Free-agent goaltending market always in a state of flux

Chris Mason and Marty Turco will probably be the most intriguing players in the goaltenders’ free agent marketplace this summer and yet it’s impossible to know today whether that’s a good or bad situation.

The market for defensemen and forwards is always strong and predictable and the goaltending market is always in a state of flux.

An unrestricted veteran defenseman such as Dan Hamhuis or Joe Corvo knows there will be a place for him on some team. But an unrestricted goalie has far less certainty because the goalie market is highly volatile.

There are 30 No. 1 goaltender jobs in the NHL and 30 backup jobs. Right now, at least 22 or 23 teams are reasonably set in net and that number could easily be 26 or 27 when you factor in salary cap constraints and playoff performances.

Evgeni Nabokov is unrestricted, and what the San Jose Sharks do with him undoubtedly centers on what happens in the postseason. Likewise, the Washington Capitals wouldn’t likely be in the market for a new No. 1 if Semyon Varlamov does the job in the playoffs.

If the Chicago Blackhawks were dumped by the Nashville Predators, they might wish they had different goaltending. But they really aren’t in the salary cap position to spend more money on goaltending.

A case can be made that new Atlanta Thrashers GM Rick Dudley might consider a fresh start in net, but his lower payroll probably would make it difficult for him to jump headfirst into free agent goaltending.

If the St. Louis Blues don’t re-sign Mason, they would be looking for a goalie. It seems as Philadelphia will be in the marketplace. How about Ottawa or Tampa Bay? With no new GM in place in Tampa Bay, it’s simply difficult to project.

Another factor working against unrestricted free-agent goaltenders is that teams are reluctant now to hand out long-term deals to goalies because since the introduction of the salary cap five years ago there have been instances of $5 million goalies ending up on the bench because the No. 2 has beaten them out. That happened this season in Boston where rookie Tuukka Rask is now the playoff goalie and Thomas sits with a $5 million cap hit.

With that in mind, top unrestricted goalies might only be receiving one- and two-year offers.

Mason, 33, has attractiveness, and the Blues might re-sign him before the draft. His career save percentage of .914 and goals-against average of 2.54 are almost identical to Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller. Mason made $3 million last season, and he’s going to want a raise.

Turco certainly will land somewhere. He turns 35 just before the season, but his save percentage improved this season and he still handles the puck extremely well. He would seem to be a good fit for a veteran, contending team like Philadelphia.

Another intriguing goalie is Dan Ellis. He beat out Mason in Nashville and forced Mason to be dealt to St. Louis where Mason further established himself. Now Ellis is second chair behind Pekka Rinne in Nashville, and he’s probably hoping a change in venue will allow him to be a No. 1.

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  1. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, that would be an ideal situation and one that could happen very easily.

    he is a beauty. I really hope we can keep him for a decent price. He is going to grow into a great 1nd line player easily and has an outside chance at being a decent top line player.

  2. cam7777 says:

    What do you think the odds are that Dustin Brown is available this summer?  Hear me out here before you just do what everyone else will do, and say "they would never trade their captain!".

    First, I would say that Dustin Brown seems to have fallen into the background and lost the leadership of that team.  I'm sure he's still well liked and all, but I think the team has really become Doughty's this year, and if not his, than Kopitar has really taken a hold of the offense.

    On top of that, Kovalchuk could very well be LA bound on July 1st, which puts Brown further down the depth chart.  Couple that with the fact that Simmonds is fast usurping Brown's role on the team, and Brayden Schenn and Oscar Moller are also very similar players likely to make the team next year, and you have a situation where the captain isn't really the captain developing.

    Sometimes, the best way to fix this situation, is to pull off a trade.  That team could really use a veteran presence on the back-end who's a little higher end than Scuderi, and younger than O'Donnell.  If they decided to move Brown (and it was rumored they explored that at the deadline, albeit, by Eklund), would that package of Beauchemin, Paradis, and a 2nd be enough to bring them to the table?

