Forsberg to Colorado … Not likely

The Denver Post is reporting that it is not very likely that Peter Forsberg will return back to the Avalanche. A big factor in this decision is that the team chemistry was so good at the end of last season when the Avalanche made a later run to get into the playoffs.

It is well known that Forsberg had yet another foot surgery last week and HTR believes that the most likely situation is that if Forsberg does decide to play next season he will wait at least another month to see how his foot feels before he makes his decision. HTR also believes that if he does decide to play again next year Vancouver may an option because of close friend Naslund and the many other Swedish players on the Canucks team.

Read the article from the Denver Post here

5 Responses to Forsberg to Colorado … Not likely

  1. Halibut says:

    Cant see Forsberg going to Vancouver, they're too tight up against the cap as it is.  Unless he signs for real cheap which I guess is possible but not likely.

  2. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I see Peter going to Modo. 

    Who can afford to sign a guy for 4 to 5 mill and see him play 30 – 50 games? He just can't stay on the ice and proved it in Philly last year (Nashville as well)
  3. rlhockey46 says:

    as a huge flyers fan, id love to see him come back to philly, but i know that hes (you know) getting older and hes had very consistent problems with his foot. It was incredibly hard for me to see him go to nashville last year cause everyone loved him here in philly and we still do. But i hated to see someone with SO MUCH TALENT like forsberg have to deal with the tough year in philly, so i was happpy to see him go to a team that i thought he could definetly win a cup with. But u all know what happened there. So good luck to forsberg, in whatever he does.

  4. avalanchuk says:

    Damnnnnnnnn look at those two mullets. That's what I'm talking about. Anyways, while I would love to see Forsberg back in Colorado, I do not think we need him. There are plenty of minor leaguers that could fill a hole if one is opened up but at the moment there are simply not enough spots. I would keep trying to upgrade the defense instead of worrying more about our offense.

  5. saw234 says:

    Dave Nonis –GET HIM!!!!
    Forsberg + Naslund = CHEMISTRY

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