Gaborik to Leave the Wild? is reporting that Marian Gaborik is thinking of leaving the Minnesota Wild. His contract is up at the end of this year and he will be a RFA.

If the Wild don’t give Gaborik what he wants during contract negotiations he may go to a new team.

Here is the entire article:

He’s the biggest star the Minnesota Wild has ever had, but if Marian Gaborik doesn’t get what he feels he deseves, he could be taking his dangle and blazing speed to another NHL city.

Gaborik is a restricted free agent this summer and could opt for arbitration, with the result likely being a one-year deal with Minnesota, according to reports in the Minnesota Star Tribune. His demands could also lead to a trade this summer. What’s more intriguing, however, is the fact that if he doesn’t resign long-term with the Wild before then, two summers from now, Gaborik, at 25, would qualify for unrestricted free agency. This year Gaborik has scored a franchise-record 37 goals while only averaging 18 minutes, 20 seconds of ice a game.