  3. mojo19 says:

    Nik Hagman had 5 goals in 27 games with Calgary, 2 of which were in the final game of the season which was a meaningless game. So he managed just 3 goals in those "games that matter". But I would still argue that he's a player deserving of his $3 million salary.

    Chris Higgins had just 2 goals in those same final 18 games (in the 2nd and 3rd last games of the year, I believe both games were meaningless as well).

    David Moss had scored just 1 goal from January 6th on, and also had 0 goals in those final 18 games (3 assists)

    Daymond Langkow had 3 goals from January 5 onward (including 1 in the meaningless 2nd last game of the year). This included a 21 game goalles drought.

    Face it, the Flames problems stemmed from coaching, and they lost as a team. Stajan is one of many players who couldn't score under Brent Sutter's ridiculous system.

  4. reinjosh says:

    Haha, I was going to bring up Stajan as an argument. I was never a fan of Grabvoksi but had no hard feelings for him. His game after he came back though, really won me over. He plays hard and plays with passion. He isn't amazing by any means but he plays hard which I respect. And yeah, the team is warming up to him.

    Honestly, no offense to the players traded away, but all the evidence points to them being the major problem for this teams play the first three quarters of the season. I'm sure not all of them were the problem, but one or a group of Blake, Stajan, Toskala, Mayers and White (I suspect not him, as he fit into Calgary really well and had no problems here) seem to be the reason for the problems.

    And Phaneuf seems to be doing so much more than I expected of him after the trade. His offensive game may not have translated yet (I'm optimistic it will next season), but he grew into the leader that Calgary always viewed him as but never saw him develop into him. He is just morphing into the leader of the team on and off the ice and he had a great attitude (especially for playing on the second worst team in the league). He is becoming the glue to this team.

  5. mojo19 says:

    Well that might be the case about some leafs fans support of Stajan, but you're talking to the guy who has 3 leafs jersey's: Sundin, Kaberle, and Antropov, not Roberts, McCabe, and Tucker.

    I don't care where they're from, and I was never a huge Stajan fan either, but I think he was a pretty decent for the Leafs. He's a support player, what do you want? Stajan and Poni were not my boys, but they're okay, and $3.5 million for a guy like that is pretty reasonable given what players like that make. Maybe a bit high but no more than $700k to $1 million. big deal, Sutter HAD to re-sign him or else he'd look like way worse than he does by overpaying a little.

  6. mojo19 says:

    Ya Arnott owns that town. I just love him.

    And ya I've heard Burke say that, but this contract isn't exactly like "those" ones. Realistically Kaberle would be worth those amounts mentioned in each of those respective years.

  7. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, nice argument. I would actually agree he has fallen in the leader department. This is completely Doughty's team and Kopitar has become the offensive go-to guy with Smyth filling Brown's heart and sole, rough and tussle role. Plus with Simmonds quickly becoming a solid power forward and Schenn and Moller in the pipe its an interesting possibility especially when economics are taken into the equation.

    Beauchemin is (IMO) a hybrid dman, a guy who can play both defense and offense which is something they don't have. I'm hesitant to trade Paradis and I don't think Burke will either but to get Brown, I would definitely give it a long and hard thought and probably pull the trigger on it (were I in that position to make a trade). I remember reading somewhere that he alluded to Paradis possibly making some noise in training camp next season. Plus, LA already has a few prospects in that mold (Moller and Schenn). They might want someone else but its a possibility as I don't know who else they would want.

    Brown would be a perfect acquisition for the team. What better power forward to clear room for Kessel and his center than Brown (a guy whom I'm sure Burke loves).

  8. reinjosh says:

    I like it. It doesn't go out and radically change the roster (which would be a problem and lead to a down season) and it keeps the focus on the kids and allows them to grow plus allows us to get picks should we be anywhere out of the playoffs or barely in.

