Fraser Screws Leafs (Again), Ruff Cries Wolf (Again).

A few things:
In the most important game of the Year, the Leafs appeared to have the insurance goal that would give them the win over the Isles… but wait… incidental contact?


Lindy Ruff… You need a bottle, and a rattle, and your mommy, you crybaby!
I guess it is just one of those calls, but when Mats Sundin found the back of the net midway through the third period tonight, there is no way that goal should have been called back. First of all, Ponikarovsky was helped into the crease by the Islanders defender, and second of all, he made every effort to get out of the crease in order to avoid any controversy. Thank-You Carey Fraser… Mind you it was a tough call in an important game, but you definitely won the game for the Islanders. Come on Fraser, it’s one or the other… Either call goaltender interference, or allow the goal!

Lindy Ruff… Get over it! It was a CLEAN hit (in my view). Ruff, you said the hit was seconds late… well I saw the hit in real time and slow motion, and I failed to count to one in both instances. Neil’s elbow was low… This was a scary shoulder to head hit, however, within the realm of the NHL rules. Then to make things worse, you put out your goons to fight the Senator’s scorers… YOU COWARD. I think I would like the Sabres a lot more if they didn’t have such a cry baby as a coach (after all they are the most exciting team in the league). Any bets that Brian Mcgrattan will be in the lineup come Saturday? Not a Senators fan, but come on… Lindy should change his name to Lindsey, cause he cried like a little girl.

Maybe call me a villian for this post, but it’s fun to get this off my chest, and should stir up some very interesting comments…