Gainey Carbo on the go??

It seems like Ground Hog Day the movie. It was at this time last year when Montreal played the Wings in Detroit. It was just as embarassing as yesterday. After the game Carbonneau says « Muller and I can’t lace up the skates and play!!! Our goalies have to be better!!!» Well maybe its time to teach Carbo new tricks because his methods have not given any results.

The problem is a two tierd problem… a GM who does not make any moves such as waivers ( Slowlinsky ,Gotogopolous, Gorges and Bouillon). Take your medecine and call up some fresh legs and spirit.

It seems evident from the booing that fans will soon turn on the current HABS. Give the fans something to cheer for, hope for and they will in turn pay the cash for those overpriced tickets.

Here is my prediction… Gainey and Carbo out… Roy and Hartley in if things do not turn around soon!