Forget Nolan…Leafs need D-Men!!

After a pitiful loss to a much superior Red Wing team, it has become blatantly obvious that the Leafs need Nolan like they need a hole in the head.

The Red Wings completley undressed the Leafs defense corps in a 7-2 victory. The Leafs have proven that they do have great offense, but in order to make a deep playoff run this year, they need an extensive defensive upgrade.

Of course we have names such as Yuskevich, Marchement, Boughner…but knowing Quinn the way we do, he’s more apt to make a subtle deal and go with a lesser known player for minimal loss to his current roster and prospects.

Who should the Leafs target and who should they deal to get them? Should they target Zhitnik as it seems the Sabres may start a fire sale? Should they go hard after Yuskevich? Marchment? Boughner?

What do you think?