Former NBA star Manute Bol signs hockey contract withe Indy. Ice of CHL.

Former NBA freakshow 7′ 7” Manute Bol has signed a contract with the Indianapolis Ice of the CHL. Bol is expected to be in uniform for Saturday nights game vs the Amarillo Gorillas.

Bol who played with the Philadelphia 76ers and Washington Bullets. Bol was last seen a year ago fighting William “refrigerator” Perry on a Celebrity Boxing T.V. show. Before that he was a political prisoner in the Sudan trading cows to get family members out of slavery.

General Manager of the Ice Larry Linde had this to say “How do you defend a 7′ 7” Dinka Tribesman?” On another note Hell froze over earlier this morning.

Whata world.

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  1. Rushing says:

    M.B. had a hard enough time running down the Basketball court much less attempting to “skate” down a frozen rink. LOL. Then imagining somebody just barely bumping him. He would fall down easier than a house of cards. LMAO

  2. big_booty says:

    …the Amarillo Gorillas have reached a tentative agreement with the Toronto Maple Leafs which will allow the CHL club to have the services of forward Darcy Tucker for Saturday nights game.

    Officials for the Gorillas were ecstatic, as they cannot wait to see Tucker take out the knees of one of the tallest men on the planet, although it is widely thought that Tucker would miss Bol’s knees completely, instead breaking one or both of his shins.

  3. Robert says:

    Joes was not funny. Please try again.

  4. Robert says:

    Joke was not funny. Please try again.

  5. SabresFanB says:

    Holy sh*t…I thought that you were just joking around. I checked on the Indianapolis Ice website, and I’ll be, there it was. I am speechless. This is the most insane idea ever.

    But I wonder if he could help the Sabres out with their power play. I bet Regeir could find a way to trade Satan for him. Or maybe if this would have happened a year ago, he could have traded Hasek for him.

    *That last part was a joke. I know we could have gotten a first round pick thrown in with the deal.

  6. Lint07 says:

    You did had to try it two times to make your 7-word phrase correct.

    Good Job Robert!

  7. Rushing says:

    I hope you arne’t thinking that this isn’t true!!!!

    Here is the proof if you are still thinking it is a joke.

    But like this paragraph in the artile…..

    Linde hasn’t yet spoken to Bol, 40, and admitted that the deal is mainly to generate interest in his team.

  8. DG says:

    “On another note Hell froze over earlier this morning.”

    That sums it all up right there. Furthermore, the Indianapolis Ice admit it is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Also, to Mr. Larry Linde: it’ll be pretty easy to defend this guy: because he’s so tall, practically any hit will level him, not to mention his size will make him slow. Didn’t he learn anything from the National Basketball Association? Apparently not.


  9. guinsfan4life says:

    Can’t wait to see a 6’6 250 lb defenseman take a plow into Manute and watch him break in 500 mi-nute pieces!

    Stupid freakin’ jackass doesn’t know his place. I’d pay to see the first time someone takes a run at him.

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