Forsberg Working Out Again

The Detroit Free Press is once again reporting that Peter Forsberg is working out and may be set to return to the NHL this season.

According to a Swedish Newspaper Forsberg is looking like he may once again play hockey in the NHL. Although the article is not highly detailed it is still speculated that the four teams that are most likely to land the Swedish superstar include Detroit, Philly Ottawa and Colorado.

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8 Responses to Forsberg Working Out Again

  1. muckies says:

    When he feels healthy, I” bet he signs with Ottawa – Forsberg wants to play in Canada, he wants to play on a contender, and he knows he needs to play on a team that has players that can carry the puck into the zone and give it back to him, players like Alfie, Vermette, Kelly and Fisher – and guys that can support him around the net, like Alfie, Vermette, kelly, Fisher, Neil, Donovan – Also he won’t be the focus point (no pressure) and can keep coming back for 2-3 seasons to the Sens as they’ll have the $$$ and like their veteran players

  2. leafy says:

    Forsberg is NOT an option, as far as I'm concerned.  His health is as precarious as Dick Cheney's.  Any GM that gambles on this guy is incredibly foolish.  He is on his last leg and probably should just retire.

  3. habsrock99 says:

    He's stupid to come back. On little hit and he'll practically be done. He's gonna end up dying trying to comeback. Leafy's right, whoever signs him is as foolish or hell, maybe even more foolish then JFJ giving the NTC and NMC like Halloween candy. Well, maybe not THAT foolish but foolish nonetheless.

    But the one thing I can give Forsberg credit for is the courage he is showing as he's one of the few players to actually wants to play.

    I admire his heart and courage but question his judgement.

  4. Duecey says:

    This soap opera is getting out of control. If Foppa can't last a handfull of games without an injury requiring surgery and lengthy stays in the press box, than I'd hope he'd have the dignity to hang up his skates and not put teams through torture. As of right now he's only worth 1 year deals and heavily incentive laden long terms.

  5. avalanche-ed says:

    In the defense of Forsberg (my all time favorite player). He isn't asking for this much media attention, but when you are one of the most sought after free agents, and when healthy, arguably one of the best to play the game you are bound to get more press coverage than the next guy.

  6. Archion113 says:

    While i could see Forsberg going to Ottawa… i still don't think it would push them closer to the cup.

    Offense isn't there problem.  Defense isn't their problem.  Goaltending is a small problem.

    The big problem with the Senators is how easy they are to knock off their game.

    The Flyers didn't just beat them the other night, the Flyers DOMINATED them.  Had the Flyers had brought some finish with them the game would have been a blow out.  Flyers had something like 30+ chances at the final buzzer.  Missed a few open nets… Gerber came up huge on a few… Emery got lucky on a few…

    I could have seen that game being 8-2 no problem.  Was still a great game though…

  7. muckies says:

    Dominated is hardly what happened, you guys got a couple of super soft goals from Gerber and took off from there, and you still barely won the game. Ottawa isn't playing that great right now, but when they get their game together you'll see a completly different team.
    Philly has a great team, so does Ottawa – but I'll take my chances with Ottawa. Especailly if they had their best player in Alfie playing.

  8. avsjoendryan says:

    All i can say is Forsberg is one hell of a hockey player when healthy, and i've always loved him. Im a die-heart avs fan and would sign him any day this week for the right amount of money. I think were gonna see Forsy come back into the league after x-mas for a very low salary in his case, and put up some points. I think hes going to turn out to be a steal for the rest of the season if done right. But then again you got those dumbass Gm's who well pay him crazy money and hell get hurt skating out onto the ice before his first game

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