Free Agents Around The League

According to the Edmonton Journal:

Cory Stillman and Tyson Nash to be used as trade bait?

Oleg Tverdovsky to be moved?

Cory Cross happy in Edmonton?

Canucks searching for second-line centre?The St. Louis Blues may not be able to resign a few of their group II free agents. Cory Stillman and Tyson Nash might not be resigned, but instead used as trade bait.

St. Louis did not like the preformance of Chris Osgood, who becomes an unrestricted free agent July 1st. The Blues will either resign him at a lower price, or may go after Sean Burke again, using Stillman and Nash as part of the package.

Oleg Tverdovsky was almost traded at the Trade Deadline. Expect the Devils to attempt to move him at the Entry Draft. Even with his large salary (3.6 mil next season), and the fact that he was a healthy scratch quite a few times, GM’s still may be interested in bringing him in.

The Oilers are looking to resign defensemen Cory Cross. However they are unlikely to give him an offer more than what he got last year (1.2 mil). Some teams interested in him are Chicago, and New York Rangers. Cross may want more money than 1.2 mil, but he was very happy playing in Edmonton, where he grew up. It might be better for him to stay in Edmonton where he will have a better chance to play his game.

One of the problems with the Vancouver Canucks is their lack of depth in the center position. After Brenden Morrison you dont get much more. Trevor Linden is better on the wing, and Hendrik Sedin is not yet ready for the second line center position. Some possible solutions would be Vaclav Prospal, or Igor Larionov. Although Prospal is likely to resign in Tampa, and Larionov would only like to play for Detroit before he retires.

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  1. Pokecheck89 says:

    um, ignore the eastern conference picture thing, something must have messed up cause i didnt choose that.

  2. mikster says:

    sorry about that,

    my mistake of not noticing it.

  3. wayne2 says:

    Tyler Nash would look good in a sens uniform.Cory Cross is better in Edmonton.Vancouver should go for Rod Brind`Ammour.

  4. rojoke says:

    Given that there was a ‘deal’ sending Tverdovsky to Montreal, would Savard go after him again? Montreal has a high first-rounder to wave under Lou’s nose, and considering Oleg hasn’t seen much playoff time, New Jersey shouldn’t hold out of rvery much if they do decide to trade him. Would a package of Montreal’s 1st pick, 10th overall, a prospect and a player for Tverdovsky and the Devils’ 1st pick, 27th overall, be a deal worth doing? Hell, throw Danton in, just to take him off Lou’s hands. If he plays as well as he talks, the guy could be a future star.

  5. TC_4 says:

    I’m guessing this was Jim Matheson. Nash could be in a package to Phoenix, but I don’t see Cory Stillman, simply because Phoenix has a lot of guys that play very simular, and that are on his level. The Yotes would be smart to go after a future first line centre. Tverdovsky has to go because he simply doesn’t fit in with Jersey. If he came here to Edmonton and ran the power play, or maybe Calgary for the same reasons. The guy may come cheap(as far as giving up something), and could have his career resurected much the same as Sandis Ozolinsh did this season under Mike Babcock. He would be a PERFECT fit with Edmonton. And to add to that, Cory Cross would be a PERFECT d partner for him. No doubt Cross is underrated, and improve seemingly every guy he’s paired with. As for the nucks, it’s clear they need a second line. They would have come VERY CLOSE to beating Anaheim. What’s extremly ironic about the playoffs this year, was that I believe that Colorado and Vancouver both could have beat Anaheim, and Dallas and Detroit both would have beat Minny. But anyways, if I’m Brian Burke, I would trade the Sedin’s. These guys are never going to be more then second line guys(at best). Trade them while they have value, and get a first or second line centre out of them(probaby more to a deal then just that). Some guys out there(not Prospal or Larionov)would be…Viktor Kozlov(although he’s disappeared since the 2000 season), Martin Straka, Espen Knutsen(if they get Cassels re-signed), Rod Brind’Amour(although doesn’t really fit in with the teams age group), and maybe Jason Arnott(if they can put the right package together, and if Dallas can’t unload Turgeon).

  6. TC_4 says:

    Don’t you think that’s too much? If he was going for Briesbois straight up, your package seems too steep, I think. Why don’t you guys just sign Eric Dejardins???

  7. rojoke says:

    Consider the history of Montreal’s first rounders. Saku Koivu is the only one they have currently playing. Hainsey and Komisarek are still raw rookies. Also consider that the draft pool is deeper than it’s been in recent years. There’s also a lot of young forwards in Hamilton who will be looking to push some guys out the door, especially if they win the Calder Cup. Ward, Hossa, Ryder, Balej, Perezhogin, Buturlin, Larivee. They see that the front office wasn’t happy with the team’s performance, and there could be some major turnover among the forwards. Why not take a chance this year, move down, still pick a good young prospect, and get a defenceman who could help the team right away.

  8. rojoke says:

    I think the dumbest thing Burke ever did was draft both of them, and the way he went about it. He said about a week or so before the draft that no other team was going home with the Sedins. They played their entire junior careers together in Sweden, then they’re drafted one after the other. In doing what he did, he put a lot of pressure on them, too much pressure on a club that, at the time, needed a boost in performance to save the club. I can remember at the World Jr. tourney that year, one of the Sedin’s got flattened in the corner, and the other one practically disappeared. They’re almost like the Corsican brothers. It might be best if Burke traded one, but I don’t think they have a whole lot of value as a pair.

  9. TC_4 says:

    If the other 29 GM’s are smart, they won’t take them. These guys were never said to have more then second line potential in the first place. There are two trades that Burke did in his first year that if he would have stayed away from, he would have a SERIOUS contender right now. One was the Sedin’s trade. They would still have Bryan McCabe and a guy like Brendl(not that he’s good though). The other one was the Potvin trade. He gave up Kevin Weekes(could be the starter, or at worst, top notch backup)and a second line centre whose 6’3, 220, and only 26 years old in Dave Scatchard. If he wouldn’t have done those, they would be sooooo good right now, President’s trophy winners probably.

  10. TC_4 says:

    I’m not as close to the team as you, but why hasn’t Hossa stuck with the club? And why wasn’t Jason Ward given a better chance in the last couple years? And finally, I can’t believe Aaron Asham turned out good!!! Mike Keane all over again. I’m not trying to put down the Habs, I just don’t understand a lot of the moves Savard does.

  11. wayne2 says:

    Tverdovsky for Brisebois was 4 quarters for a dollar.Two soft players without too much heart with offensive talent.Montreal should trade Brisebois for a more physical defensemen.Brisebois`s offensive skills will be replaced by Markov and Hainsey.They should trade Zednick + a pick for a power forward.They need it and again Zednick`s offense could be replaced by younger and inexpensive(need icetime) Hossa and Ribeiro.

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