Gainey might pull the trigger…again (rumors) reports that Gainey is still looking to improve his team. The Montreal GM apparently just offerred Souray-Ryder-Propect-1st Round Pick to Sasn Jose in exchange for Marleau-McLaren. Washinton, who is still under the minimum cap, are apparently also looking to acquire Radek Bonk.

If those trades become reality, this would be awsome moves for Bob Gainey. The Habs would finally have their #1 Center and they would got rid of Bonk. I actially like Ryder, and the Chemistry between him, Koivu and Higgins is great. So a rather loose Ribs instead of him.

So here is my CH team if Gainey pulls the trigger…again.

Without Ribeiro-Souray-Bonk:











Without Ryder-Souray-Bonk:





Their first line would be terrific. Marleau is much better than Ribs and Samsonov and Kovalev are meant to play together. Also, Higgins scored 20 goals last years during his rookie season and he played only a small part of the year with Koivu, so I ecpect him to score up to 30 goals. I also expected Chipchura and Latendresse to break the formation this year. Those 2 player got a huge potential. They were on Team Canada (-20yo) and they won the goal medal. Chipchura was the captain, so he should bring leadership to the team and also he is a big player on the ice and he can score really important goals. Jonhson, just exchanged for Zednik, should also help Montreal this year. Last season, he managed to get 50 pts on the third line of a team that did not managed to make the playoff, so his stats talk for themselves.

Futhermore, the Habs def should also improve this year. Markov, Komisarek and Bouillon are getting better every year and McLaren is maybe the big Dman the Habs needed so much. Yes Souray is a great offensive player and he is about the same size of McLaren, but he does not play as big as he is. And remember, 5 of Habs’ Dmans had more than 20 points last season. So we all know it is a good defense squad on both sides of the ice, offense and defense.

Also, we need also have Huet and Aebisher in the net, so Montreal probably has one of the best goalie duo in his team. By the end of the season, we should know who is the #1 goalie and Gainey will be able to get something good in an trade for one of them, either Aebi or Huet. We all know that a lot of teams are desprate to get a #1 goalie before the playoffs.