Full Team still not together…….

The fullest Ranger team has still not been seen…..

In the first few games Bure was out with his knee. By the time he came back Holik was out with his hip. By the time Holik came back Richter was out with a concussion. And by the time Richter was feeling a little better Leetch went out with an Ankle. Now With Leetch coming back in a week or so… and maybe Richter in a few weeks…. Bure goes down with his knee again……So what can this team really do? Holik is playing like a 45 million dollar Center now that he is physically 100% Pavel just found his scoring line…. The Defense is starting to play solid, for Richter, And Leetch found his old game.

Now if only they could all play a game in the same night……

They are now around .500 with only half of the team… Sadly that isn’t what they should be at with half… but if the Full Ranger team was together for a full season… they would be a top team….. Maybe not 1st 2nd in the East but in the top 5 without a dout.

We wait on Bure’s MRI coming today… And no word on Richter. Leetch won’t be out to long…..

So when will this team be together……? Hopefully they can be a full team for the second half of the season.

More news…


NYPost reports that Pavel Bure could miss the rest of the season. Reviewing the play, Curtis Brown really did not do it on purpose to aim at Bure’s knee, but the hit would still have been away from play. Was it a cheap shot now? Meh….somewhat but not a dirty intended hit.

As I said, the main thing that will make the Rangers miss the playoffs this season are the injuries to key players. The Rangers have still not had a 100% healthy roster on the ice yet this season.

Well, the good thing is that maybe Jamie Lundmark will get called up, since he is doing a superb job in Hartford with the rest of the ‘Pack.

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  1. MantaRay says:

    The biggest difference between a winning team and a losing team like the Ranger$ is that winning teams don’t have to make excuses.

    St.Louis has lost their Captain and an all-Star defensemen, an established 40 goal scorer and a host of other injuries to star players yet they keep winning.

    You can’t hide behind the injury facade, thats part of the game. Every team has it, but winning organizations find the depth and talent to overcome these obstacles.

    The Rangers and bottom dwelling teams of their ilk simply don’t have good enough management to make them competitive enough.

    Stop whining.

  2. mikster says:

    Not sure who is really whining.

    Blues were out with Tkachuk and Pronger basically. But, they are basically 100% now and mainly just missing Pronger.

    Rangers do miss Richter, now Leetch, now Bure, and who is next?

    What more can Sather do? You can’t blame management for this. The guy’s been here for 3 off-season, not easy to turn a shitty team around in a finger snap. It takes time.

    The Rangers farm system is growing really well with the youngsters. No more old veterans like Bob Errey who are kept in Hartford. But, i don’t think the young players are really ready to fill in holes in the Rangers.

    Also, Rangers have played a ridicilous amount of games in less than two months with too many back-2-back games. Their schedule is pathetic.

  3. mikster says:

    Oh well, $hit happens…

    Maybe Jamie Lundmark will get called up, probably. If that happens i wouldn’t mind much at all. But, Bure was starting to get his scoring going with Nedved. Great, a line finds chemistry and it’s over hte next day.

  4. Captain27 says:

    Why don’t you go to McDonald’s and order a Waaah-Burger and some French Cries?

    Boo-hoo, Leetch is out, Holik is out, Bure is out, Richter is out…WHAT THE F’ DO YOU EXPECT WHEN YOUR TEAM’S AVERAGE AGE IS 36?

    If you don’t wanna put up with chronic injuries, here’s an idea…GET YOUNGER PLAYERS.

    Instead of 31+ UFA’s, how about acquiring guys 25-28? Guys who are actually hungry and won’t sit 15 games for a hip flexor!

  5. Bruins4771 says:

    Well that sometimes happens when you try to buy a team…..the Rangers shouldve just sucked it up like the Bruins did a few years back and accepted the fact their team was going to be awful for a little while. Instead they have just tried to constantly bring in all these players……Im happy they are flat on their backs. They have played 30 games and have 29 pts. The only acquisition that has paid off is Poti……………

  6. mikster says:

    Team’s average age is not 36…..

    Rangers have lots of young guys who should make the NHL from 1 to 3 years.

    Good drafting (and Slats has a good record, just look at the Oilers) will make this team better. Right now Slats is just filling in holes…that’s the only thing he can do right now since players trade value isn’t that good.

  7. mikster says:

    And Rem Murray, Holik is coming back really strong.

    Holik was a must…he’ll be a key player in the next years as well, especially when he’ll play with Lundmark.

  8. big_booty says:

    First, it’s all the injuries.

    Now, it’s the schedule maker’s fault? You are grasping at straws.

    The comparison to St. Louis only weakens your arguement. Their scratch list for todays Blues-Flyers game was chock full with nine players – three of them goalies. The Blues’ farm system continues to crank out youngsters like Mike Van Ryn and Barret Jackman who step it up when a Chris Pronger is out.

