Gainey confirms: looking for an impact player

Gainey commented publicly after a spectacular win over New York Ranger 6-5, that he is looking to acquire an impact player.

When asked he said he had certain specific players in mind.

RDS.CA (the francophone TSN) has posted that the most likely candidates were Alex Tanguay, Mariann Hossa and Mats Sundin.

It is also stated that the Habs would be willing to part ways with Michael Ryder, who scored a hat trick tonight.

The Canadiens GM states there is lots of flexibility, that the team has a large pool of young promising players to conclude the deal.

On a sidenote … for all those who said Ryder wasn’t worth a 6th round draft pick … LMAO

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  1. shmitzyhab says:

    First off the joints are plentiful my friend, I'm on Holidays. Cigarettes always follow so that's been taken care of too. Secondly, you gotta give me a bit of a break, I read alot of garbage on this site. Enough that it's embarrassing to cheer for the same team sometimes. I agree 100% that Ryder and Dandy could go(even though Dandy actually has a cup, somethin we lack big time). I just don't think they will bring in that 'impact' player Bob speaks of. So, if he trades Ryder and/or Dandy and/or Beef Bouillon plus Grabovski plus a 1st/2nd round pick, then the guy(s) comin back had better fit in and had better perform huge and had better sign long term. Tough to pull off I would say, especially when teams don't exactly have the best track record when attempting this. So all I really said from the beginning was it's no big deal if nothing happens cause that means Bob decided not to get snowed in some short term maybe. That is a good thing and what separates us from Leave nation, or whatever the crap they call themselves now.
    PS – Sorry I called you, uh, whatever it was that I called you. And I took so much heat for stickin up for Kovalev, it's retarded. Now they all are eatin that crap with a side of hot sauce. Good that you stayed true.

  2. shmitzyhab says:

    Darcy "Bank it off my shin pads and in on the PP" Tucker? How 'bout no? Kovalev would elbow him through the shower wall after the first game on sheer principle anyways. Then Komi and Beef Bouillon would pi$$ on his battered face. Peace.

  3. shmitzyhab says:

    K you can't post to Habs fans anymore. How 'bout we give you our Zamboni driver in exchange for your whole garbage team? Then when two players actually make the Habs, we can get the rest of those bums out of the league for ya. You can call up the Marlies and still finish last, but at a bargain price. One time only offer!!! Act now!!!

  4. shmitzyhab says:

    Stop talking. Stop talking. Stop talking. Yes, he's had some dumb penalties this year, but everyone has something they could do better this year(Except kovalev who does everything great this year). Tied for 1st. Tied for flippin 1st!!! First place teams don't trade their captain. If you wanna dog Koivu, cheer for somebody else. You would pi$$ yourself if you ever ran into him just like the rest of us.

  5. leafy says:

    I cut and pasted what I told Teezer. 

    If you're aiming for success (ie, the Stanley Cup), you have to take some risk.

    Let's look at some trades from the past:

    In 1989, Calgary trades a young Brett Hull to St. Louis for Rob Ramage.

    In 1994, the NY Rangers trade future star Tony Amonte to Chicago for Stephane Matteau and Brian Noonan.  They also trade another future star, Doug Weight, to Edmonton for Esa Tikannen.

    In 2000, New Jersey trades a young Sheldon Souray to Montreal for Vladimir Malakhov, and Brendan Morrison for Alexander Mogilny.

    In 2001, Colorado trades away Adam Deadmarsh, Aaron Miller and a 1st-round pick for Rob Blake.

    See where I'm going with this?

    In each case, the team that traded young talent went on to win the Stanley Cup.  Of course, sometimes the trade doesn't work.

    So the question I have for you is, in each of the above cases, was the trade worth it?  More importantly, would you do each trade all over again, yes or no?

  6. shmitzyhab says:

    Wow, i just yelled at you for something else you said, but I actually agree with that. 100% actually. IF they could trade him and not much else to get someone that stays beyond this year and makes them better, then I'm all in. But, since that is unlikely 'cause teams want unrealistic prices for the few big names that are out there, they really should consider resigning him (if he even wants to that is). But as far as it could be an off year, I say absolutely. Um….kovalev anyone? Every hab fan loved ryder last year and now they want him shipped out of town. How soon fickle people forget.

  7. percussio says:

    SOME dumb penalties ? THIS year ? Come on … he always does that. I have nothing against the man but as a player he has ben slumping. We have leadership coming in by the boatload with our young players. Komisarek, Higgins, Chipchura to name only some.

