Forsberg out for season, Olympics

Well it looks like after days of speculation, Forsberg had indeed arrived in Denver. But this was apparently NOT to return to the Avalanche.

Peter had additional ankle surgery today and the Avs have reported that he will be out an additional 4 months.

This means he will miss the rest of the season, and the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

This isn’t as big a blow to the Avs as it is for Team Sweden. The Avs have been playing well of late, but Sweden will lose its best player, and its heart and soul. Hopefully they can compensate for his absence with Naslund or Sundin picking their games up (actually, hopefully not for Canada’s sake).

This entire Forsberg issue has been mysterious from the start:

First he suddenly announces his sebaticle, then his sudden announcement of having ankle surgery in Stockholm, then the announcement of his return, then another surgery. It has been quite the soap opera, especially for Avs fans.

I suspect that there is a possibility that if Forsberg is unhappy with his return after ankle surgery, he may retire. This is only a hunch. However, Peter has said numerous times he would leave the NHL before his playing days were over, so he could return to Sweden and win a championship for his Swedish Elite team, MoDo.

I suppose we should expect some more surprises out of Foppa soon eh?

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