Frolov exchanged the Canadian a few days?

According to Patrick Fund of, an offer would be on the table and was accepted by the Kings and Canadiens, but that Los Angeles would like to acquire another player before entering exchange. Ray Whitney and Slava Kozlov are the players focused.

The Kings have also passed very close to get their hands on Whitney last week, except that the attacker would have wanted a guarantee agreement for three years before agreeing to waive his clause for non-exchange. La transaction aurait avortée pour cette raison, mais selon d’autres informations le DG Dean Lombardi n’aurait pas abandonné dans ce dossier. The transaction would have failed for this reason, but other information the CEO Dean Lombardi would not give up on this issue.

If they fail to get their hands on Whitney, the Kings could always turn on the side of Slava Kozlov Thrashers would be possibly available. Un journaliste du Atlanta Journal Constitution rapportait justement cet après-midi sur Twitter, que l’attaquant russe allait être laissé de coté ce soir, alors qu’il n’est même pas blessé. A reporter from Atlanta Journal Constitution reported just this afternoon on Twitter, the Russian forward would be left aside tonight when he is not even injured.

Also according to the sources of fund, forward Max Pacioretty would take the opposite direction, but nothing confirmed.

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  1. hockey_lover says:

    That was painful to read.

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    it was the most confusing hard to follow post ever….felt like trying to check my email while hammered but worse. Are we to assume the Habs are trading for Frolov?

  3. glotz_99 says:


  4. hockey_lover says:

    I think there was something related to that in there. But Im not sure.

    There was also something about "ajsri5uy234iq7098d7tqh238" but I couldnt make it out exactly.

  5. hockey_lover says:

    Im fine with an article being in french. Im bilingual so its no problem.

    But pick a language. Dont do both, as the writer is obviously not bilingual enough to translate it.

  6. jlbhawks says:

    Alright dude its for your own good, give me your keys go sleep it off, was there something about a hampster in there?

  7. dumbassdoorman says:

    Actually I think it was a Gerbil

  8. Promateus says:

    Surely you mean "Speak White".

  9. 6packhabs says:

    That rumor is in the air for quite a while now. Cammalleri will probably be happy to team up with is old buddy from LA.

    I'm hoping that Pierre Gauthier will be making a major in the next few days. It is frustrating to see a hockey club always make bad trading moves just to make the playoff, get kicked out ( almost everytime ) in second round and then, getting poor picks at the nhl draft.

    I'm from MTL and we always want to make the playoff. I know we do sell a lot of beers and that the team is making is money but we need to think long term no just plain short one.
    I'm ready to get rid of a lot of players and be in building mode for a few years. At least will get a real superstar or draft for once.

    BTW : please ask someone to translate if you guyz can't !  Patrick Fund !Geez don't translate last name. It is Patrick Caisse !  It is like if I was writing that the last guy we got is PLUS ( MOORE )  Thanks in advance !

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