Forsberg Planning To Return To Sweden?

DENVER POST: Terry Frei reports a Swedish newspaper is claiming Colorado Avalanche forward Peter Forsberg won’t be returning to the club when his contract expires at the end of this season, and is rumoured to have begun talks with his Swedish hometown team, MoDo, about returning to play for them as early as next season. Kent Forsberg, Peter’s father and the man who handles MoDo’s player contracts, said his club has not begun to talk to any Swedish NHL’ers yet, as they haven’t finished their NHL season and such actions would be considered tampering. When questioned, Peter Forsberg denied the story, noting he wasn’t quoted in it and claimed it was made up by a reporter who took his father’s words out of context. Still, Frei notes that Forsberg has said he’d like to finish his playing career back in Sweden, and suggested the winger may only play another season or two in the NHL if the league can avoid a work stoppage at the end of next season. The reporter also noted that other Swedish NHL’ers, including Markus Naslund, have hinted they’d like to finish their playing careers back in their home country, although some, like Detroit defenceman Nicklas Lidstrom, have used that as a negotiating ploy to land a sweeter contract.

This is from Spector’s Hockey, but I don’t think Forsberg will do this. He’s on a Championship callibre team in Colorado, and is extremely popular. He’s one of the games greats, why leave in your glory years. Sorry, but it shouldn’t happen. Although, stranger things have happened.