From a Mad Isle Fan To a Mad Owner Regarding a Mad Mike

Charles Wang is the owner of the Islanders. He decided to keep Mike Milbury as his GM when he bought the team in April 2000. Here is a letter to Mr. Wang regarding Milbury.Dear Mr. Wang,

As I hope you know your Islanders have lost their last 6 games. This is bad, and yes there are solutions but before it is too late I have a great oppurtunity that every Islander fan would view as a “can’t miss”. This is to fire Mike Milbury.

When you decided to keep Mad Mike as your GM you felt that unlike your previous owners, you did not want to build up a fiery reputation as an owner so you kept him. At the time they did have some potential and that was with a $15,000,000 payroll. However, Mad Mike saw at this point that they could not wait a few years to maybe become a playoff team with their current prospects rather he had to be a now team. This is because Mad Mike is impatient.

Some of these trades were good. Hamrlik for Brewer was a good trade for a vet to step in right away. However, how do you explain “the Luongo deal”. I have no problem with Rick DiPietro. But Luongo was closer. Mad Mike could have kept his patience with Luongo and kept Olli Jokinnen and maybe help develop him. He felt that Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha were closer to the playoffs. His carrer depends on DiPietro, Kvasha and Parrish, (you said it yourself). And it is not looking good.

In 1999 the year before you came Mad Mike drafted 5 first rounders because of salary dump trades: Pyatt, Connolly, Mezei, Biron were 4 of their names. Now lets analyze them Mr Wang. They could have been a good future. Milbury got his one great deal by getting Aucoin for Biron. But Mezei was injury prone and they got Jason Wiemer for him, and now we live in the Curse of the Wiemer. Connolly and Pyatt could have been special, Connolly had 41 points for a second year foward and Pyatt was a year away from being goodanyway. They got Peca instead. Now Peca had a bigger impact at the time but the bigger doesnt get bigger. Now to fix you could have had Pavel Demitra, whom Mr. Wang you never heard of. However Mad Mike backed off.

Yes a deal for a superstar foward had to happen for the next level. However, Mad Mike never wanted Alexei Yashin Mr. Wang. Oh no. He wanted Jason Allison, who is now known as the mest up knee guy.

Rick DiPietro would have been gone if it werent for Chris Osgood. Since Mad Mike has no patience he decided at 19 DiPietro had to save his franchise. Osgood helped DP get 2 years of minors in to help him and he only did it because he knew otherwise DP would be the next Eric Fichaud.

Face it Mr. Wang. You are starting to build a bad name for yourself here. Forget about the ticket prices. It is bad enough that you kept Mad Mike as it is 3 years ago. Now get rid of him to keep the fans in the arena. Otherwise you will be metioned in the same sentence as FakeO Spano and CheapO Millstein.

If you stare at the rafters you see a guy named Bill “The Architect” Torrey up there. Here is a history lesson for you. The Isles started off slow and with draft picks Torrey made a dynasty slowly over ten years. Milbury has no patience and in the long term they will be hurt if he stays. Yes they made the playoffs the past 2 years and Milbury did contribute in it with Yashin and Peca but at least for last year and this year and next year and the long term Pyatt and Connolly will have been better.

The team needs a change and the players like Stirling. No one likes Mad Mike. Until he is fired, Yashin will be cash (and for 7 more years), Asham will be Ash, Mapletoft will be Maplesoft, Timmander will be timid, Kvasha will be Kvasha, Parrish will be shopped, Hamrlik will be Hamrsick, Snow will melt (thank you Steve Summers). and bertuzzi will be good. See Mad Mike is overdue Mr. Wang. This team has been a now team, with Mad Mike gone and the constant preassure of everyone being shopped give whatever is left the preassure of not being destoryed by the guy.

Thank you,

Lets Go Islanders.

PS: Retire Lafontaine’s number.

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  1. Tradedude says:

    who the heck is this letter from, a fan? well thank that fan cause this is what he should do, mike deserves to be fired. I totally agree that he is impatient. i mean how many coaches has be hired and fired over the years? laviolette friggin brought them to the playoffs 2 years in a row after coming near last if not, becoming last. but no, he was gone after the isles had a bad oopsy doopsy skid, now they have yet, another guy, and happens to be in a situation like this.

    I heard that the isles are over their budget by nearly six million, is that true?

    anyway good reading this, and hopefully mad mike will be gone for good, see ya.

  2. canucklehead says:

    Mad Mike is great, Bertuzzi, McCabe & Ruttu for Linden. Thanks, Mad Mike, we love your trades in Vancouver!

