Gaborik ahead of Schedule … likely to still be traded

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that Marian Gaborik is well ahead of schedule in his return from surgery leading to the possibility that his trade value may once again increase considering the possibility that he could be ready (or not) in time for the playoffs. It is noted that Gaborik is saying that his goal is to be back in action for the playoffs and it has been widely discussed that he is set to become unrestricted and that he has turned down a huge contract offer from the Wild earlier this season. HTR believes that he will be traded regardless of the Wild’s position in the standings so that the Wild will be able to get a return on his value. It is well known that the Canucks have interest in Gaborik however it is highly unlikely that the Wild would be willing to trade Gaborik to the Canucks because they play in the same division.

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  1. i_know_hockey says:

    i dont see anyone putting in too serious of an offer for such a fragile player as Gaborik.  I mean its a huge risk-reward situation.  But what if your team dumps their 1st rounder + for a guy who pulls his groin 3rd game back and doesnt see the ice in the playoffs??

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