Gagne and the Oilers believe it is time for a change

Sam Gagner: He was not eligible for a no-trade clause when he signed his three-year extension last summer (It kicks-in next season). Craig MacTavish graciously promised to honour it this season, but as Edmonton searches for answers, it sounds like both sides believe it is time for a change, not that anyone is commenting. Should a deal happen, no doubt MacTavish will try to make it a soft landing.

3 Responses to Gagne and the Oilers believe it is time for a change

  1. razer1818 says:

    Kadri for Gagnier straight up. Change for both will be good

  2. Oilers might be winning on that deal. Gagner is simply awful on defense, and while I know that’s not Kadri’s specialty, I think he may have the advantage there. He’s also on a nearly 5 million Salary until 2016.

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      Agreed. 0 chance I make that deal. There’s not a single part of his game he does better than Kadri, and his ceiling is lower. Gagner is a worse Kadri on a worse contract. Maybe if he was locked up til 2016 for a couple million cheaper. But not at 5 mill. That makes Bozak look like a steal.

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