Forsberg to Canucks?

Peter Forsberg wants to come to Vancouver???

Various sources are reporting that Peter Forsberg wants to waive his NTC and come to Vancouver in exchange for Morrison, Cooke, and a second-round pick. This deal could very likely happen, as Vancouver needs some offense. Spector’s Hockey and are reporting this rumor.

2 Responses to Forsberg to Canucks?

  1. canucks_fan2 says:

    u know what im gettin sick and tired about hearin that forsberg is comin to vancouver.we can all dream all we want to there is no way that noNUTS is goin to do anything about this he has made this team from a good team into a team that cant score for shit.

  2. PaulK123 says:

    Who will the Cancuks give? The only player i can thnk of that is worth it is Naslund, and I think the reason he wants to go is because of Naslund, so if you trade hom you lose the reason why he wanted to go!

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