    This is 1 game too. Everybody's going nuts but lets not forget this is 1 game. If he's out of his slump, then good for him. Is he a true first line center that can change a game to himslef more often then not ?

    I doubt it. His small size has and will continue to show and more so as he gets older. He isnt a Jokinen, he isnt a Lecavalier, he isnt an Alfredsson or Sundin. These are first line centers.

    Im not saying to sell the team but Koivu offers less (on the scoreboard) than these other guys PLUS guess what people .. Koivu isnt the only human being in the league to have leadership. Imagine that.

    Could it be possible that we could there are other big, speedy, first line centers with stats and heart and leadrship ? I think so.

    I'll stop talking when you guys stop being naive. Koivu is good. Sometimes really good. I prefer to have great if it's available.

  8. habsrock99 says:

    Tanguay won't come to Montreal, he already said he wouldn't waive his NTC to come to Montreal.

    As for Sundin, screw that. Why trade away Higgins, Grabovski or anyone else for a guy who will be with us for less then 20 games? IT AIN'T WORTH IT! That's pretty much giving up Montreal's future chances just to win now. WE AREN'T A DESPERATE TEAM! WE DON'T NEED TO WIN THIS YEAR! We're going to be a solid Cup Contender for the next 5 years at least. Why throw that away for a guy who will play 20 games in a year where we aren't likely to win it all anyway? Unless it's Ryder and Dandenault for Sundin, Gainey won't make that trade. And good luck in convincing Fletcher to make a Ryder/Dandenault package for Sundin trade.

    The only one of the 3 that makes sense is Marian Hossa. He's a dynamic hockey player who scores 35-40 goals year and despite popular belief, he HAS shown up in past Play-Offs. People seem to forget that the ENTIRE Sens teams of the early 2000's didn't show up. It took Daniel Alfredsson 9 years before he became a "Play-Off Performer".

    And a little food for thought, during Hossa's career as a Sen, he had more points in the Play-Offs then Daniel Alfredsson did.

    Marian Hossa                                      Daniel Alfredsson
    Year    GP     G     A     Pts                 GP     G     A     Pts
    98-99   4     0    2      2               4     1    2      3
    99-00   6     0    0      0               6     1    3      4
    00-01   4     1    1      2               4     1    0      1
    01-02 12     4    6     10             12     7    6    13 
    02-03 18     5   11    16             18     4    4      8
    03-04   7     3    1      4               7     1    2      3
    Total  51    13   21   34              51   15   17    32

    In fact, between the 1998-99 and the 2003-04 seasons, Marian Hossa had the most points of any Senator during that time frame when it came to the Play-Offs. Not to mention Hossa's 51 games of Play-Off experience would help take the pressure off of guys who have played between 0-10 Play-Offs games. And those guys include Plekanec(6), Higgins(6), Kostitsyn(0), Kostitsyn(0), Latendresse(0), Lapierre(0) and Streit(1). And incase you haven't noticed those players happen to be 7 of our 14 Forwards and are 5 of our Top 10 Scorers.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Yeah, it would be very bizarre to see Sundin traded to Montreal and then re-signed for a year or two.

    If I'm Fletcher, any trade involving Mats Sundin and the Habs would have to include Chris Higgins coming back. If Gainey doesn't like it, which he might not, I'm moving onto a different team.

  10. shmitzyhab says:

    My answer is in '89 they would have won anyways(unfortunatley).  NYR made the right call if you don't mind missin the playoffs eight years in a row. Malakhov didn't put Jersey over the hemp and you know it. And Deadmarsh and Miller are terrible, so ya they did the right thing. But that's like saying the habs could get a Rob blake for Brisbois and Smolinski. Not gonna happen.

  11. wheresthesoda says:

    ryder didn't score a hat trick, one of his alleged goals went off of the leg of Streit.

