Gagne, Gomez to Miss Training Camp? Fedorov Looking to Re-Wax His Wings


When the New Jersey Devils open training camp this weekend, Scott Gomez likely won’t be among the players attending.

The former NHL Rookie of the Year has balked at a qualifying offer of $650,000, the same salary he earned this past season. Gomez is believed to be seeking a salary in the neighborhood of $2-million a season.

Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello chalks up the current impasse to “the normal course of the game today”.

Gomez, a restricted free agent, started slow last season, scoring one goal in his first 26 games. He rebounded after Christmas, notching 41 points in 50 games before suffering a fractured hand on April 1, forcing him to the sidelines for the rest of the season and playoffs.

The Devils have agreed to terms with forward Jamie Langenbrunner, who will reportedly earn $2-million a season over the next three to four years.

Talks between the Philadelphia Flyers and forward Simon Gagne have reached an impasse.

According to Gagne’s agent Bob Sauve, while some progress has been made since the two sides began talking a month ago, he is not sure a deal can be reached by Thursday, when players are scheduled to report for physicals.

Sauve says if a deal is not reached, Gagne likely won’t report to training camp.

“At this time of the summer, we should be getting closer,” Sauve tells the Camden Courier-Post. “But we’re not close enough to make a deal. They have a lot of respect for Simon. So hopefully, we’ll have something done by Thursday.”

Gagne, a restricted free agent, is seeking a two year deal worth $5-million. He earned $975,000 last season.

The Detroit Red Wings have started contract talks with forward Sergei Fedorov.

According to the Detroit News, the Red Wings are interested in signing Fedorov to a new deal before he becomes an unrestricted free agent next summer.

With the anticipated work stoppage in 2004, there is speculation that the Red Wings might be reluctant to sign anyone to a long term deal. However, general manager Ken Holland says that is not the case, pointing to the fact that goaltender Curtis Joseph is signed beyond 2004.

Fedorov is in the final year of a contract which was signed in 1997-98. That year, the Carolina Hurricanes offered the forward a front-loaded deal which included a $14-million signing bonus and a $12-million bonus if the team reached the conference finals. Detroit eventually matched the offer sheet.

In 81 regular-season games last year, Fedorov had 31 goals and 37 assists. He had five goals and 14 assists in 23 playoff games in helping Detroit to the Stanley Cup championship.

9 Responses to Gagne, Gomez to Miss Training Camp? Fedorov Looking to Re-Wax His Wings

  1. mikster says:

    Gomez knows that the Devils need a center. Putting Elias as a center would only decrease his points and weaken the first line. Gomez should win this battle, unless his will be traded. But, he has little trade value since he is unsigned.

    Same with Gagne. The Flyers need Gagne, he knows that.

    Red Wings will lock up Fedorov, and he will probably retire as a Red Wing.

  2. DaAvs says:

    Gomez is tradable, but I ask the question. Will Gagne be tradable as well? I’m getting intrested to hear who will holdout and what teams will sell out. Gagne by all means is the Flyers franchise player. But with how much they have locked up, will he become tradable? Fedorov definatly will get a longer contract with the Wings Holland is by no means going to let him slip away. Anyone know who’s looking to be UFA next off-season?

  3. big_booty says:

    I wouldn’t worry about Simon Gagne. It’s not like the Flyers to have a player hold out (unless his parents are named Bonnie and Carl). Clarke and Bob Sauve will settle this at the 11th hour, as Clarke sometimes likes to do. The two sides aren’t that far apart, only $500,000 or so. They’ll probably split the difference and make it happen. Gagne wants Vincent LeCavalier-type money, while the Flyers are offering Sergei Samsonov-type money. Am I the only one who thinks that sounds just a little bit off the wall?

    As for Gomez, that situation seems like it could go either way. Players and agents must cringe at the thought of negotiating with Liamorello. It’s fifty-fifty either way.

    It would be hard to imagine Federov in any other sweater, so I imagine Ken Holland will pull some strings and re-sign him before he has the oppurtunity. Federov is no longer worth a king’s ransom for a signing bonus like the one he got before, but he did show a great amount of versatility last season and probably doesn’t want to leave Detroit.

  4. big_booty says:

    There is no way that Gagne will be traded. If there is one “untouchable” in the NHL, it’s him.

    It’s not like he’s asking for the moon and the stars. All he wants is two years, $5 million. That, by today’s standards, is one hell of a bargain.

    He’ll be in camp.

  5. TheDevil says:

    If Guerin gets 9 million, Fedorov should get as much as he wants, since he’s BY MUCH FAR more talented than that greedy asshole.

    Gagne will sign – even Clarke would not resist in the job if his stud holds out, especially after the Flyers performance this year.

    Gomez: he can play hard ball as much as he wants, he is the one who is going to suffer the most. His value has dropped considerably, and one year out would add insult to injury. I hope Lamoriello trades his ass out of town, quickly. If Lou is smart, he will trade Gomez+Zyuzin (back) + Daneyko for Lecavalier!!

  6. mikster says:

    he will trade Gomez+Zyuzin (back) + Daneyko for Lecavalier!!

    You’re dreaming, you’re dreaming!!! Wake up!


  7. saksfan says:

    And then Gomez will go to Europe and play with Richard Zednik!

    Anything is possible…I am a bit sarcastic.

  8. NYR88Express says:

    fedorov, kovalev and tkachuk are on the last year of their respective contracts…sather, start investing

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