Gainey Makes Offer To Souray

Reports out of rds suggest that Bob Gainey has made an official offer to Sheldon Souray.
Rumour has it it is somewhere between 4-4.75 million per year.

Alright arm chair GM’s, now’s your time to shine. Any thoughts? Personally, I think they shouldn’t sign him for more than that. If he wants more, then we should be looking at dealing him before free agency begins. We’ve got lots of youngsters coming up, and making quite a name for themselves in the AHL playoffs. Might be time to have one of them step up, and leave us enough money to go after the likes of a Patrice Bergeron via trade. Anyone else heard that rumour? Again, thank-you for posting me, I look forward to your comments.

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  1. flamingsenator says:


    i think its fairly reasonable…but it depends on the actual amount and the term of the contract……i pray no more that 4.5 tho

    good luck prying patrice from the b's…..hes their future…….on the other hand however…they got savard now….so they have their #1 center for a lil bit

    i really hope no one starts up those lecavalier(sp?) rumors……NOT GONNA HAPPEN

  2. beefjerky says:

    I personally think souray is worth around 4, which is pretty much what Gainey offered. Souray probably won't accept this (especially after the 5.75 to markov thing) so unless montreal is willing to go up to 5.5-6 he'll be walking. D-men are getting ridiculous contracts these days (chara, mccabe, kubina and now markov although all good…are making a tad too much) so i would expect souray being one of relatively few Dmen available this summer to get a mccabe-like salary despite being inferior defensively to mccabe (and thats saying something)

    As far as Patrice Bergeron is concerned…i don't really see that happening as much as Habs fans would love that to happen. Habs do have some solid prospects (and a helluvalotta depth in goal) so they could trade halak or price for a good young player, especially seeing as their stock is incredibly high after halak's end of the season performance and price's world junior/hamilton stint.

  3. Hoondog2 says:

    This offer would be equivalent to a slap in the face to Souray.  I don't believe he is worth whatever he gets, but for all his deficiencies, he was Montreal's, enforcer, powerplay guy, team player, and dressing room equalizer, and he will be missed.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i've heard its 4.5 mil, and souray is still a few away from making a decision

  5. Roadrunner12 says:

    Souray brings offense to the table but look at his plus/minus.  It's amazing that he has an all-star (offensively) year when he is elligible for free agency.  I wouldn't break the bank to resign him.  Move Samsonov to NYI for Aucoin, he has a big shot and will provide some offense.  I believe Aucoin gets around 4 million plus you have gotten ridden of a cancer along with his salary.  Now you have some money to go after someone that can provide some offense.  That will not be Bergeron.  When is the last time Montreal pulled off a trade with Boston?  They could go after Briere but would have to move Koivu.  They won't win with two smurf in the middle.  I just hope that if they are unable to sign an impact free agent they don't get desperate and sign another Samsonov.  They have some good young talent and when the time is right should be able to make a trade.  They are heading in the right direction, let's hope they keep it that way.

  6. Sedin23 says:

    First of all Aucoin has been playing for Chigaco and not New York for a long time now. Second, just because you trade Koivu it doesn't mean you'll sign Briere. EVERYONE HAS TO REALIZE THIS!!! Dave Nonnis said it the best. They can trade anyone on the team, but it doesn't mean they'll be able to find a replacement for him on July 1st or later.

  7. Roadrunner12 says:

    I know Aucoin is in Chicago, and there has been rumors linking Montreal to him.  Lets face it, Aucoin in probably overpriced and injury prone but you are in essence trading a dud for a dud.  No one is going to give up anything for Samsonov.  Teams could have claimed him of waivers for nothing.  And Koivu wouldn't be traded until Briere was signed.  Personally I don't think Briere is that much of an upgrade over Koivu.  As a matter of fact I think Koivu is a better leader.  Briere is younger.  Looking at the list of free agents available I think Montreal is better off trying to improve through a trade. Don't spend for the sake of spending.

  8. my_sphincter says:

    I guess you never know what will happen in the NHL.  Hell Thornton WAS the B's future!

  9. DoubleDown says:

    ok, so you're just going to add an extra $4 million cap hit in 08-09 to get rid of samsonov? you're better off buying him out, it will be cheaper. aucoin has nothing left. he played HUGE, gritty minutes before th lockout and it's caught up with him. he's made his reputation on ONE good offensive year in Vancouver, and that's it.

  10. MtlHabs09 says:

    Just wanted to point out that Bergeron is from Quebec City…He hates Montreal and he would never ever want to play here, he said it himself. But more importantly, Bob screwed himself over in that he set such a high bar for Markov's salary, and I think that Souray will ask for an equal if not larger amount of money.

  11. CaptainAvery says:

    He says it everytime Montreal beats Boston, hes a little cry baby on a shit ass team.

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