Free Agent Rumours

With just a few days until the free agent signing period begins, here are the latest rumours for the biggest names soon to be on the market:Washington has been rumoured to possibly make a try to get Sergei Gonchar back in their lineup. They might actually be a big spender in the FA market — it would be a surprise, but there have been rumours…

In Beantown news, Glen Murray is expected to be back in a Bruins uniform. He is reportedly interested in Toronto, but Boston will probably re-sign him. Both Montreal and Pittsburgh have expressed interest in Martin Lapointe, and although the Bruins would like to keep him, it’s currently in the air.

Toronto is, as always, rumoured to be interested in several players, on of them marquee. Peter Forsberg is interested in heading wherever fellow countryman Markus Naslund goes, but is also interested in Leaf Nation apparently, somewhere Naslund is not rumoured to go. Toronto might also go after Manny Fernandez, considering their goaltending situation with Ed Belfour, Trevor Kidd, and Mikael Tellqvist is not so strong.

LA should be a big factor in the FA market, with money at their disposal. They should look for quality young forwards, considering they have several UFAs at that position, and the fact that they have had several injuries there in the past few seasons.

Rivals Dallas and Detroit will also be looking to sign their marquee men — expect the Stars to re-sign Sergei Zubov. However, the Wings will have some trouble inking Pavel Datsyuk to a deal, what with their lack of cap room. He is apparently saying that he could lots of money in Russia, trying to get Ken Holland to up his offer to hold off Russian squads.

And last, but certainly not least, expect Devils stalwart Scott Niedermayer to test the market. He is expected to get offers near the maximum of $7.8 million, and therefore will not jump right to New Jersey, who may not put so much on the table. Niedermayer has said himself that Vancouver would be an attractive destination because of family considerations — he and his wife both hail from Canada’s west.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Expect more rumours soon, however!


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  1. 19Yzerman says:

    Oh!! Is that why he signed Lapointe to such a large contract? If Jacobs hates Michael Jackson for his interest in little boys perhasp he will get some himself. The Jacobs logic if you don’t like what they are doing then do it yourself.

    1997 cup team salary was 35 mil

    1998 was boosted up by the Carolina offer to holdout Federov of 17mill for ??years I think 4 but the catcher was the 10 mill bonus in that offer was if his team made the conf finals which was quite likely for him as a Red Wing and signing a few players in order to keep a team intact which was a tight knit group of winners.

    In 2002 Ilitch without a question did spend a lot and won a cup by doing so. He may have done this because he knew it would be the last chance to do so with the up coming CBA CAP likelyhood. This should have been at least attempted by the B’s to get Bourque his cup with the B’s.

    That is what the lockout was really about. controlling the owner spending habits and nothong more.

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