    I don't mind having Bozak as our number one center. We can't get one now anyways (Lecavalier should not be an option, it would be a huge mistake) so let one develop. Worst case scenario we have tow number two center and a third line that can be a scoring line in addition to a checking line.

    I would love to get one of Ladd, Brouwer or Eager for the bottom six. Young and tough and they work in a faster system, like the one that seems to be developing in Toronto.

  9. cam7777 says:

    If you plug him into my lineup below:

    Kulemin / Bozak / Kessel
    Kariya A / Kadri / Brown
    Stalberg / Grabo / Clarkson
    M.Cooke / Hanson / C.Orr


    Phaneuf / Schenn
    Komisarek / Kaberle
    Gunnarsson / Sopel

    Gustavsson / Giguere

    You've got that hard-nosed guy on every line on the team now, which is ideal.  Basically, the team's only need now is to transform Grabovski into a top center for Kessel.  I think we could do that at next year's deadline.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Ya you go out and sign a guy like Jokinen or Marleau or something, and then his contract is a potential headache 2-3 years from now. Just go with Bozak and Kadri, let them do what they can and then 2-3 years from now hopefully they're a legit 1-2 punch.

    Who knows maybe Chris D comes along and pushes those two guys, maybe Kadri moves over to the wing. We've got some young talent with some potential here.

  11. cam7777 says:

    Yea, I would gladly substitute Eager for Cooke on that 4th line.  I just think Burke will want to flex his free agency muscle by signing a Cooke or a Torres instead.  My preference would be Eager though, I think.  Brouwer won't be available – he is too good for his price tag. 

    Maple Leafs 2012:

    Kulemin / Richards / Kessel
    _________ / Kadri / D.Brown
    Stalberg / Bozak / Clarkson
    Eager / Hanson / Orr / Sjostrom

    Phaneuf 'C' / Schenn
    Komisarek / Kaberle
    Gunnarsson / Aulie

    Gustavsson / Rynnas

    The rebuild could be nearly done.

  12. mojo19 says:

    No!!!! Not Brad Richards. Thornton, Bergeron, Mikko Koivu, David Backes (can play centre), or maybe someone else via trade. But not Richards, for the love of God.

  13. cam7777 says:

    Ha, I thought you loved Brad Richards.  You should really make your opinion this matter more clear mojo.

    I heard a rumor that Thornton would never sign in Toronto as long as Wilson is the coach.  Obviously he would be preferable.  I doubt Bergeron or Koivu leave their current teams, and Backes isn't a first line center.

    I used to agree with you on Richards, but on Burke's teams, players have specific roles.  Richards can score, and pass, and as long as he does that, the grinders will take care of the rest.  I would take him.  Given his price tag, I'm not sure he'd be terribly expensive via trade.  Last time he was traded, he went for a backup goalie, a project winger (and shootout specialist), and a 4th round pick.  I think we can match that.

  14. mojo19 says:

    He scored a ton this year, Richards is more likely to re-sign than he is to leave. If the Stars can move Ribeiro, or get Richards on at decent price, they'll get an extension done.

    I was thinking that it would be cool if we signed Saku Koivu to a 2 year contract this summer in hopes of luring his brother next summer (a la Rob-Scott Niedermayer). If the price is right for Saku (say 2 years $4.5 million or something in that visinity) then even if we don't end up with Mikko it wouldn't be so bad to have Saku as our checking line centre who can provide secondary scoring, kind of like Sami Pahlson's role with the '07 Ducks.

  15. mojo19 says:

    I love Brown, but he definitely did an amazing thing this year captaining that team into 6th in the stacked Western conference. I hear where you're coming from but I think they'd have to be offered up a ton to be enticed to move him, he brings so much to the table.

  16. leafy says:

    Well I could agree with you and Albertateam, but then all three of us would be wrong.

