Forsberg News heating Up??

OK, so the word on the street, at least on the mean streets of Philadelphia, is that Peter Forsberg wants to play in the playoffs and will likely waive his no-trade clause. The word also is he has an interest in a Canadian team. From where we sit the perfect fit is Montreal.The Canadiens are good enough to make some noise in the playoffs. They certainly have a need for Forsberg’s extraordinary playmaking skills, skills that would give them a much-feared second line threat and some physical size up the middle. And since Forsberg is a student of the game and appreciative of its rich history, the city is a good fit as well. It’s big enough and appealing enough for someone who is used to big city living and big city attractions. It’s also known that Forsberg has a great deal of respect for Montreal general manager Bob Gainey and coach Guy Carbonneau dating back to his days in Colorado when those two were in Dallas together. Colorado-Dallas provided some of the best playoff matches out of the West while Forsberg was in Denver and the respect was mutual on both sides.

The view from here is that Forsberg’s choice really comes down to two Canadian teams: Toronto and Montreal.

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  1. PaulK123 says:

     Forsberg and Sundin are close friends and that may sway him to go to T.O, but I still think that he will return to the Avs…

  2. lynchmob540 says:

    He wants to go to a team that will MAKE the playoffs…the MapleLOSERS are NOT making the playoffs.

    As for the Avs…they are no sure thing to make it, either.

  3. lynchmob540 says:

    The Habs would have to give up Perezhogin, Halak and a #1 for Forsberg. I know you dumb Habs fans will come out and say that "we're not giving up anything more than Garth Murray and a 3rd round pick!"

    Well, listen up…the Flyers WILL get a nice package for the most valuable player available this trade deadline, as long as he stays healthy from here to the end of the deadline.


  4. Leafs1967 says:

    And you know this how? Miss Cleo speaks!

  5. robinson19 says:

    Smolinski is Pleakanec but older, look up the numbers.

    Word is, 1 top prospect and 1 high pick. So no, not Garth Murray, but on the other hand Halak is too much. There are plenty of other promising youngsters in the organization to package here, but in my view Halak is a more proven prospect than even Price right now. He's pretty untouchable, unless they decide they want to rush Price up the depth chart which would be stupid.

  6. Mephist0 says:

    "the city is a good fit as well" Guess he likes Strip clubs and Pountine.  Say hi to Wanda's for me.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    if forsberg goes to montreal, he is the undisputed number one center, given that koivu has been nominated for the 2007 rex grossman award,  that may appeal more to him than other situations where he might be on the second line. 

    the flyers organization will have their say in due course. 

  8. 1980leonstickle says:

    There is no way in HEdoublehockeysticks the Flyers trade Forsberg for a third or second rounder. They will either move him in a deal in which they get a very good return or not move him at all. They are not going to contribute to a Montreal Canadian Stanley Cup without a Higgins plus offer. Naturally if the Flyers resigned Forsberg they may have to give up a pick provided in the trade, but that would be about it.

    Once again they will not move him for a 3rd rounder.

  9. 1980leonstickle says:

    If Forsberg is only worth a third rounder than why would the Canadians want him?? think about it.

    You have to give up value for value..  Especially this year where a great number of teams will have a shot at the playoffs at the deadline.

  10. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Why do people even bother writing that Toronto is a possibilty? The key word is CONTENDER, something the maple leafs aren't (although with this 4 game win streak, everyone in Toronto is setting up baracades for the parade). Also, don't the leafs already have like 10 centers on the current roster? Fact is he wants to go to a contender and sorry, he wasn't born in Ontario and his boyhood dream wasn't to play for the leafs.

  11. DJTOKid says:

    Exactly, Forsberg and Toronto will not happen. The other canadian team people should be talking about is the Vancouver Canucks. Thats right, the canucks who have three players from the same home town as Forsberg. I think it could happen, but never Toronto. Toronto doesn't need centers like you said, they need wingers like Nagy or Bertuzzi. Even Bill Guerin would help, we'll see what plays out.

  12. PaulK123 says:

     Wow, the MapleLOSERS is such a good comeback to my comment. This is what I mean, when us Leafs fans make a normal comment everyone attacks us! 

  13. Habs_10 says:

    Canadian team!!!…He will go with Vancouver join his good friend Markus Naslund…I think it's the only possibility….

  14. habsoverserver says:

    as a rule, no one gives up their first line players for a playoff rental.  teams who want to "win now" don't give up their best players.  forsberg goes for a second line player + a combination of prospects and picks subject to where he re-signs.

    don't worry, phila will extract more than fair value for forsberg. 

  15. HotDogAllDressed says:

    relax kid,this is just the internet, believe it or not nobody here has any say in how the trades go

  16. habskovalev27 says:

    wow…good knowledge of the montreal area bars and trads….

