Gainey Carbo on the go??

It seems like Ground Hog Day the movie. It was at this time last year when Montreal played the Wings in Detroit. It was just as embarassing as yesterday. After the game Carbonneau says « Muller and I can’t lace up the skates and play!!! Our goalies have to be better!!!» Well maybe its time to teach Carbo new tricks because his methods have not given any results.

The problem is a two tierd problem… a GM who does not make any moves such as waivers ( Slowlinsky ,Gotogopolous, Gorges and Bouillon). Take your medecine and call up some fresh legs and spirit.

It seems evident from the booing that fans will soon turn on the current HABS. Give the fans something to cheer for, hope for and they will in turn pay the cash for those overpriced tickets.

Here is my prediction… Gainey and Carbo out… Roy and Hartley in if things do not turn around soon!

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  1. ferron says:

      Finally someone who makes sense, I agree with you 110%, Carbo is and was the biggest problem in Montreal. Carbo has been putting line together like Smolinski-Koivu and Streit? Last night Streit got two 2 on 1 and Fu–ed-up on both of them, and why is Ryder still on the PP, why is Koivu and Ryder on the first PP unit when guys like Kovalev and Plekanec are much more productive than Ryder or Koivu anyday of the week! We've seen Kovy with Plek and Higgins for only 20 minutes against Nashville and got us 2 goals  only to be taken appart in the second period, WHY? I also have a few question of my own, Why is Georges still in the NHL? How in hell did Brisebois managed to get back in Montreal after being bood out of town? Why does Carbo keep  playing over the hills tiny feminine defensemen like Bouillon, Briseby, Georges, even Dandenault and Streit but won't give a chance to much needed giant like O'Byrne 6'5 245 lbs, Valentenko 6'2 225 lbs ect. ect..
    Why asn't Ryder been bench yet after scoring 3 Goals, 3 Goals!!!!!! Hell Begin ,Komisarek, Hamrlik, Dandenault, Streit Latendresse, Chipchura, Kostitsyn, Smolinski all these guys have as many or more goals than that inbred that is RYDER! Why is Kostopoulos, Begin and Dandenault on the ice at 2 min of a game that we are losing by 1 goal?

    Could Kovalev could of been right this whole time, Could Crapboneau have been the problem in Montreal? Well I sure as shit think so! By the way if the habs don't try to give Roy a Job someone else will and sooner than later!

  2. ICELIZARD says:

    Good post… I think Carbo is a much better assistant coach than head coach.  Moreover, Muller has no NHL experience as a coach and Jarvis… well, does he ever talk?!  Since Gainey will never fire Carbo, I think by years end if the Habs don't make the playoffs, Gainey & Co. need to go.

    However, I have another suggestion as whom to replace him… the one and only Scotty Bowman!  He always wanted the GM job in Montreal (which is why he left in the first place); he's bilingual and is still very much connected in the NHL.  I could see this scenario:
    GM: Scotty Bowman
    Assistant-GM: Pierre McGuire (excellent pro scout)
    Head coach: Pat Burns
    Assistant-Coach: Patrick Roy

    With the four hockey people mentioned above, the Habs will have a solid management group that won't be passive and will let young players play and pull the trigger on big trades. 

    What do you think?

  3. ferron says:

    Amen, I love you GM, your ass. GM, your Coach and you new ass. coach. Plus Bringing Roy and his desire to win would be the best thing for Montreal who still isn't over Roy's departure in 1995 and would love to see him back in Montreal!

  4. johnnyhabsfan says:

    i think carbs IS out of his mind too. the line combos’ are just awul, he sits guys like begin (who plays his ass off everynight) and lets a bum like breisbois play like 20 mins a game. i scratch my head on a daily basis because of the moves carbo pulls. like playing a trap when they’re up 1 goal with 9 mins left or even worse when they’re up 3-0!!!!!!!!. i don’t however think gainey is the problem. i think he has a plan. it’s prolly not the easiest thing in the world to trade a scorer in a deadly slump. still if he feel breisbois is nhl worthy still then maybe he isn’t seeing the obvious. excited to see lappiere up again, he’s exciting and gets under guys skins.

  5. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    Carbo IS the biggest problem Montreal has at the moment.  He has no coaching experience and it's showing much too often as he continues to needlessly mix up his lines thereby not any chemistry to develop.  Some of his line combinations have me shaking my head as well. 
    I think the management wants to see if Gorges had any potential to become a regular before they discard him like yesterday's newspaper.  He has no future in Montreal.
    As I write this, O'B has made his debut and fared well.  Not great, but well.  He should be given a chance to stick with the team even if he makes the occasional mistake.  At least he will get better whereas Brisebois keeps making the same mistakes he made 10 years ago.
    Ryder's days are numbered in Montreal.  If he's not traded before the trade deadline, I'd be shocked, but don't expect a lot in return.
    As well, I don't agree with you with your assessment of Bouillon.  Again, with the benefit of knowing what he did last night to Reich, to call him feminine wouldn't be accurate as he demolished him much like he did Tucker.  He may be small but he packs a punch and is not afraid of anyone.
    Also, Valentenko may not be small, but he's no "giant" either.  He does measure 6'2", but he only weighs just over 200 lbs, not the 225 lbs you had him at.

  6. leafsrgarbage says:

    So if Carbo and Gainey is the problem then what do u say about past Coaches and Gm's in Mtl? Forget about Roy in Montreal as GM or coach(great goaler but a real Class-less peice of crap) look at how hes always in the media for his antics!! Problem in Mtl is we need scoring and its hard to lure players to a mediocre team, lots of players wanna be on a contender and dont wanna deal with Language issues, crazy media,high taxes,maybe weather and other problems. You guys want a great High Scoring player???? well then get rid of Komisarek ,Higgins,Kostistin , price ,markov or other promising players cuz thats what other teams want. No team will give u Simon Gagne for Begin and Gorges or Elias for Streit and Smolinski or any other crazy deals u can think of!!!! Would u trade in ur 2007 BMW for 2, 1995 civics??? I think Carbo and Gainey are doing a decent job (always room for improvement) but they are not the real problem in MTL. (Maybe u can blame Gainey for getting Brisebois back!!!!)

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