  12. darcysucker says:

    agreed, I understand your point, there's tons of garbage on this site, however this last bit has some credibility to it, since it came straight from gainey and mckenzie.  You might be right, it might be hard to get something for ryder and dandenault, I'm just hopefull that something does happen, as for Bouillon, I wouldn't trade him considering how awesome he's been lately.  I think it is evident this team could pull it off on it's own, but there were many games when there was only one line that could really score, (kovy, pleks and kostitsyn), and the higgins/koivu line wasn't clicking, and I've always believed that they could use a good right winger, maybe this problem has already been solved (last night).  So if Bob can pull some magic… Remember last year he traded Rivet (who was in the doghouse and had seemingly no value) yet Gainey managed to land a very good replacement in Gorges(he's been great lately) and a 1st round pick (paccioretty who can develop into a serious power forward ala erik cole), so if Bob could get that for Rivet, maybe he can get something for Ryder.  I really think what separates us from Leaf nation is our managment staff, starting with Pierre Boivin, and then you got Bob Gainey and his right hand man Pierre Gauthier, and an excellent head scout in Trevor Timmins, 4 years ago when Gainey and Gauthier came in I was confident that within a few years these guys would build a perennial winner, and this is on the verge of happening, if you have all-star management it's going to translate into a very good team.  Over the past 15 yeas (since the last cup) the habs have been pretty mediocre, barely making the playoffs, and when they did it was usually due to exceptional goaltending, now it's due to good team play, watching this team play is really a lot fun, they control most of the play and have so much speed and talent.  Let's just hope Bob can make a nice move which will propell us all the way to the stanley cup finals, and if he doesn't make the move, the team should still do well, it could even win the stanley cup, but I think it might be tougher.  Anyways next year is supposed to be the big year, the 100th anniversary, so if we can't do it now, we should get the playoff experience so we can do it next year! 25 cups in 100 years!

  13. leafy says:

    You're missing my point, but first to clarify a few facts.  Rob Ramage was an integral part of the Calgary championship in '89, and that was a close series with Montreal which could have gone either way.

    Malakhov was a pretty good defenseman back then, and Souray was still learning to play the position (not ideal for a team shooting for the cup).  I think you underestimate the importance of that trade, plus you totally ignored the Mogilny trade.  New Jersey sacrificed Morrison, but who cares?  They won the friggin Cup.  I'll tell you right now, Lamarello would gladly trade Morrison for a Cup all over again.

    As for Deadmarsh and Miller being terrible, are you crazy?  I'm talking about 2001, not 2008.  Both of those guys were good players back then (before the injuries started).

    The point is you're not going to a high impact player for squat.  You're gonna pay a premium.  But it's going to give you a shot at the cup.

  14. percussio says:

    I know we've been down this path before lol but I just thought Id tell you, there was a few articles in the Montreal media saying that Lecavalier requested a trade.

    They went on to say that Vincent stated he had done enough for the city of Tampa and its organization and that he wanted to pursue his career in a bigger market. Of course Montreal came up in his 3 choices.

    No later than a day after, Lecavaliers agent denied all rumoors indicating that Lecavalier requested a trade and that he is extremely happy where he is. As a matter of fact they are currently talking about his contract extension.

    Straight from the horses mouth.

  15. percussio says:

    I was starting to feel alone here !

    Im not saying that Hossa is Jesus Christ on skates but he would have a serious impact on this team. Of course chemistry is a factor as well as integration.

    As for playoffs, the sats arent enough. Given the opportunity Im sure he will shine. Koivu would have a real performer by his side so hopefully that will get him out of his funk ( although he has stepped up his game lately) and Higgins too.

    Speaking of which. I would be dissappointed if Higgins were traded for Hossa. I really doubt thats what Gainey will deal however. I just wish Chris would get out of this slump. An unlucky season due to his injury last year and now this.

    Id really love to see Sergei Kostitsyn on the left wing with Mariann Hossa on the right. that would be insane. I love how Andrei has Kovy as a mentor and to have Sergei play with Hossa would be so beneficial to his progression.

  16. percussio says:

    Other than the a**hole of the year award what is it that you win ?

    You're not the only one who knew the team failed last year merely due to a bad flu and losing our #1 goalie to an injury.

    You're far from being the only one who claimed Kovy still had skills but he wasn't giving the effort and didnt have the right chemistry with his linemates.

    As far as Koivu goes … the team has been winning lately IN SPITE OF HIM not because of him.
    The only thing he is close to leading this year is PIM. Thats it !

    A first line center is a big,speedy guy that can change the outcome of a game all to himself and does so frequently. Koivu has stopped doing this for awhile now. Its sad because he deserves it but he's no first line center.

    Jokinen, Sundin, Alfredsson, Lecavalier. These are the kind of first line centers that deserve the name.

    Your condescending attitude takes away from your hockey knowledge. I think I speak for most when I say you could put your comments to better use and then we'll actually enjoy reading your posts.

    Try making something more positive rather than bashing everyone on here. As a Habs fan myself I hear alot … ALOT of ludicrous comments or trade proposals etc etc doesnt mean you're entitled to spit on everyone on here. 