  17. habskovalev27 says:

    we don't want him in Montreal anyway…don't want to give up our prospects for him

  18. jsakic19 says:

    Forsberg will not ever go to vancouver or detroit out of respect to the avalanche, if he were to go anywhere in the NW division it would be back to colorado, which is a possibility but I dont think the avs would be willing to trade draft picks or young prospects.. and they are not a contender this year.. As far as forsberg going to the leafs, thats a joke…. not going to happen.. jfj is good enough to land foppa, he will prob end up making a move like bringing back some old dude past his prime aka gary roberts.  I could see him going to Montreal though.. thats a definite possibilty

  19. jsakic19 says:

    i meant to say jfj isnt good enough***

  20. polastem says:

    If he's still available by the deadline and Toronto is in, then he'll be a maple leaf. The leafs are on a pretty damn good wining record right now, and I dunno, it all depends on what hapens over the next coming weeks.

  21. polastem says:

    I heard about the whole 2 canadian team thing, but as much as I'd like Toronto to get him (if toronto gets a playoff birth), I really doubt Bobby Clarke (since he still plays some sort of role in Phile) will let a deal go to Toronto, hence the Lindros thing. But you never know. It's really all Forsberg's call now.

  22. EasternHockey says:

    4 games?  The Leafs are hot, but still.  They're not out of the water yet.

  23. EasternHockey says:

    Montreal has enough good goaltenders in the system to give up one.  I really don't care at this point, I'd love to see a healthy Forsberg as a Hab.

  24. EasternHockey says:

    I've said it before..  the NHL isn't highschool.  Players don't always go where there friends are.

  25. Hoondog2 says:

    24 cups and counting – maybe you need to worry about the Habs keeping their playoff spot as Montreal and Carolina are the only ones playing 500 hockey, and surrounded by teams that are on fire. 

       By the way i've watched Montreal games and this team is just not good, they get bullied around, with the exception of Souray, who will probably be gone at the deadline instead of Markov (big mistake).  They rely on goaltending way to much.  Although Kovy, Samy, Perezhogin, and Ryder would all make great figure skaters (so long as they didn't have to try), but they don't have the ambition or intensity to make much of a statement in the playoffs (so long as they make it).

  26. CrazyCanuck says:

    Bobby Clarke has no say in it…He's not the GM anymore..

  27. Garniss says:

    maybe not the Gm but he stil lrun the upstairs

  28. habsoverserver says:

    Flyers deadwood is on defense.  If they trade Forsberg they need some mobile young defensemen in return.  In the off season,  they buy out Hatcher and re-sign Forsberg.  Provided he is healthy, they are back in the playoff picture. 

  29. i_know_hockey says:

    If the price for Dwayne Roloson was a 1st round pick…  The amount needed for Peter Forsberg aught to be twice that.  Forsberg brings so many intangibles to the ice and he is a gamer.  He would instantly make a huge impact on any team

  30. bleedingblu says:

    I hear you!!! No worries, we'll see who laughs when the Leafs DO make the playoffs!! What makes Habs fans so sure that their going to make it either?? With all the *****ing those guys are doing to each other watch those guys slide down the standings!!!
    Samasonov come to Toronto…. where you'll be appreciated!!

  31. bleedingblu says:

    …yah!! start the night off at Super Sexxx then head over to Cresent St. for a wild night out!!!

  32. bleedingblu says:

    Some Habs fans make me LAUGH!!! I remember watching every Leafs vs Habs games this year and every game was dominated by the leafs even the flukey one the Habs one in OT. All I've been hearing on the news is Montreal players *****ing at each other for their crappy performance…. lets face it… they don't have what it takes to take it all this year but their still under the illusion…. even worse than your typical unrealistic leaf fan.

    Get'em Leafs!!!

    Realistic Leaf Fan

  33. bleedingblu says:

    I wonder if Sundin is pushing JFJ to make this happen.

    Sundin – Forsberg – Poni

    It's a long shot but who knows?

  34. TML51 says:

    For once, I don't think a speculation rumour is so far fetched…Forsberg to Toronto could (not "will" but "could") happen.  Currently only 8 points separate the 3rd through 9th place teams in the East.  At this point, they are ALL contenders.  If any one of those teams goes on a losing streak of 4 games for example, the entire landscape changes.  This isn't so far fetched.  He could chose either Toronto or Montreal, or Ottawa, and have a half decent shot at a deep playoff run.  In the West, both Calgary and Vancouver are in contention.

    This could be interesting!

  35. Canuckrock says:

    Couple problems with the speculation…. 1) It's between Toronto and Montreal?? I don't think so. Leafs coach Maurice has said he wants the team the way it is and dealing away more draft picks will only cause them to lose future playoff races. In addition, as of right now, they are out of a playoff spot. The Montreal rumour is pretty well ridiculous since Forsberg wants to play with his buddies, not be coached by former coaches. These Toronto an Montreal rumours have no substance to them and are only created by the respective fans who just want this guy on their teams.

    2) The Vancouver rumour has been around for a while. I'm a big Canuck fan and as much as I'd love to see them pick up Forsberg, I don't see it happening. They'll probably be 7th in the Conference and end up playing Anaheim. In other words, Forsberg or not, they'll be toast. Save the picks for another year.

    3) The price for this guy is way too high.  Smart teams will recognize reality before fantasy and understand that Forsberg is a RENTAL in the end.  1st rounders will often make big team in about 2-3 years so unless you think you have a real shot at hoisting the cup, save your picks for another year. 

  36. SensShark says:

    Dude….hate to break it to you but Super Sexxx is closed 🙁

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