    Don’t sell yourself short. You’re a tremendous whiner.

  9. amok says:

    The injury situation for the Blues and Rangers seems pretty comparable.. both missed a very skilled forward, top d-man, and their top goalie – although in the Blues case they were missing their top three or four goalies.

    My prediction for next to go down would be Kaspar or Malakhov. They seem to be the next two Rangers to have missed a lot of games over the last few years (I’m guessing it’s for injuries and not benchings).

    As for the schedule, there probably isn’t a team in the Pacific and Mountain time zones that wouldn’t love to have a schedule like the Rangers.

  10. amok says:

    Let’s just wait for more than one two-point game against the Flyers before admitting the Rangers got themselves a center worth $45 million.

  11. NewYorkRangers says:

    The schedule is tough. I would doubt many teams would want a schedule like the Rangers. Rangers put together a new team, and it takes time to gel, and when you have so many games in the beginning of the season it’s hard to win cuz your not a gelled team. Although Dallas could be used in an arguement.

  12. mikster says:


    Brent Johnson IS back. Barrasso is out, as if he made a difference.


    Sanford (a back up who played with the other backs ups as well, no significant loss)

    Mayers, knee.

    Divis (another back up)

    Pilon (as if he is a regular on that team?)

    That is their injury list. You made a stupid comment and you always criticize….

    That’s all you do, criticize and suck up to Mantaray and try to be like him, and you have half the brains he does.

    The schedule has been pathetic, and it has been for the past 3 seasons. It’s not right to play too many games (30 in 58 nights -i could be a bit off-) at the start of the season when other teams have played 6 games less.

    Don’t make yourself look like a jerk. The only one who always whines and criticizes is you. Stop being such a cry baby….and stop making yourself look like a smart guy who knows a lot. McGillis won’t get traded right? Holik won’t sign with the Rangers right? Brendl won’t get traded right? He will.

    You make up a lot of stuff, and it irritates a lot of members….

    So, stop acting like a dick, stop criticizing too much….no one is perfect, everyone gets to show their opinions they way they want. So deal with it….don’t always criticize…you just make yourself look like a dork.

    As far as i know, i haven’t been whining about Bure’s injury, just the pathetic refs. As i said, i’d be ok with Lundmark being called up. What is a shame is that pieces were strating to go well with Holik Barns and Lindros, Barns is hurt. Nedved Petro Bure, Bure is hurt, then Leetch…..

    I mean, it sucks when you see something that is starting to work out, and it ends because of an injury. That’s all we’re basically saying. We’re not all whining and crying about it. We’re just saying that it sucks that this happened. I just mentioned the schedule that is sucked, that’s it….

    But, you have to criticize me, calling me a tremendous writer. And, who are you to call me that? Who the hell do you think you are?

    Shut the hell up…you’re starting to get on lots of peoples nerves and i already received too many messages about that. Do i give a crap? Yeah, now i do because now i know what people are talking about.

    You’re a good member, and i respect you, but sometimes you go over the line and irritate too many people with your annoying critics and judgements; then i lose respect for you.

    “You’re a tremendous whiner.”

    That was just uncalled for. Try not to do that. Why? Because it is disrespectful and very rude for you to do. You just have no class at all……

  13. Captain27 says:

    Wow, 2 goals and 2 assists in 12 games equals $45 Million in my Book! (heavy sarcasm alert)

  14. Rico71 says:


    Who the hell cares? All the teams have some injured players. Let’s not go overboard on the Rangers’ performance…ok?

    They suck defensively, have no LWs and have a bunch often-injured players in Lindros, Bure, Richter and Messier.

    They have an 19 year old goalie in net every game and they have no backups.

    And let’s not forget the EGOs on that team.

    So Mikster, let’s stop bemoaning the fact that this team is simply ordinary?

    I could go on for hours on my team the Canadiens…Theo, no defense, too many smurfs and an idiot for a coach.

  15. -Swizz- says:

    what was Slats last good draft pick?

  16. -Swizz- says:

    why do rangers fans actually think their team is good?

  17. big_booty says:

    Scratch list for Saturday’s Flyers-Blues contest:











    My comment was not “stupid,” I was merely stating facts. Two superstar players down, a backup in net, and they are still winning. This is something that the Rangers cannot boast.

    So, now you ARE blaming the schedule. Amazing. Only you could play such a weak trump card.

    Every team in the league plays the same amount of games. Who are you to say how many games should be played in how many nights?

    If I get on peoples’ nerves, well, too bad. Lots of members get on each others’ nerves. Why single me out? Have you read the other comments posted about this article? “Wah burger with french cries?” Now THAT’s low class.

    Get over it. Life goes on.

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