  3. Levitate says:

    spellcheck man, SPELLCHECK!

    also, allison doesn’t have a messed up knee right now, he has a messed up head

    some of the trades you complain about are kinda wonky too…connolley and pyatt really aren’t doin all that much…peca is a more valuable asset but he’s been playing like crap lately.

    but as a ranger fan i can only hope that milbury is given a lifelong position as GM of the isles so i can be assured the isles will go nowhere for a long time

  4. Tradedude says:

    i kinda thought vancouver got the better deal

  5. Tradedude says:

    mad mike for life..

  6. Levitate says:

    i’d be even more pissed that milbury chose dipietro 1st overall instead of getting guys like heatley or gaborik

  7. Kyleton says:

    You all should give Mad Mike Milbury a break. He is trying the best he can and he should be thanked for it….

    Yeah Right! Give Him the boot…

  8. GretzNYR99 says:

    Thank you very much…

    Retire my boy Patty La’s number. That #16 should hang in the rafters in New York. The Island, Buffalo, the City. LaFontaine was New York. A great player that was overshadowed by Messier, Gretzky, Trottier, Bossy, Potvin, Richter, and the list goes on. If Clark Gillies’ number hangs, then LaFontaine’s should too. No offense to Gillies, he’s one of my all-time favorite Islanders, and I’m a Ranger fan.

  9. mikemustgo says:

    Hey Islander Fans, Sign the Mike Must Go! Petition Here:

    Do it for the Islanders!

  10. NYIchooch75 says:

    Geez, this team sucks! If Milbury is going to “drop a bomb”, then do it. However, he must not trade Peca. He obviously can’t trade Yashin. The only other players that should be kept are Aucoin, Jonsson, Scatchard and the kids (Mapletoft, Hunter, Weinhandl, Godard, Bergenheim and the rest of them). Everyone else…trade ’em. Mark Parrish would be first. Hamrlik second. I don’t care what they get, just get rid of them.

    Oh, trade DiPietro. This kid is going to be a bust. He sucks. I know he is young, but look at that Fleury kid on Pittsburgh. Absolutley no defense, faces 40-45 shots a game and only lets in about 2-3 goals a game. DiPietro, has an awesome D in front of him (that has been playing terrible of late), faces what 20 shots a game, and lately has been letting in 3, 4 & 5 goals a game. See that game in Philly? How many 40 foot shots did he “wave” at? He has yet to win this team a game, and really hasn’t kept any game close. He will make an unbelievable save one minute, then wave at a 50 foot wrister the next. Sorry, no more excuses. He’s not so young anymore. Show a little heart there Ricky. Win a game Ricky. You’re so damn cocky with your arrogant swagger, yet it’s just youthful ignorance. You suck. Trade him to Edmonton for Comrie. Move Yashin to the wing and have Comrie center Yashin and Weinhandl. And if we do keep DiPietro, STAY IN THE F’ING NET! YOU ARE NOT MARTY BRODEUR! YOU ARE NOT EVEN TOMMY SALO. HELL, I’LL TAKE SODERSTROM OR FICHAUD OVER YOU!

    Here are some thoughts on some moves…how about trading Parrish to Anaheim for Chistov. Or to Los Angeles for Frolov, or a package deal to Chicago for Arnason. Actually, just release him. He sucks. Trade him to Minnesota for Weimer. What an absolute waste of space. No shot, can’t pass, stick handle, can’t check, can’t skate. Wow, no wonder Milbury keeps him.

    And finally, I have been a big supporter of Mike Milbury for the last couple of years. Please keep in mind that when he traded Palffy, he had no choice. Brewer for Hamrlik was a good trade. Bertuzzi, when we traded him was basically an earlier version of Brad Isbister, and look at Isbister now. No one, and I mean NO ONE, thought Bertuzzi was going to turn out the way he did. Not even Bertuzzi. Remember, at the time, McCabe was the cornerstone of that deal for Vancouver. As far as the Luongo trade, see my above comments on Parrish and Rick the Dick. Not one GM (except for Louie in NJ) makes perfect trades. But, Milbury needs to go. As does Sterling. I thought very highly of Sterling, but he lost this team. 24 games into the season, he lost them. He has to go. Milbury has to go first. Releasing Weimer when the team is 7-3-2-0 was a terrible move, and he admitted it today. Threatening more salary dumps through the media didn’t help. Terrible team management, and it is time to cut your losses and bring in a new front office. Charles Wang also needs to hire a President for the club. Someone with hockey sense. Wang and Kumar have no clue who is a good candidate for a coach or GM. Bribe Bill Torrey.

  11. vendre20 says:

    Dave Scatchard?