  17. cam7777 says:

    Yea, you're bang on about Ribeiro/Richards.  They are going to shop Ribeiro this summer, but if there are no takers, or Richards has insane contract demands, they will shop Richards instead.  Elliote Friedman had an article mentioning this last week.  Of course, like I said earlier, I think the price tag on someone like Grabovski is a lot more attractive than Ribeiro, especially when you consider that Mike has had a hard time producing without Brenden Morrow on his line.  it's quite possible they aren't able to move that contract.

    I also like that idea, especially if you think Burke will really rework the bottom six this summer, in accordance with his "building from the net out" plan, and leave the top six to fend for themselves for one more year.  A checking line of Kulemin-Koivu-Clarkson would be insane, and really help us shut down the opposition.  Then you just hope Bozak, Kessel, Kadri, Stalberg and a pair of free agents (or maybe a guy we get in a trade), can get it done in the top six.

  18. cam7777 says:

    Yea, it's quite possible.  Although, like I said, I don't think that Brown really led the team during that time.  Doughty and Kopitar really did most of the work, and the team was lost without Smyth when he was gone for stretches. And just look at this ridiculous team if they did my trade and signed Kovalchuk:

    Ilya Kovalchuk – Anze Kopitar – Michal Handzus
    Ryan Smyth 'A' – Jarrett Stoll – Wayne Simmonds
    Alexander Frolov – Brayden Schenn – Oscar Moller
    Fredrik Modin – Andre Loktionov – Reitis Ivanans

    Drew Doughty 'C' – Robert Scuderi
    Jack Johsnon – Francois Beauchemin
    Matt Greene – Sean O'Donnell

    (Thomas Hickey)

    Jonathan Quick – Jonathan Bernier

    Would they even notice he was gone?

    Oh, and this assumes that with the signing of Kovalchuk, they'd dump Williams and keep Frolov, who they've developed from scratch.

    Dustin who?

  19. cam7777 says:


    good retort leafy.

  20. mojo19 says:

    a Kulemin-Koivu-Clarkson line would potentially be more or less as productive as any other lines. That would be solid two-way line.

    Or if we can't get a top-6 forward as a free agent, then Kulemin moves up and you put a kid on the Koivu line, like Braeden Irwin or Christian Hanson, Sjostrom could be a decent plug on there too.

    I really do hope we trade for David Clarkson, the more I think about it the more I like it. I also was thinking that he and Colton Orr could be awesome line mates and Orr could play elevated minutes next year. Like Don Cherry was saying, if Orr played regular minutes (12-15 per night) he could be a 10-15 goal man, 20-30 pts and solid 3rd line winger. He scored 4 goals this year barely playing, I hope this is an option that is explored if Orr looks good at camp, because I think he could be more than just an enforcer. Tie Domi did it a couple years there.

  21. mojo19 says:

    Leafy said this: Jordan Staal is a better player than Matt Stajan.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Here are some other fun facts you might not know: Yannick Perrault was good at faceoffs. Chris Chelios is old. Wayne Gretzky played hockey. Feel free to jump in here any time Leafy

  22. albertateams says:

    I would love to here your explanation as to why Staal and Stajan is a reasonable comparison?

  23. DannyLeafs says:

    I think the cap era has really changed a player's value. Skilled players are now worth more than complete players, because when you need to fill roster spots, a complete player isn't worth any more than several players that fill all of the same roles.

    I thought of this awhile ago when bbruins was arguing about me saying that Boston and Toronto have had similar success in the draft and him saying that Bergeron was better player than Kessel. I thought it was interesting because I think in the pre cap era, that would be true, but in the cap era, Kessel has more value. The reason is this. Kessel is Kessel, you can't replace a 30-40 goal scorer with two guys that will combine for that number of goals and get the same value. His value is that you have an high end goal scorer that draws a lot of defensive attention, and gives other players space. However, Bergeron at 5 million is a little more replaceable. He is a good hockey player, and if salary isn't a concern, he could be considered as valuable, or more valuable then Kessel.

