Gaborik to play against Capitals


“In a perfect world I would [take] more rest, but there are 18 games to go and I want to be part of it,” Gaborik said after participating in a full practice yesterday, declaring himself a go against the Capitals tonight in Washington (7:00, MSG Plus, WNYM 970 AM).

In hockey Utopia, the Rangers score on the one shot they had in the third period and overtime against the Penguins on Thursday night and get two points, instead of one and a 5-4 loss. But in that world your star goalie and star forward don’t collide in practice and your country magnanimously excuses you from Olympic duty because you mean too much to your league club.

Instead Gaborik, who has 35 goals for a team in a three-way tie in points for a last playoff spot with Montreal and Atlanta, will hold his breath that a right leg muscle, apparently pulled by a stride alteration following a cut caused by Henrik Lundqvist’s skate, will hold up.

“In my perfect world, he’s playing all these games,” coach John Tortorella said. “It’s too bad it happens when he’s playing for another team that we’re losing him.

“Everybody is sore, [so] what is the definition of an injury versus soreness?” Tortorella added. “He knows his body very well. That’s where we’re letting him work through this. There are days he has wanted off the ice and we have tried to push him along through practice because we felt it would help him. He’s been good playing with some bumps, bruises and soreness.”

If your 35-goal scorer can do that, a coach can stand behind a bench despite acid reflux, high blood pressure and night sweats, plus whatever burning lingers at Team Slovakia for having Gaborik play when not fully healed.

The Rangers, a team without another 20-goal scorer, somehow have scored 13 times in the last three games without Gaborik, but that seems too perfect, and no reason in his mind to take the weekend off and then floor it against the Devils on Wednesday.

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  1. number15 says:

    i always knew Gaborik would get over all those injuries evetually after he left Minnesota, but I always also thought he was over rated….. then he comes to NYR and proves me wrong. the guy is a superstar

    i was very happy knowing the Leafs, like most NHL teams stayed away from Gaborik, mainly for injuries, though now im feeling stupid….. why werent more teams after him?

    how many chances do u get to sign a young superstar for nothing in return other than the money u pay him ofcourse….. and he never demanded any crazy contract either, like Kovalchulk is going to

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