From a Mad Isle Fan To a Mad Owner Regarding a Mad Mike

Charles Wang is the owner of the Islanders. He decided to keep Mike Milbury as his GM when he bought the team in April 2000. Here is a letter to Mr. Wang regarding Milbury.Dear Mr. Wang,

As I hope you know your Islanders have lost their last 6 games. This is bad, and yes there are solutions but before it is too late I have a great oppurtunity that every Islander fan would view as a “can’t miss”. This is to fire Mike Milbury.

When you decided to keep Mad Mike as your GM you felt that unlike your previous owners, you did not want to build up a fiery reputation as an owner so you kept him. At the time they did have some potential and that was with a $15,000,000 payroll. However, Mad Mike saw at this point that they could not wait a few years to maybe become a playoff team with their current prospects rather he had to be a now team. This is because Mad Mike is impatient.

Some of these trades were good. Hamrlik for Brewer was a good trade for a vet to step in right away. However, how do you explain “the Luongo deal”. I have no problem with Rick DiPietro. But Luongo was closer. Mad Mike could have kept his patience with Luongo and kept Olli Jokinnen and maybe help develop him. He felt that Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha were closer to the playoffs. His carrer depends on DiPietro, Kvasha and Parrish, (you said it yourself). And it is not looking good.

In 1999 the year before you came Mad Mike drafted 5 first rounders because of salary dump trades: Pyatt, Connolly, Mezei, Biron were 4 of their names. Now lets analyze them Mr Wang. They could have been a good future. Milbury got his one great deal by getting Aucoin for Biron. But Mezei was injury prone and they got Jason Wiemer for him, and now we live in the Curse of the Wiemer. Connolly and Pyatt could have been special, Connolly had 41 points for a second year foward and Pyatt was a year away from being goodanyway. They got Peca instead. Now Peca had a bigger impact at the time but the bigger doesnt get bigger. Now to fix you could have had Pavel Demitra, whom Mr. Wang you never heard of. However Mad Mike backed off.

Yes a deal for a superstar foward had to happen for the next level. However, Mad Mike never wanted Alexei Yashin Mr. Wang. Oh no. He wanted Jason Allison, who is now known as the mest up knee guy.

Rick DiPietro would have been gone if it werent for Chris Osgood. Since Mad Mike has no patience he decided at 19 DiPietro had to save his franchise. Osgood helped DP get 2 years of minors in to help him and he only did it because he knew otherwise DP would be the next Eric Fichaud.

Face it Mr. Wang. You are starting to build a bad name for yourself here. Forget about the ticket prices. It is bad enough that you kept Mad Mike as it is 3 years ago. Now get rid of him to keep the fans in the arena. Otherwise you will be metioned in the same sentence as FakeO Spano and CheapO Millstein.

If you stare at the rafters you see a guy named Bill “The Architect” Torrey up there. Here is a history lesson for you. The Isles started off slow and with draft picks Torrey made a dynasty slowly over ten years. Milbury has no patience and in the long term they will be hurt if he stays. Yes they made the playoffs the past 2 years and Milbury did contribute in it with Yashin and Peca but at least for last year and this year and next year and the long term Pyatt and Connolly will have been better.

The team needs a change and the players like Stirling. No one likes Mad Mike. Until he is fired, Yashin will be cash (and for 7 more years), Asham will be Ash, Mapletoft will be Maplesoft, Timmander will be timid, Kvasha will be Kvasha, Parrish will be shopped, Hamrlik will be Hamrsick, Snow will melt (thank you Steve Summers). and bertuzzi will be good. See Mad Mike is overdue Mr. Wang. This team has been a now team, with Mad Mike gone and the constant preassure of everyone being shopped give whatever is left the preassure of not being destoryed by the guy.

Thank you,

Lets Go Islanders.

PS: Retire Lafontaine’s number.