    But if you consider that you could get Matt Stajan, and John Madden for about 1.2 million more than Bergeron, then that is likely the better option. First off, madden is as good a penalty Killer as Bergeron, and Stajan is as good offensively as Bergeron, since these two roles have nothing to do with one another, there is no added value in having them occupied by one player. The added offense you get from Madden, and the decent penalty killing you get from Stajan is a bonus, also, having two players instead of one gives you more depth. Throw in the fact that now you have your second line and third line center roles filled instead of just one of those roles, gives even more value for that extra money.

    I just think that it is interesting to compare what a player is worth with the cap, and what they are worth without the cap.

  24. DannyLeafs says:

    I really don't want to take a chance on Vinny either. It would be different if he just had an off year, but I really wonder if he will ever be the same. He just hasn't been shooting them same since having his wrist injured. He played through it at first, and his shooting percentage dropped a ton. After the surgery he still hasn't been shooting the same, and has said he has no confidence in his shooting ability anymore. If he can't regain his shot, he will likely never be worth what he is being paid, and 10 years with a guy being overpaid is not a fun scenario for any GM.

    I really hope we can add Foster, even if we Keep Kaberle. The leafs really need to address their powerplay and penalty kill. 5 on 5 they carried the play most of the season, and outscored their opponents on the whole. Having the leagues worst combination of powerplay and penalty kill is what killed them. If they can even get to the point where both are average, that is a recipe for a playoff team.

    That's the main reason I really loved the idea of getting Foster and Pavelski, it just addresses every need without making huge changes. Obviously Pavelski might be hard to pull off, but there are other options.

    I know some people have been down on the idea of getting David Backes, but I really think he would be a great fit. St.louis have an awful year offensively as a whole, and Backes still managed to get 48 points, I think he is good for 20+ goals and 50+ points, which is a solid second line winger. He is also a beast on the penalty kill, he is pretty decent on the draw, and a shot blocking machine. Honestly, if the Leafs traded Kaberle for Backes and a second I wouldn't be upset. I don't know if Backes is available at all, but St.Louis will be making some big changes, and seeing as the only tradeable assets they have is young players, it might be necessary if they want to obtain a top pairing defensemen without giving up Oshie or Perron.

    Also, some people have suggested that it might not be likely that Kaberle gets moved, but I think the only reason Burke has made it seem like he would entertain keeping Kaberle is so that other GM's don't try and short change him in deals. No one is going to start a bidding war for him if they know he will have to be moved in the trade window. I really do think Burke intends to move him, even if he doesn't get exactly what he wants. I just don't think Kaberle fits into the long term plans for this team. He is a powerplay specialist that didn't help our powerplay. It's that he can't run a good powerplay, but on the leafs he is a left handed shooter that likes to set up one timers, but the only guys with hard one timers are Beachemin and Phaneauf, and only one of them is on the ice with him at any given time. It's just way too easy to telegraph what they are going to do out there. On a team like St.Louis with some good right handed shooters in Johnson, and Boyes, he could really make their powerplay very lethal.

  25. DannyLeafs says:

    The thing to really consider is that on a 23 man roster with a cap of about 57 million, the average player is worth 2.5 million. So to spend an extra Million on a guy that will be a low end top six guy that does a little bit of everything, (pp and pk) is worth a million more than the average isn't insane, especially when many teams don't keep a full 23 man roster in the NHL collecting salary, meaning that their average per player is higher than 2.5 million.

    Also, the statement that a top 2 center needs to be putting up 70 pts is a bit far fetched. Most teams didn't have a center that put up that many points, let alone two. Stajan was 28th in the league amoung centers, and of the centers that scored more or as many points as stajan, only one will make less money next season, and that is Stephen Weiss at 3.1 million.

    I am not saying Stajan is terrific value, but his 3.5 million is not an insane overpayment, and I think he takes a lot of heat because he is constantly forced to play a role he is not equipped to handle. He was loved in Toronto when he was safely further down the depth chart with Sundin carrying the load, and it would be the same in Calgary if all that was expected of him was to be a solid secondary scoring option that kills some penalties and plays respectably well in his own end.

