Gainey is willing to pay big.

Gainey is not willing to part with any first round pick and/or future prospects without having an insurance plan.

Atlanta has made it clear that they are interested in some of Montreals young guns. Any hab fan thinking it’s a Ryder /Hossa deal, your dreaming.

Atlanta needs are at center, and on defence.

The fact that Gainey is trying to extend Hossa’s contract and offering him around the same amount offered to Briere this summer cleary states that Gainey is will to give up something big.
“Chipchura, Yamelin, and a firstround pick for Hossa is what I hearing.

In other hab news, Ryder will be moved unfortunatly it looks like a waiver move. Gainey has put him on the market and is listening to any offers, the problem is that there are no offers. Nobody seems to want a sad puppy with his tail between his legs and have to give up anything for it. Gainey will wait a week or so and then send him to Hamilton.

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  1. lafleur10 says:

    if that is true that your hearing chipchurra,emelin and a first r.d.pick for hossa do it bob please do it!!but first lock up hossa for 3-4 years if not take out the 1st r.d pick and give them bouillon

  2. habsrock99 says:

    Hopefully Gainey can substitute Ben Maxwell and/or Mathieu Aubin instead of Chipchura because Chipchura's in the same mold as Gainey and Carbonneau and we haven't produced something like that since Carbo.

  3. Plekanec says:

       We need help cause Koivu and Ryder are done and I mean DONE!!!!!

      Again yesterday against ottawa Koivu took a stupid Penalty in the offensive zone, which Ottawa scored on and made it 4-3 and took control of the game and almost caught-up to the habs! Koivu is useless, doesn't produce, only has 1 more pts than Mark Streit, takes the dumbest penalties and spend most of his time on his ass! I don't want Higgins and Kostitsyn to look up to a guy like Koivu, sure Koivu is couragous, beat cancer, almost lost an eye ect ect….. but failed to bring the habs to the next level ,plus I heard that a few players left the habs on bad terms cause of Koivu! Koivu was NEVER a Superstar nor a leader and his bad play this season cost us a few games and might cost us a playoff round if the habs don't take care of this problem that is Koivu!

      As for Ryder, I don't need to explain or elaborate, the subject has been well covered! The only thing is will Bob be able to trade Ryder and for what? We have plenty of 3rd and 4th line players Lapierre, Kosto, Begin, Dandy, Streit, Smolinski, Chipchura. So if Gainey makes a move, it will be for a Superstar and nothing less! I just hope that we don't trade guys like Higgins, the Kostitsyns, Plekanec, Price, Latendresse or Chipchura!

  4. LuckyLuc98 says:

    The Habs have to have a Two-Step Fix via Trading.

    #1 ) I say Trade Koivu, Koivu at this point has more value than Ryder so if we really want something Big coming in return to Montreal then it will have the be Koivu! This coming from a HUGE Koivu fan, but sometimes a new scenery is needed and this one is looooong overdue!

    I say Rolston for Koivu straight up, koivu gets to be with his brother, we get a VERY versatile player, which will compliment the needs of Higgins!

    #2) Dandenault and Brisebois are out 4th Defensive line, in the year of youth Gorges and O'Byrne are trying to make a name for themselves, but going into the playoffs do we let the young guns experience the ultimate hockey experience or play it safe go with the veterans. No matter the decision we have too many D-man and we should use this opportunity to have extra bait for the trade shipping Ryder!

  5. habsoverserver says:

    if gainey is trying to extend hossa's contract, that's called tampering.  i don't believe you are hearing anything from a legit source. 

    ryder isn't about to be waived.  that's just stupid. 

  6. teezer6969 says:

    your an idiot for even posting this if hossa is comming here ryder is going there … the only thing i agree with on your post is that atlanta needs a center and defence but if they trade hossa they need a scoring rw and ryder is that player…whats the use of getting a center if you dont have a rwinger to play with him especially if they want to make the playoffs also defence dandenault is a really decent player trust me gainey doesnt want to trade him but will because he’s not happy

    and ryder put on waivers are you a retard buddy that just to me shows your not smart and your not hearing anything its just your sad perdictions passng it off as your hearing things maybe you should go take meds if your hearing things lol

    ryder will never be put on waivers idiot right winging 30 goal scorers are hard to find and you dont put ryder on waivers just because he’s having a bad year and if hossa comes here put s.kostitsyn on the line of lappiere and latendress they played good together

  7. Rexx says:

    I really enjoy how some fans become lawyers.
    I will clerify things for you. To anwser your quote, no it’s not tampering if you have permission from the team to speak to the agent of the player. 
    For Atlanta, it’s the best situation for them as sellers. You’ll get more in return when a player is under contract. 

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