Forsberg to sign with Canucks

Peter Forsberg is expected to sign with Vancouver if the NJ/Van trade falls throught, with over 8 million in cap space and only one hole to fill at Left Wing this could be Elais or Forsberg’s place to fill.

The deal is worth 4.5 Million(per year) for 2 years.

This would see the lineup as so:

Spares: Shannon, Hansen/Jaffray/Moran/Classen




Spares: Hansen/Jaffray/Moran/Classen

Spare: Edler


G Cory Schneider/Drew MacIntyre
D Daniel Rahimi/ Patrick Coulombe
C Mario Bliznak
RW Michael Grabner
LW Mason Raymond

16 Responses to Forsberg to sign with Canucks

  1. canuck8 says:

    when is he expected to sign by

  2. marleau07 says:

    where did u read this rumour? post it on a comment

  3. saw234 says:

    I hope so. Can you post your source?

  4. Sedinsfan says:

    They said he is gonna decide in late July or early Augest to sign with somebody or Retire so this is kind of beliveable i give props to this guy that made this rumor

  5. lacrosseroxsox says:

    id like to see elias in a nucks uniform, but i dont want his hefty contract, and giving up some core players. this move would be a great move for nonis. get nazzy and his buddy playing together again.

  6. lacrosseroxsox says:

    id like to see elias in a nucks uniform, but i dont want his hefty contract, and giving up some core players. this move would be a great move for nonis. get nazzy and his buddy playing together again.

  7. Falvai says:

    I like Elias’ contract. Naslund will most likely retire to Sweden after this year and Elias would be ours for 4 more years after with the last 3 only at 5 mil; a cheaper upgrade in my opinion. Elias has also led a Devils team that is very similar to the one Nonis has assembled. Ohlund is definitely not the player he once was and Morrison’s 50 points a year could be replaced for less than the 3+ mil he gets every year. I hope this is more than a rumour

  8. canucklehead_101 says:

    The Canucks have over 8 mill in cap space and Naslund has a TEAM Option for 2008/2009, the canucks can afford Elias with giving up B-Mo and Ollie

  9. Dfresh says:

    If Forsberg's ankles are up to it and he wants to come play with Vancouver that would be awesome.  I think he'd bring Naslund back to life and possibly bring us the cup… Sign Forsberg!

  10. saw234 says:

    Do you think it would be possible to somehow fit Forsberg in and pull the trigger on the Elias deal?
    That would be a deadly line:

  11. canucklehead_101 says:

    They really aren't buddies they just like playing toghther (They don't hang out in the off-season)

  12. canucklehead_101 says:

    No but i think elias will be coming to play with a better team and a goalie who is just as good

  13. powers42 says:

    I think Forsberg would fit on the team very well but on the other hand the Canucks must not overpay for him. Forgive me for saying this but I wouldn't anymore than 3 million a year for a player who is almost guarenteed to play less than 30-40 games a season due to injury. But it your after another Swedish player go after the king none other than Sundin. I know some of you may roll your eyes at this notion but what Sweed in the NHL right now other than zeterberg can produce and control the play better than Mats. This team lacks transition players and also someone who will be there for almost the entire season. After all Sundin is used to playing with bums Antro and Poni. I think he would add that demension. And Vancouver needs that transitional defensmen. Someone like F. Kaberla. He is talented but don't expect him shoot very often. Or sit back and ride on the back of Luongo into the playoffs and get swept. 

  14. saw234 says:

    I 100% agree with the Mats Sundin and Frantisek Kaberle thing. Even though I would love to Peter Forsberg and Markus Naslund side-by-side I believe Forsberg is worth 3.5 million dollars per at most and I know Dave Nonis will make the right decision in the end with our 50.3 million dollar salary cap drawing nearer….

  15. Bobby_Lou101 says:

    That would be awesome if he signed. Somehow, in the back of my mind, im hoping that the NJ/Van trade will fall through. Nazzie and Foresberg would work well together having been like childhood best friends, growing up on the same street and all. Hopefully, it will give Nazzie a bost of confidence and up his game.

    I can only hope…

  16. Bobby_Lou101 says:

    And I always thought Foresberg was a center.

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