  26. albertateams says:

    olesz 78-14-45-29
    higgins 67-8-9-17
    o'sullivan 73-11-23

    While I agree that these players are a closer comparisons to Stajan than Staal they are hardly good comparisons. Stajan 82-19-38-57.

    Connolly 73-17-48-65
    Gomez  78-12-47-59
    Mcdonald 79-24-33-57
    Riberio 66-19-34-53

    Stats don't tell the whole story but these are much similar players to Stajan.

    Stajan's not a goal score, he wasn't making 3.5 this year he was making 1.75 and even if he was thats very close to the going rate for a player that is comparable. Leafs fans need to let it go. So he didn't turn out to be the player you wanted he was still great value for a2nd round pick.

    Nobody is claiming he is a big game player, he is a secondary player that fills a role. I wouldn't write him off just yet as not being able to preform in clutch situations, there's just not enough information yet he's still only 26.

    Sutter maybe overpaid by 0.5 million thats it. He gets a the same contract if he goes into free agency maybe more this year given how weak the market is. Sutter more or less retooled just before the deadline. I don't like all the moves he made, but the Stajan one wasn't as bad as you or leafy think.

    Looking at both stats and intangibles I don't get how you think he's not a decent second line player.

    "as a top two center, you have to be a 70 point player"  Wow there are only 3 teams with a top two center, Pittsburgh, Vancouver, and Tampa Bay? There were only 15 centers this year in the NHL with more than 70 points and 16 the year before. A decent 2nd line center in today's nhl gets 50+ points and there were only 43 of those. Yes leafy everyone knows that stats don't tell the whole story, but they are one of the better measures when combined with common sense.

    His only Knowledge is losing, you can say that about anyone that has been on the leafs the last 5-6 years are they all losers? Nobody is asking him to be a difference maker he is a role player.

  27. albertateams says:

    Kaberle had 3 points in the final 22 games, when the Leafs were playing there best hockey of the season does that make him someone who can't preform down the stretch?

  28. reinjosh says:

    Well even if Vinny gets better, there is a large likely hood that he drops in talent 5 years down the road and we have to pay a guy 7 million dollars a season to be our second line center. We see the problems the Rangers are having with Drury and the problems Montreal is having with Gomez. I don't want that.

    Yeah, I was actually one of the people who wanted and still wants Backes. My reasoning was exactly that. He can play both a scoring role (even a limited one) and a penalty kill role and a heart sole role and all would be a huge help to the team. If we got him in a Kaberle deal I would be completely fine as well. I like him as a player and I know Burke probably does too. Inf act he is one of the few players I would take back in a trade for Kaberle (players that would need to be included for me to trade Kaberle, were I in the position to trade him).

    I think Burke will only trade Kaberle if it makes sense to the team. He won't get shafted in a deal. He knows how valuable Kaberle is and it only makes sense to trade him for a good package. So I have no worries about that. Having said that, I think teams will pony up what it takes to get Kaberle. How often is a guy like this even available?

    Now the only problem with trading Kaberle, is that we would lose him haha. Hopefully he would want to sign with the Leafs after next season, or hopefully Gunnarson continues to develop and morphs into a semi-Kaberle type player. Then we could sign a guy like Leopold to fill the rest of the need.

  29. reinjosh says:

    But was that him? Or was that Smyth, Doughty and Kopitar? There is a certain parallel between the teams play and Smyth's coming there, plus Doughty's emergence as the real leader (not to mention one of the best defenseman in the league) and Kopitars breakout scoring year. It could be both the trio and Brown. It could be neither of them. It could be only one. There is a possibiltiy, but I agree it would take a bunch to get him out of there, even if he is down in the teams eyes (they are not going to accept less if they don't have too).