    I look forward to reading your future postings.

  17. percussio says:

    Im glad to hear someone giving credit where credit is due … this teams off ice staff is simply incredible. It starts with George Gillet actually. I think the Molson family had made some decisions that werent so great in their latter years.

    When Pierre Boivin came in and fired Houle after his (Boivins) second season, things started to pick up. I love that it was Gainey and Carbonneau that came over. Die hard Habs players. These guys know what it takes to win, to bleed bleu, blanc, rouge.

    Im waiting till February 23rd for Gaineys ceremony and then I am posting an article I've been working on i his honor. I try to demonstrate how the organization has sky rocketed since Ronald Corey and Rejean Houles' departure and how Gainey has been a large contributor to the teams success.

    Building A Legacy … look for it just before trade deadline.

  18. Peenz says:

    shmitzyhab you said it perfect.

    And hossa in a habs jersey would be very sweet.

  19. percussio says:

    I agree HOWEVER … the problem with Ryder is that he's one dimensional and I think the organization are looking for more complete players at this point.

    I also think there's something going on with the coach. I think he doesnt do what Carbo asks of him. Guy keeps saying " We ask Michael to shoot but he doesnt shoot. When he does this he has success".

    Seeing as he's been signing consecutive 1 year deals and he's been benched and downgraded, not to mention he's had his house broken into … does he even want to stay ?

    If Gainey can promote him well, and this is the author of the Kovalev for Balej and a 2nd rounder, so I believe he will … Im thinking we might get something decent out of Ryder IF he is signed to a 2 year deal prior to being traded.

    Im not saying I would trade Ryder but given all the circumstances … low morale, UFA at seasons end, continuous 1 year contracts perhaps making him wonder if he's part of the organizations long term plans.

    I think he will end up being traded, too many risks to keep him cause Im sure he will try to test out free agency seeing as I dont believe Gainey will attempt very hard to resign him.

  20. shmitzyhab says:

    I love the Beef, but he's one of those guys mentioned lately as trade bait. I watched Georges win the Mem Cup with Kelowna(even though I was cheerin against him then). What we've seen lately is just a small portion of what he'll be like when he gains more experience. He was spectacular last night! We are in full agreeance about the management/ownership/scouting. I think the legacy may well be the extremely unexpected drafting of Price. He was so far under the radar that we might have snagged him with the 25th pick, yet Timmons thru to Bob knew he was special.They knew it first.Honestly he's so good that it almost doesn't matter what Bob brings in cause in two or three years, TOPS, Price will be top three in the league. Yes, three. He will be the best goalie in the world at some point in his career, mark my words.He only knows how to win.Huet is the perfect non-egotistical guy to platoon with him til he's ready for 70 starts a year. Plus Huet is under rated. Actually, let me ask you. Since we both agree that nothing HAS to be done this year and that we are way ahead of the curve at this point anyway, would you be accepting of Huet being traded even though it probably hurts us in this years playoffs?He honestly is our best trade value(not including the obvious immovables). If the right move came along, would you risk sacrificing one more season to get to the top? Assuming Price didn't just take the reigns and win the whole freakin' thing just like Patty and Dryden. Just a question.

  21. careyprice31 says:

    Ill tell you this i know ive said in the past for gainey to make a trade for the sake ofmaking but in the case he wont he is actualy going to get a playerto help this team for the playoff run. Now saying i would like to inform the hab fans that say not to trade away nothing for the team or prospects, what is the goal of every NHL hockey team in the beginning of the season? To win the CUP!!. Now saying that where canadiaens are sitting in first place don't you think acquiring a impact player will only improve the goal from the beginning of the season of winning the stanley cup. Food for thaught here. U think with the roster we have now in a 7 game series we can beat the RANGERS,SENATORS,BUFFALO,FLYERS,JERSEY, theres a slight chance then we make stanley cup finals u think we will beat these teams RED WINGS,DUCKS,SHARKS,DALLAS. If you guys think so then u gotta wakeup and smell the coffee. Just don't be the person down the line when we get eliminated in the playoffs saying "why didn't bob gainey make a trade to improve our chances" when before hand u were saying keep the team the way it is. WAKE UP GUYS !!!!!

