Forsberg out, season or no

The Score is reporting Peter Forsberg won’t play in the NHL this season, even if the CBA thing works itself out in time. He will remain in Sweden for the entire season.

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  1. JeffBurnz09 says:

    This isn’t really a surprise. Forsberg has been sort of iffy about remaining in the NHL the past few seasons and now that they’re won’t be an NHL this season, it gives him a chance to return home to play. I know the part about him staying with them all year, NHL or no NHL sounds like a big deal, but its really not. They’re won’t be an NHL season this year, and everyone knows it. The players know it, the owners know it, and everyone in the know with these negotiations knows that there won’t be a season this year. Its not going to get to the point where the Avs take the ice without Forsberg this year, because there won’t be a year….Whether he comes back when there is hockey again is the question.

  2. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    He ain’t going to get 11 million from MoDo.

    Bettman will have to take some of these hits in order to try to get his cap. His expantion has diluted talent as will this exodus (movement of Jah hockey players) to other markets like Eroupe. Take 12 GREAT Eropuean players and uproot their families and they may just not come back ESPEICALLY if the money isn’t the same.

    Thus starts the casulties.


  3. ThunderBall says:

    Yes that is true, Peter will stay here for the entire season. If the lockout has ended by next season it seems most likely he will return to the NHL. Modo now has Peter Forsberg, Daniel & Henrik Sedin and Mattias Weinhandl. Markus Näslund and Niklas Sundström are very close to sign as well. But of all these players I think it is just Peter that stays the whole season if the lockout ends. Modo already signed Bryan Muir and Tommy Salo to full year contarcts.

    Today I also read that Montreal’s Michael Ryder will play in Leksand Stars (Swedish 2nd division)

    More players I can think of:

    Djurgården; Nils Ekman (San Jose),Daniel Tjärnqvist (Atlanta), Marcus Nilson (Calgary), Marius Czerkawski (N.Y. Islanders)

    Frölunda; PJ Axelsson (Boston), Christian Bäckman (St. Louis), Samuel Påhlsson (Anaheim), Daniel Alfredsson (Ottawa)

    Färjestad; Christian Berglund (Florida)

    Linköping; Kristian Huselius (Florida), Henrik Tallinder (Buffalo), Brendan Morrison (Vancouver), Mike Knuble (Philadelphia)

    Luleå; Tomas Holmström (Detroit), Niclas Wallin (Carolina), Mattias Öhlund (Vancouver)

    Mora; Shawn Horcoff (Edmonton), Daniel Cleary (Phoenix) Andreas Lilja… ?

    Södertälje; Dick Tärnström (Pittsburgh), Niclas Hävelid (Atlanta)

    Timrå; Henrik Zetterberg (Detroit), Fredrik Modin (Tampa Bay) also Mikka Kiprussof is likely to play there…

    There could be a few mistakes here, but I don’t think so. Most of these players have lockout contracts, e.a. they can return as soon as the lockout has ended.

    Monday the Swedish Elite League, Elitserien, will start. On you can follow the games online in case anyone would be interested. On there are usually some clips from the games one day after. On tuesday Peter Forsberg’s Modo will play against Andreas Dackell’s Brynäs —

  4. GilaMonster says:

    i know peter is one of the nhl’s best players but he needs to shut the hell up. either go home or play. i’m tired of hearing ***** about thins when he makes 11 million a year playing in the best hockey league in the world playing for a perennial contender.

  5. heartofleafs says:

    i think you are implying that if there is a salary cap implemented, then european players will start to move back to Europe, even when the NHL plays again.

    I don’t know how Forsbergs move will signify this. Forsberg has always stated that he eventually wants to play in Sweden for his father. That is why he has continued to sign one year deals with the Avs. So this news should be surprising to no one.

    the salary cap trying to be imposed by Bettman would put the average salary at 1.3 million in the league. Are you saying that most of these European players are going to be making even close to that amount in Europe. Even if they are well below the NHL’s league average, they would still be making way more than they could ever make playing in Europe.

    Forsberg is well aware that he is not going to be making 11 million in Sweden. it just so happens that he has probably made 11 million a year enough times that he could play for absolutely nothing in Sweden and maintain his lifestyle. I guarentee you he does not care about how muh money he is making while playing in Sweden.

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