  30. reinjosh says:
    Yeah, thats part of my reasoning. And let the team grow like its in a rebuild. Everyone is willing to do a rebuild until one season goes by and then they want to speed it up with this or that. I'm all for that, but doing it the right way. In my opinion, getting Kessel was doing it the right way (picks withstanding). We don't have need of a first line center. We won't be competing for the cup so lets view next year as a growing year and see what we have in that year. Maybe we have a player step up and prove he is that number one center. IF no one steps up, no harm is done, its not like we were in a position to do much anyways.

    And yeah, what if a player like Chris D comes and surprises everyone (completely possibile, other players have done it and Chris is exactly the type of guy who could do it)? With a young team its almost detrimental to go outside the team looking for a top center. We have a top 6 prospect system? Lets use it for once in another way that isn't trading those prospects away.

  31. reinjosh says:

    Clarkson would be sick to get. And playing with Orr could do great things. Orr is definitely more than just an enforcer. When the media was questioning the 4 year, 1Million per deal he got, I gave it no thought, because the guy does more than just intimidate.

  32. reinjosh says:

    Well, I figure of the three at least one of them will be available because of Chicago's cap problems. I guess you can toss Burish into that group as well, but I think Chicago would like to resign him as he seems to be a fan favorite.

  33. cam7777 says:

    Of course, there's always exceptions, as we saw Phoenix able to score by committee this year.  So it is possible to fill out your scoring by having multiple lesser scoring talents, it just rarely works out that way.  It's too risky, as Boston found this year, because you never know if the rest of the team will step up and get the scoring done.  Obviously it looks okay now because the Bruins are scoring when it matters, but let's not forget that they barely made the playoffs this year without thst scoring. 

    And my argument to this point too, was that defensive forwards are "trainable".  Kesler wasn't always a defensive guru.  Even Datsyuk was not always looked at as a Selke kind of guy.  They grew into these roles the same way Kulemin is starting to grow into it.  However, you can't teach scoring.  You either can score, or you can't.  It is a skill rarely just developed.

  34. lukeleim says:

    Trade Tomas Kaberle to Dallas Stars for Jamie Benn and the Stars' first round draft pick of 2010.

    Trade Mikhail Grabovski to the Anaheim Ducks for the Ducks' 2nd round draft pick of 2011 and Radoslav Illo.

    Sign Todd Bertuzzi one-year contract 2 million.
    Sign Adam Burish three-year contract 3.6 million.
    Sign Jordan Leopold one-year contract 2.5 million.
    Resign Nikolai Kulemin four-year conract 10 million.
    Resign Christian Hanson two-year contract 1.5 million.
    Resign John Mitchell one-year contract 800,000.

    Jamie Benn – Nazem Kadri – Phil Kessel
    Nikolai Kulemin – Tyler Bozak – Todd Bertuzzi
    Viktor Stalberg – John Mitchell – Christian Hanson
    Fredrik Sjostrom – Adam Burish – Colton Orr

    Dion Phaneuf – Francois Beauchemin
    Carl Gunnarsson – Mike Komisarek
    Jordan Leopold – Luke Schenn

    Jean-Sebastien Giguere
    Jonas Gustavsson

  35. DannyLeafs says:

    I know that teams can score by committee and it is not always necessary to have a go to goal scorer, but my point was more about replacing that player. With Bergeron I think you could directly replace him with Madden and Stajan and get better overall value, but replacing Kessel's  offense isn't as simple as going out and getting two guys that add to as many goals. Simply looking at the Phoenix example, if you had the choice to replace or Vrbata and Fiddler (two guys that mainly provide offense whose totals add to more than Kessel's), or replace Hanzal and Lombardi with Bergeron, which do you think would benefit the team more?

    My point is that I think that it is easier to replace a guy that plays a secondary offensive role and a Penalty killing role with two different players, than a guy who is a pure goal scorer. I just think in the cap system, jack of all trade guys aren't as valuable as they once were. I am not saying they have no value, but I just think it has diminished since teams have to try and spread their salaries out a little, so having a pure defensive forward and penalty killer, and a one dimensional secondary scorer could be better than having one guy making more money while playing both roles.

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