  22. shmitzyhab says:

    First off I pretty much relish in the a$$hole of the year award so thanks tons for voting for me. Seriously tho, don't get too defensive, I'm merely stating the obvious mostly and I made my peace with darcysucker so don't fret. As for your four guys, thank god you mentioned at least one cup winner.Next, Koivu is clearly not on the first line so that kinda clears that up. I know RDS lists his line first but we all can see reality. Can't defend the penalties, so I won't bother. He has to quit that crap.But he has never had a bad playoff game. Sundin and Alfredsson have had many, tho Alfy was deadly last year. Koivu brings more to the table than he is getting credit for right now.Do I wish he could hit an open net every time?Yes. Do I wish he didn't hook in the offensive zone every second game?Yes.Do I think he is the heart and soul that is that fantastic chemistry?Absolutely. The boys LOVE him and they would NOT love to see him traded. No matter who they get back.We're not Keven Lowe.I never said I was the only Kovy supporter, I just said lots turned on him and you know it. And I don't care if it makes me an a$$hole to say it, those people don't deserve to cheer for the Habs. Lastly, i would love to see the Habs make a move at the deadline, I just don't wanna give up the house to get it when half this team is under 25 and only gonna get better. But regardless, I'll be cheerin for 'em on the other side, so we'll just wait and see. Keep lovin the boys.

  23. shmitzyhab says:

    Deadmarsh and Miller were not the future so it was a great trade.Had they traded picks and such that ended up in Stastny, Svatos, and Wolski, then they would be right wherre the Rangers sat for almost a decade. In Canada, you don't have to sacrifice a decade for a cup, the fans aren't quittin. You crazy Leaves fans prove that theory. I didn't mention Mogilny cause Morrison really just isn't that good.i know Naslund and Bertuzzi and him had some sort of circle jerk chemistry for a couple years but he can't create on his own at all., and his numbers off that line prove it. I cut and pasted that Ramage comment you made and sent it to a couple Flames fans I know.Hilarious!!!Do you think Calgary would still trade Hull knowing what they know now?And even in '89 Ramage was not an "impact" player. If the Habs trade the next Brett Hull for the now Rob Ramage, I will burn down the Bell Centre. I know they won't get an impact player foe squat. It's why I keep saying they don't need to do it then. We don't need to trade Brad Boyes for Owen Nolan. Oh wait, oh ya, that was y'all.

  24. morrissey says:

    I wouldn't deal Higgins for Sundin when it's a 100% guarantee that Sundin will return to the Leafs – that's just too high a price. Higgins for Richards or  for Hossa if he signs up front i have no problem with. The Habs should be good for at least next year also as Kovalev and Koivu are returning, I'd want either Higgins or the player we get for him to be around for next year's playoffs too.

  25. shmitzyhab says:

    I agree very much. You could just tell each year as we only signed him one year at atime that he might not be a career Hab. I have no clue why he doesn't shoot. It's baffling really. IF Bob can get something good, then that would be awesome, but I just can't see it. I wanna see it, I just can't. But Bob and Guy said something to Kovy during the summer that clearly worked wonders, so maybe they could do that for Ryder. Who knows?

  26. shmitzyhab says:

    Thank you for saying we don't need to win this year. We got a long window of success ahead, we just need to stay patient. I'll take Hossa if it doesn't mean trading the house but I don't think he's comin here boys. Too many dumb ass GM's will offer way too much to get him and the Habs don't have one of those GM's. Thank God.

  27. mojo19 says:

    I don’t blame you, Chris Higgins is a terrific player. But you know some GM will offer up a young NHL budding star like Higgins in a package, which is why I don’t think Sundin will be dealt to Montreal. *Unless* Sundin agrees to a 1 year extension as part of the trade.

  28. percussio says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if Gainey isn't eyeing someone totally off the radar. It's so like him to pull a move like that.

    Who … I haven't the slightest clue. Obviously, if he wants to get someone he needs to make room. At this point the old adage comes into play "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" so Plecaneks' line should remain intact.

    Koivus' line however has been struggling. I think Ryder would be great in Montreal if he would score more frequently but his days seem to be numbered. Going with this premise, we would be looking for a right winger.

    Scoring is a must, we need more of it seeing as there is a lack of it to make this team a true cup contender but scoring isnt enough in the playoffs. Who would be a gritty, playoff experienced, scoring right winger in the league right now ?

    Owen Nolan comes to mind. I know he's 36 but he does have playoff experience, he's a good two way guy, plays the game well. He has 15 goals so far this season. He's a UFA and only costs 1.75 .

    Ryder would fit well with Mike Keenan, is UFA as well.

