Fraser Screws Leafs (Again), Ruff Cries Wolf (Again).

A few things:
In the most important game of the Year, the Leafs appeared to have the insurance goal that would give them the win over the Isles… but wait… incidental contact?


Lindy Ruff… You need a bottle, and a rattle, and your mommy, you crybaby!
I guess it is just one of those calls, but when Mats Sundin found the back of the net midway through the third period tonight, there is no way that goal should have been called back. First of all, Ponikarovsky was helped into the crease by the Islanders defender, and second of all, he made every effort to get out of the crease in order to avoid any controversy. Thank-You Carey Fraser… Mind you it was a tough call in an important game, but you definitely won the game for the Islanders. Come on Fraser, it’s one or the other… Either call goaltender interference, or allow the goal!

Lindy Ruff… Get over it! It was a CLEAN hit (in my view). Ruff, you said the hit was seconds late… well I saw the hit in real time and slow motion, and I failed to count to one in both instances. Neil’s elbow was low… This was a scary shoulder to head hit, however, within the realm of the NHL rules. Then to make things worse, you put out your goons to fight the Senator’s scorers… YOU COWARD. I think I would like the Sabres a lot more if they didn’t have such a cry baby as a coach (after all they are the most exciting team in the league). Any bets that Brian Mcgrattan will be in the lineup come Saturday? Not a Senators fan, but come on… Lindy should change his name to Lindsey, cause he cried like a little girl.

Maybe call me a villian for this post, but it’s fun to get this off my chest, and should stir up some very interesting comments…

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  1. mojo19 says:

    It doesn't necessarily have to be goaltender interference, there is a rule that if a player is making contact with the goalie when a shot from the outside is taken, they can wave it off. However Dipietro was holding Poni's stick between his legs as Poni was trying to get out of the crease, so it was a *****ing terrible call and the leafs should have won the game.

  2. Cimolini says:

    Thanks for the insight into the rule Mojo… I didn't realize this… Still a bad call no matter which way you cut it, especially since Pni was TRYING to get out of the crease!!!

  3. mojo19 says:

    No kidding. Not only was he trying to get out, he was pushed in by Witt to begin with. Now imagine the leafs finish a point behind New York for 8th in the east when the season ends, which could happen, how big was that call?

  4. Cimolini says:

    I'll snap… But it will show immense character if they can fight through this… still have 2 games at hand on montreal and carolina.

  5. quiksilver says:

    Agree with you on both accounts!

    An absolutely horrible call by Fraser. I couldn't believe what I was watching! It seems like all year long there has been very bad calls against the Leafs. If I didn't know any better I would say there's a conspiracy against the Leafs if not Canadian teams from doing well/making the playoffs. I'm 100% sure Bettman would rather see US teams do well and make the playoffs so they can promote the game down south and get a big TV deal. Even though 1/3 of the NHL revenue comes from the Canadian teams. So I guess, lets add another US based team so the Canadian teams can support them!!!

    The NHL is falling and falling fast!

    Too bad Lindsey, I mean Lindy wasn't coaching a Canadian team so he can go cry about this to Bettman!

  6. Cimolini says:

    I Think Fraser signed a contract with the devil in which he exchanged his brains for his hair… Too bad he couldn't predict the NHL would make him wear a helmet.

  7. the_word says:

    It was a late hit, it was a goon taking a run at a superstar, of course Ruff is going to retaliate. What I find amusing is the Ottawa lemmings, I mean fans who demanded a suspension for Tucker fighting Eaves, have nothing to say about Emery going after Biron. Emery embarrassed himself. Not only was it completely disrespectful for Emery to keep a huge smile on his face while he was picking on Biron but he committed the only disgusting event in the game last night when he sat on top of Biron and was still throwing punches. That is Peters stepped in. Although Peters should be suspended for being third man in, he was justified in going after Emery.

    As for Frasier, the high stick on Gilmour was fourteen years ago, get over it.

  8. Hoondog2 says:

    It kills me to say it but, i'm starting to wonder if I can handle the "new NHL", I've been watching hockey for 25 years and hockey is headed down a dark and lonesome road.  Kerry Frasier should be held accountable for making a call like that!

    Anybody notice that, with Bettman's push to get the NHL noticed in the Southern states it seems as though he's pushing away some of the more traditional markets in the U.S., Some of these traditional markets may not have the allegiances to hockey that Canadians do.

    St. Louis
    N.Y. Isles.

    Although some of these markets are just suffering through a rebuilding process, I hope they don't lose their fans or teams in the future.

    Personally I think The league should fold 6 teams and disperse those players over the remaining 24 teams.  Imagine the the level of hockey then.

  9. Hoondog2 says:

    I don't mean those teams that I mentioned above. I mean some of the teams that haven't had fan support in the past or now.

    for example…..


  10. rojoke says:

    If that hit was on Sundin in blue and white instead of Drury in blue and yellow, you're calling for Neil's head on a platter.  As you should be.  It another example of a blindside hit, and what looked to me like a head shot.  In fact if you look at the replay again, you can see Neil raise his elbow after he made contact with Drury.  That tells me that the intent was more than simply finishing his check or picking up his man, and if his timing had been better, the elbow would have connected and Drury would be drinking his meals for the next month and a half.  If Neil moves his body six inches to his right, he hits Drury shoulder to shoulder, Drury gets back up, and everybody goes on with the game.

  11. rojoke says:

    I don't know if Emery "went after" Biron.  I mean, you look at any line brawl, and 999 times out of 1000, the goalies seek each other out, if they bother to leave their crease at all.  The replays that I saw didn't show which goalie skated out of his crease first, and they met at center ice.

  12. rojoke says:

    Uh, what does this have to do with the Leafs/Islanders or Senators/Sabres games?

  13. the_word says:

    Ya, but in the highlights you see Emery's excitement as he stakes down the ice, he was licking his chops to go after a reluctant Biron.  I don't have a problem with Emery fighting Biron, but laughing at Biron as he does it and punching him while he's down, thats disrespectful and gutless. 

    Ottawa still has a problem with playing tough hockey, they either play soft or take things to an extreme.  This team simply lacks character.

  14. Cimolini says:

    Good point rojoke. Upon seeing this hit about a zillion times today… I would change my opinion to say dirty, but legal hit. Neil could have made this the hit of the year, but instead, chose to "clip" Drury instead. My beef was more with Lindy Ruff and his cry baby attitude… crap happens Lindy… If you were a real hockey guy, you would stick to the "code", that is, let Neil pay for his crime, don't take it out on the innocents.

  15. Hoondog2 says:

    Absolutely nothing, just venting about the state of the "new NHL".

  16. leafsbabe says:

    It wouldn't be a third man in because Biron and Emery weren't fighting at the time Peters stepped in.  Emery backed off so Biron could stand up.  He should have been suspended or penalized for a second fight in the stopage of play. Third man in would have Biron and Emery still throwing punches and Peters stepping in.  Peters had no business fighting Emery, Biron skated to center ice all by himself, and as for the huge smile, if it had been Belak or Ondrus beating the crap outta Peters everyone would have been all for it.  You are right that he should have stopped when Biron went down.

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