Free Agent: Souray Deciding?

CBS Sportsline in NY is reporting Shelond Souray is deciding between a deal with the Rangers and a deal with the Devils. In order to sign with the Rangers Souray would take below market value, but he has expressed his wishes to go to a team with a shot at the cup.
The Devils, however, are believed to be offering 5-6 years and $50 million. It is believed that by the end of this week Souray will make a decision and he will not be wearing “Rangers Blue.”

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  1. Flyers4Ever says:

    It would be interesting for Souray to go to the Devils and see how he does with that defensive scheme. Luckily the Devils finally picked up a capable back-up, I don't think Broduer will be able to play 70+ games AND stop the extra 5-10 shots a game he'll face with the losses of rafalski and gomez and addition of Souray.

  2. Komic-J says:

    I thought for sure that Souray screwed himself by waiting for an offer from a California-based team…

    But I'm starting the get this feeling that maybe this is exactly why he didn't sign a new deal yet. I know all the rumors are sending him to New York, New Jersey or Long Island…but I get this "feeling" that maybe Souray knows something, and that's why he's taking so much time.

    If that's the case, Anaheim is pretty much out of the running with Schneider now on board…and they're still waiting for Niedermayer and Selanne to make an announcement. Los Angeles got Preissing and Stuart which would leave us with San Jose. They have tons of RFA to sign next year though. But still…Hannan is gone, his buddy Rivet is there and there are rumors of them trading Marleau for cap space.

    I'm not an expert when it comes to predict these things, but I still have the feeling that San Jose is in the race. And if they are, I think Souray will have a hard time turning them down.

  3. tancred says:

    I'm not sure if Souray signing in NJ would be the best thing.  At least not at that kind of money.  But you are right about one thing–it is very good the Devils signed a capable back-up goalie in Weekes.  As great as Brodeur is, he needs a solid back-up.  I'm very glad Weekes was signed.  

  4. Iceman23 says:

    I've been telling you all along Souray is gonna be in a Devils jersey soon.  I am friends with people on the Devils executive staff.  But those numbers are horribly wrong.  $50 mill for 5-6 years?  Not accurate.  It's more around $33-35 mill probably 4 or 5 years.  The time isn't off by much, but that amount is insane.

  5. GoalJudge says:

    5-6 years at 50 million would make Souray a nearly 10 million dollar a year player , and by far the highest paid player in the league.

    He hasn't even won a Norris so he is not worth that. Not even close.
    Yes, I like the guy, he is big, and has a huge shot.
    But two things about his play last year.
    One, his goals were inflated by being on one of the leagues top PP.
    He won't fair the same on an NJ squad that is slightly rebuilding.
    Two, his plus minus was bad because the team was bad. And didn't have Brodeur to catch mistakes. Huet was good, but not even close to Brodeur.

    Souray would do best by signing to the NJ Devils. But he cannot command 6 million or more. That would be way overpaying.  26 goals is one thing. But defensive questions, penalty taking at inopportune times, and new team to play for are too many uncertains.  It is not logical to pencil him in for another 26.

  6. Iceman23 says:

    He would however have alot of assists from his shots getting deflected in or rebounds that Gionta or someone picks up.  You also gotta stop and think how teams aren't going to want to challenge him at the perimeter because of who we have down low, so it may work to our advantage immensely.

    No doubt his defense will drastically improve on a team that actually has a defense.  And He's probably gonna be getting around $5 mill a year and you should expect to see him in a Devils jersey within the week.

  7. flyerjim says:

    Souray is a lot like Bryan McCabe. McCabe had a big year on a Leaf team that had one of the best PP that season and got paid….now they want to desperately trade his ass.  5-6 years $50mil is just rediculous.  Even if it's front loaded he'll still be hard to move when his production drops.  He won't have the benefit of playing with Andre Markov next year.  Souray is a $6mil dollar man….anymore would be a mistake.

  8. GoalJudge says:

    For Jersey's sake I hope so.
    They need the help to stay a contender.
    Brodeur can score goals.
    Scratch that. He can, he just ain't gonna score 200+, and certainly not any playoff goals.

  9. Antero says:

    yeah, and i just had Lou over for pancakes this morning.
    he told me everything he does so i can post it on hockey rumor sites.

  10. johnrot says:

    I can't find this story on CBS Sportsline at all. Can someone post a link?

  11. Komic-J says:

    “One, his goals were inflated by being on one of the leagues top PP.”

    Souray WAS our PowerPlay. It’s not like we had an all-star line-up there. The players we had on our first PP squad can be “matched” in terms of talent by pretty much every team in the league. If anything, you could argue that the other players got more PP goals than they usually would have, because the other teams’ PK squad would put more focus on Souray than anyone else, therefor leaving our forwards more open.

    Without Souray in our line-up, our PP would’ve been average at best.

  12. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    What makes you think Brodeur will play less than 70 games this year too? Like Hasek in his prime (and not far off from last year) Marty seems to play better with more starts.

    Weeks is a nice backup however. Not sure its going to make a difference when you look at the Pens and two greatly improved teams in Phily and NYR 8x per year. That division is going to be TOUGH!!!!
  13. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    MIKKI – 

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  14. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    There is NO chance Souray is going to make that kind of money but if he does – I hope it is from a team that plays the Flyers because if he breaks a fingernail and is out – it will kill the team.

    I know d-goals are hard to comeby but MAN that is quite the premium. Kimo Timinen didn't get that or even close and he can play both sides of the ice.
  15. Iceman23 says:

    If you don't believe me, it's easy to prove, so don't be a jerk off.

    I'm on other sites and I own my own to inform people and because I'm a fan of hockey.  Hell, you could have Brodeur posting among you and you wouldn't know it and wouldnt believe it if he told you.  We're all normal people, some just have bigger paychecks.

  16. Lord says:

    How can the Rangers affort Souray? They already have problems signing Lundqvist, Avery and Shanahan because of the cap space remaning.

    And forget about the Devil's offers. I don't believe that a team based on defense will go for the third worst plus/minus player in the league.

    I believe that Souray will regret not resigning with the Habs because teams seem to have done signing big names and he will sign for less that what was give to Hamrlik, and because the Habs will only get better each year and be a contender soon (2-3 years).

    Good luck Souray, but I think you have made the big mistake of your career by not signing with the Habs !!!

  17. Iceman23 says:

    Souray had a -27 on a team that was -29, so therefore in reality he had more like a +2 in figures.

    Somehow, and I don't know how, the Rangers apparently have like $20 mill left, but I can't figure it out.

    For the Habs to be contenders, it's gonna take way more than Hamrlik and alot longer than 2-3 years.

  18. habs_punk says:

    So Plekanec's +10 was really more like a +39, 5th in the league?

  19. Garny says:

    yes it will take more than hamirlik but he is an upgrade over souray defensively, we do have streit with a big shot on defense along with komisarek and markov did score a few PP last season, it's jsut we need offense score more goals and we wil lbe good.  Goaltending will be better with a helathy Huet, Halak.

  20. habsalicious says:

    Perhaps, but without Markov, Souray is average at best. Cant shoot if the puck doesnt land flat on your stick at the right speed and place. Markov is the best for that.

  21. habsalicious says:

    Exactly. Markov is directly responsible for 80 percent of Souray's PP goals. Perfect passer.

  22. habsalicious says:

    Souray a +2? What the hell of a logic is that? Geez.

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