    Im just speculating. It would be nice to have an elite scorer but the superstars acquired at trade deadline for the sake of a playoff push have never been a good move statistically.

    If Hossa could be had at a reasonable price AND signed long term afterwards it would be great. If he can speed by defenders of teams the like of Anaheim, then sign him for sure. Im just afraid that we get a fragile superstar that'll merely get rattled come playoff time.

    If Hossa would come I would love to see:

    A.Kostitsyn – Plecanek – Kovalev
    S.Kostitsyn – Koivu – Hossa
    Latendresse – Higgins – Lapierre
    Kostopoulos – Begin – Dandenault

    I thin Higgins would benefit from being placed back at center but Im guessing its too deep into the season to start playing with lines.

    I wouldn't get a faceoff guy just yet … Chipchura is coming up next year and I dont want to trade off talent for a guy who's coming up next year.

  29. percussio says:

    I think it was Houle who passed on getting Selanne when he had a shot at him because he thought Brain Savage was the next big thing. Remember that !

    Ramage rhymed with Savage and it just popped into mind. Sorry bout that lol

  30. percussio says:

    The thing is, Ryder doesnt have Kovys skill. No amount of coaching,motivating and convincing could make him as good, in my opinion.

    Seeing as Montreal could be considered by other players as a cup contender, it's all to Gaineys advantage right now. Why bother trying so hard on a 1 dimensional guy when you can go out and look for a better forward who WANTS to be here ?

  31. percussio says:

    Very true … without an impact player we would be the perrenial underdog but come finals, we just dont cut the mustard when it comes to the power houses. Remember the Edmonton Oilers ?

    However what we truly need, seeing as we have a good core of players for a long time, is playoff experience. The way I see it, it's a way to test our young players to see just how they react. It's an opportunity to mature and develop at that level of intensity and competition. Consider it like … an apprenticeship of some sort.

    If we winn, then wow, awesome but our goal should be more to aim towards letting our young players acquire some much needed experience.

    Yes to an impact player ONLY to improve the team long term.

  32. leafy says:

    Of all those trades, clearly the Hull trade is one where a shot at the Cup maybe (just maybe) was not worth the cost, and yes I'm sure Cliff Fletcher would like to undue that one.  But again, you're missing my entire point. If you want a shot at success, you have to pay a premium, and history has shown that GMs have paid a premium at the deadline for impact players.

    How old are your Calgary Flames friends?  I say either they're too young to remember Ramage or they don't know their hockey, because you ask any hockey person and they'll tell you, he was a solid defenseman, and any idiot knows you need solid D guys to win a cup regardless of your talent upfront.

    Here's a link providing a brief glimpse into Ramage's career from the "Legends of Hockey" website.

  33. morrissey says:

    Ya someone will be dumb or desparate enough to do it or just plain closer to a cup than than Habs – it'd make sense for anaheim or detroit to deal a great young player, their window to win is right now. I have confidence in Gainey to make the right deal, the club was serious mess when he took over, now everything is looking good.

  34. shmitzyhab says:

    Actually, those porr bastards are thirty. But now you're missin MY point. The funny part isn't that Ramage was or wasn't good, it's just that Brett Hull vs Jailbird Ramage is just kinda funny don't you think.Anyways, GM's also have a lot longer track record for not winning because of those deadline deals, so don't be so quick to say a move is a must. The Habs don't need to win this year, we haven't had to wait 41 years since our last one. Sorry, low blow.

  35. shmitzyhab says:

    Agreed. However, not sayin they are the same player, just sayin Guy and Bob seem to have some motivational skills. I would love to see a move, I've just maintained all day I don't wanna trade the house. That's all. We don't need to get greedy just cause we are havin a good season. Jesus, there is still 21 games left and were only nine points up on eighth. Anything can happen. I believe the Habs will be near the top after 82 games but look at Philly. A week and a half ago everyone had them contending and now they are on the bubble. Habs are clearly better than Philly, but my point is still there. If the team we have now hits the playoffs exactly the same, they should still see the second or third round and who knows, maybe they'll get on a roll like they are now and go to the finals, but if Anaheim or Detroit make the finals, we could be screwed regardless of who Bob picks up. 

  36. leafy says:

    Of course in a 30 team league, the odds are stacked against you. It's a good bet that a trade will NOT result in a Stanley Cup.  That's what happens when you have 8-10 useless teams in the league in cities where the fans don't care about hockey.

  37. shmitzyhab says:

    Word to that.

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