Full Team still not together…….

The fullest Ranger team has still not been seen…..

In the first few games Bure was out with his knee. By the time he came back Holik was out with his hip. By the time Holik came back Richter was out with a concussion. And by the time Richter was feeling a little better Leetch went out with an Ankle. Now With Leetch coming back in a week or so… and maybe Richter in a few weeks…. Bure goes down with his knee again……So what can this team really do? Holik is playing like a 45 million dollar Center now that he is physically 100% Pavel just found his scoring line…. The Defense is starting to play solid, for Richter, And Leetch found his old game.

Now if only they could all play a game in the same night……

They are now around .500 with only half of the team… Sadly that isn’t what they should be at with half… but if the Full Ranger team was together for a full season… they would be a top team….. Maybe not 1st 2nd in the East but in the top 5 without a dout.

We wait on Bure’s MRI coming today… And no word on Richter. Leetch won’t be out to long…..

So when will this team be together……? Hopefully they can be a full team for the second half of the season.

More news…


NYPost reports that Pavel Bure could miss the rest of the season. Reviewing the play, Curtis Brown really did not do it on purpose to aim at Bure’s knee, but the hit would still have been away from play. Was it a cheap shot now? Meh….somewhat but not a dirty intended hit.

As I said, the main thing that will make the Rangers miss the playoffs this season are the injuries to key players. The Rangers have still not had a 100% healthy roster on the ice yet this season.

Well, the good thing is that maybe Jamie Lundmark will get called up, since he is doing a superb job in Hartford with the rest of the ‘Pack.