rathje – Carlo, Berg, Belak, Corson and 2nd rounder


  6. silva21 says:

    This is ridiculous, one lose and everybody says leafs need to get rid of this and that and get this and that. Shut the hell up!

    I’ve always hated Lumme and my decisions on him going hasn’t changed ever since the 2nd game he played with the leafs.

    leafs turtled against the wings offense, if they get the 2 defensemen eveyrbody thinks they need, think of what we have to give up and think of the chemistry change on the d line.

    I still say go for nolan and marchment and give the sharks our crap.

    What? You guys think that’s stupid? pathetic? leaffan like comment?

    Leafs were ranked 1st in NHL revenues in the 2001-2002 season. The sharks were ranked somewhere in the 15-20 range. They need to get rid of their high priced paleyrs a lot more than we need to trade a antropov, boyes, or carliocaivo. Even if we don’t make the trade and end up going on int he 2nd round, hey, ACC will be jammed packed anywayz and our revenues will still be top 3 to say the least.

  7. jacosta says:

    I’m posting this which is similar to what I just wrote on the Yushkevich trade so don’t bitch about writing the same thing.

    Here is the deal that needs to be made.

    The leafs were going to offer 4 mill to Pittsburgh to get Kovalev. That tell me that they had already budgetted for that money. Why don’t the leafs use that money in a trade for someone else. By the looks of it the leafs are opne of the few team that can spend the cash, and although some other teams may have better draft picks or prospects nothing beats cash to some teams that need it.

    The leafs should offer Macauley or Tucker along with maybe a Steen and 2.5 or 3 million cash to Buffalo for Satan and Zhitnik. There is no team that can offer that right now. And don’t tell me that no one wants Tucker or Macauley because trades today aren’t about being fair, its about salary and cash.

    With this deal Pat quinn can get one extremely talented offensive force who knows how to play defence when needed and a solid defenceman without gutting the clubs talent.

    Then Pat must offer a draft pick or a ponikarovsky or both to San Jose for a Marchmant who is a UFA. and again don’t say that is not enough look at what LA got for Yushk. UFA’s never get close to full trade value.

    That would give you the two defenceman needed and one great left winger to play on the second line

    Renberg Sundin Mogilny

    Satan Antropov Roberts

    Domi Reichal Hoglund

    Fitzgerald Green (Corson Tucker or Healy) depending on who got traded

    Kaberle Svehla

    McCabe Zhitnik

    Marchmant Berg (Lumme, or Belak)

    That is a solid six (except berg Lumme or Belak but they will do.

    Don’t tell me I’m smokin cheap stuff because that is some smart GMing

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