  12. MantaRay says:

    Milbury and his old scouting staff has built up every team in the NHL (Bertuzzi, Torres, Luongo, Joikenen, Pyatt, Salo, etc, etc.) EXCEPT the Islanders.

    Its time for him to be voted off the Island.

    He Torrey and rehire Milbury’s old scouts.

  13. Levitate says:

    yeahhh see i don’t think the ducks or kings would take just parrish for chistov or frolov. in fact the kings have NO reason to trade frolov at all…he’s playing well and actually giving them some scoring.

    but i think your point was to just get rid of parrish 😉

  14. Kashin says:

    I’m not that good with the spelling.

    – Connolly and Pyatt did show signs of life with the Isles and Pyatt is playing well now. Connolly has post-concussion syndrom and probably wouldnt have gotten that with the Isles.

    – As a ranger fan you probably hope that hes a Gm for life but you should understand why I and every Isle fan hates him.

  15. Kashin says:

    I wrote it myself. It actually is never going to be seen by Wang. Meant for this site to get a point across about Mad Mike.

  16. Kashin says:

    That was just a small tidbit that I thought that if they honor him for a HOF carrer they might as well retire his number considering what he did.

  17. Kashin says:

    Felix Potvin.

  18. Kashin says:

    1) Florida

    2) Ottowa

    3) Vancouver

    4) Edmonton

    He has helped these teams a lot over the years. At least for the 1st 3 teams. He pratically created those 3 teams.

  19. nskerr says:

    I believe including himself (twice) in 8 years, there have been 8 coaches. Now I agreed originally that he had cheap owners, and that is why he traded some of the talent that he did. (Palffy, Bertuzzi, Brewer, Mccabe) However he now has been with an owner that spends the league average (around 40 million).

    How is it Laviolette’s fault, then Peca’s fault, and Parrish’s fault, and Wiemer’s fault, and DiPietro’s fault etc and not Milbury’s fault? I’ve heard of 5 year plans, but 8?

    The Isles need a man who is aggressive but patient. A man that does his homework and knows talent. Milbury has traded more goalies than I have fingers on hands. Luongo was solid. Gone. Osgood, solid. Gone. How about Salo, Potvin, and Weekes? If a player slumps, he gets rid of him. Or even worse, he bad mouths them in the press so that they won’t perform.

    And what about the drafts? He definitley has gotten some good players, but how do you take DiPietro over Heatley and Gaborik? I mean, are you kidding me?

    Mr. Wang, it is time for Mike to go. There are web polls asking for his dismissal. There is a web site asking for him to go. It is time.

  20. DaMick says:

    Jokinen was drafted by the kings…not the Isles

  21. NYIchooch75 says:

    The guy just sucks. And he has some value. He still is relatively young too. And yes, Frolov was a reach…

  22. GretzNYR99 says:

    Well, it’s true. I know that Patty never took them to any cups, but if he was a few years older, he would have caught the tail end of the dynasty days.

  23. GretzNYR99 says:

    Frolov? Fuck, Chistov was more of a reach.

  24. GretzNYR99 says:

    Did you ever look at Bertuzzi’s numbers in junior hockey with Sudbury? That’s a power forward hotbox, Verbeek, Bertuzzi, Pyatt were all Wolves before playing in the NHL.

  25. GretzNYR99 says:

    I have lots of Islander fan friends, and they all want to lynch Milbury, I see where you’re coming from. I feel bad for you people, but then I don’t.

  26. Kashin says:

    I dont think heatly would have done well as an Isle and I have every reason to believe so.

    The Isles had the 5th pick also in 2000 and hoped Gaborik would fall to there.

    My main problem is Dipietro set Isle goaltending back 3 years. They would be more stable with being patient with Luongo. At the time of the deal the focus was on Dipietro over Luongo and not Heatly or Gaborik. It was implied when they made the trade what the first pick would be.

  27. Kashin says:

    Isbister is still not that good. As I like to recalll every Isle fan said it was worth taking the risk since he would never be good as an Isle.

    Chistov is the future of Anaheim. They would never do that trade. Neither would LA.

  28. NYIchooch75 says:

    I think Frolov is going to be a better goal scorer, Chistov a better all-around player. And yes, both were a reach. It would take a lot more than Parrish, and I was just throwing suggestions out there. Never said it could happen.

  29. NYIchooch75 says:

    That’s all well and good, but I was ooking at his NHL numbers. The guy was a bum here. Ask any Islander fan, his heart wasn’t in it, and he no longer wanted to play here. Nobody ever dreamed he would become a 90+ point scorer, CONSISTENTLY. Maybe 60+ at best. And Jolkinen, the guy was an absolute horror on skates. Extremely overweight, and completely uninterested in hockey. Hell, Kvasha looks has more intensity than this guy did. And he was throw-in to boot.

