Future in the Making

As draft day roles around more and more rumors of trades are talked about. Especially talks about Leafs all-star defenceman Tomas Kaberle. Burke has already let his intentions known as he is still after London sniper John Tavares, with Brayden Schenn being his backup.
Burke has been in contact with all the teams in the top 5 in an atempt to move up and select one of the 2. Burke said most of the conversations included Luke Schenn which is where he hung up the phone. Burke continues to say Schenn is untouchable and even when on to say Schenn will be the Leafs captain, which is what we are all saying right now, but Burke said Schenn would be ready to dawn the C in about 2 years time. Burke said idealy he would like to build the leafs franchise around Luke Schenn and John Tavares. However building around the Schenn brothers wouldn’t be so bad either.

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