Gaborik Gives In

According to Marian Gaborik has signed a 3 year/ 10M$ deal with the Minnesota Wild. A good sign for Minnesota, since they didn’t have to lose ground and offer 6 million dollars a year or upwards as was reported.This hopefully will give Minnesota some much needed offense. I still think it was his agent holding this deal back, so I hope not too many people blame Gaborik for all of this non-sense.

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  1. TC_4 says:

    HUGE! Thank god he gave in! 3.2 mil a year, or whatever he’ll get, is still VERY good coin. I don’t think this will kick start the Wild, they won’t make the playoffs this season. If anything, it may cause a rift in the room. Everyone talked about how much of a TEAM these guys were last year, now with this thing, and having Daigle in the room….can’t be a good thing.

  2. Datsyuk13 says:

    Obviously great news for the Wild and horrible news to every other team in the NHL. Gaborik is in my opinion one of the top 5 best young players along with others, obvious ones being Ilya Kovalchuk, Dany Heatly(when and if he can return to his previous form), and of course my favorite player Drafted by the Wings since Fedorov, Pavel Datsyuk, and the smart Henrik Zetterberg.

    Notable mention having to go to Marc-Andre Fleury, if can keep up how he is playing now he will be the savior for the very sad Pens.

  3. MantaRay says:

    Told you so! (Power Rankings)

  4. Tradedude says:

    That is good for the: Minnesota Wild Hockey Team.

  5. rojoke says:

    He switched agents a little while ago, so that may have made a difference. He was represented by a guy named Walsh, who is also Pascal Dupuis’ agent, so it may have been a case where he was trying to package them. Obviously, he’s no Don Baizley.

    It just goes to show you that the player should always have the final decision on his contract. Maybe Walsh convinced him that he could get the $6 million or whatever he was asking, and his new agent told him that he’d never get it from Minnesota. Now all Gaborik has to do is put up the same numbers he did the last three seasons and then he can ask for the really big contract. That is, if those things will still be around.

  6. Donovan says:

    Gaborik and DuPuis on a line with Daigle. Look Out!

  7. TC_4 says:

    They’ll play one game together, get one goal, then hold out for 8 months wanting more money.

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