Forsberg currently in Montreal

According to, Peter Forsberg is currently in Montreal with his agent Don Baizley.

The article headline on is: ‘Forsberg in MTL: Smoke without the fire’, claiming that both Forsberg and his agent are just there…for no apparent reason.

It seems obvious for both sides that they want to keep something like that low, but cmon….a big name player with his agent…in Montreal of all places, in the summer, around free agent signing time, doing what? The Expo’s left the city a few years ago…

It will be interesting to see if anything comes up in a few weeks/month(s) from now.

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  1. mtuizee says:

    They said on the montreal radio CKAC (730AM) that he was in town for one of his best friend golf tournament (Simon Gagné).
    Hard to believe since he is with is agent. I really hope he sign with Montreal if his foot is healthier.

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