    Point is, you never know. And looking back is always easier than looking ahead.

  30. kidhenry1 says:

    Everything that happened with Mad Mike during the Milstein years is in the past–it was not his fault. His hands were tied. Because of Howard Milstein’s crazy salary dumping, the isles were stuck in a rut of losing, drafting first rounders, then trading those first rounders the next year for more draft picks.

    Then came the Yashin and the Peca deals. It is easy to pick on Yashin for his flakiness and total lack of defensive intensity. And Mike Peca has not much outside of his leadership skills and semi-physical play left. But think back to two years ago. The islanders were the hottest team in the east and could’ve beaten any team that year (an off year for NJ & Philly).

    But then they fell behind Toronto 2-0 going back to Uniondale. And then, by some miracle, Alexei Yashin woke up and led the isles back. Dave Scatchard (a Milbury addition) started to score. And Shawn Bates (another Milbury guy) scored the great penalty shot. Hip-hip hooray. We love Mike. Mike must stay.

    But then the Tucker hit happened, and Michael Peca, the man who led the islanders to and nearly through the playoffs, couldn’t do it anymore. They lost the series. Laviolette lost the team without Pecs. Peca hasn’t been able to score quite like that since. Yashin seems lost now that people look to him to be a leader. Parrish can’t shovel garbage if there’s no garbage to shovel. Ozzie couldn’t do everything by himself.

    So much for your plan, Mike. But all of the trades that Milbury made, all the stupid ones that we make fun of now, they are the reason that we can even talk about the isles as a playoff team (no matter how bleak it looks.)

    If Mike must go, Mike must go. But at least remember that he tried, and nearly succeeded. The future was way to far for isles fans. I’m sure all of you icelander fanboys out there were thinking, “why can’t Mike just bring in somebody who can win us some games this year?” And I’m sure none of you threw your remote in digust when you heard that the isles traded for Alexei Yashin and Michael Peca. So if Mike must go, I for one will wave goodbye.

  31. caskade says:

    of course you are a ranger fan. thats why you want to se lafontaine’s number hanging in nassau.

    screw this lafontaine crap!

    retire his number? i grew up on long island. i still lived there when he played there and what *I* remember was a pussy player that cried cause we couldnt win. asked to be traded. refused to play in violation of his contract because the management wouldnt get him help to win. this guy was brought up after the championship years and he and flatley were to represent the next generation of the team… and he whined his way off the island. he might have done some great things afterwords, but his commitment to long island was NOT one of them. let the rangers hang his jersey. let buffalo hang his number.

    i say fuck him.


  32. caskade says:

    the truth is that yes, the guy has done some really dumb shit. and yes, if you look at the records of any man that has held a GM position in the NHL, for most the same probably could hold true. the difference is that mike seems to be untouchable. he is one of two GMs that have the longest tenure in the entire league… the other being the mastermind lou over in jersey. now it makes sense as to why HE would be tenured, but mike? he doesnt win. one will be in the hall of fame. the other is almost laughable to even suggest he would make it by car.

    what it comes down to is that this team is finally loaded with talent…. and something is still not right behind the scenes in the organization. insiders talk about the team not liking mike and the way that he does his business, both in the locker room and in the media. weve seen meltdowns because of it. but we have also seen meltdowns when there was no real indication of anything wrong. the truth is that he has done some bad wheeling and dealing, and he has also done some good…. he HAS put together a team that we all agree has talent and should be doing, and has shown signs of the ability to do, great things. the only place left to shake things up is in the upper management…. start someplace fresh and go from there. and weve seen in the past how replacing of a GM has sparked teams to realize that ownership means business.

    but those that do tout the firing of mike milbury remember one thing…. thats going to mean drastic changes to the team, in appearnce and in salary cap…. after eight years in the organization, letting milbury go is probably going to cost want a shitload of money to replace and rebuild the organization corporate office side… hes either going to lose and have to replace those loyal to milbury or end up paying more in order to keep them…. the bad part about being one of the longest tenured in the league is that nobody really knows whats going to happen when he gets fired…. how its going to hurt the organization off the ice… and to wang’s credit as a businessman, thats a very tough trigger to pull. so if he does it, fans shouldnt start whining about who else gets cut because of it.


  33. Kashin says:

    Notice that in the letter I touched Bertuzzi at most. Never mentioned Palfy once. If Milbury must go, I for everyone else will walk on.

  34. canucklehead says:

    dime a dozen

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