Gainey might pull the trigger…again (rumors) reports that Gainey is still looking to improve his team. The Montreal GM apparently just offerred Souray-Ryder-Propect-1st Round Pick to Sasn Jose in exchange for Marleau-McLaren. Washinton, who is still under the minimum cap, are apparently also looking to acquire Radek Bonk.

If those trades become reality, this would be awsome moves for Bob Gainey. The Habs would finally have their #1 Center and they would got rid of Bonk. I actially like Ryder, and the Chemistry between him, Koivu and Higgins is great. So a rather loose Ribs instead of him.

So here is my CH team if Gainey pulls the trigger…again.

Without Ribeiro-Souray-Bonk:











Without Ryder-Souray-Bonk:





Their first line would be terrific. Marleau is much better than Ribs and Samsonov and Kovalev are meant to play together. Also, Higgins scored 20 goals last years during his rookie season and he played only a small part of the year with Koivu, so I ecpect him to score up to 30 goals. I also expected Chipchura and Latendresse to break the formation this year. Those 2 player got a huge potential. They were on Team Canada (-20yo) and they won the goal medal. Chipchura was the captain, so he should bring leadership to the team and also he is a big player on the ice and he can score really important goals. Jonhson, just exchanged for Zednik, should also help Montreal this year. Last season, he managed to get 50 pts on the third line of a team that did not managed to make the playoff, so his stats talk for themselves.

Futhermore, the Habs def should also improve this year. Markov, Komisarek and Bouillon are getting better every year and McLaren is maybe the big Dman the Habs needed so much. Yes Souray is a great offensive player and he is about the same size of McLaren, but he does not play as big as he is. And remember, 5 of Habs’ Dmans had more than 20 points last season. So we all know it is a good defense squad on both sides of the ice, offense and defense.

Also, we need also have Huet and Aebisher in the net, so Montreal probably has one of the best goalie duo in his team. By the end of the season, we should know who is the #1 goalie and Gainey will be able to get something good in an trade for one of them, either Aebi or Huet. We all know that a lot of teams are desprate to get a #1 goalie before the playoffs.

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  1. leafssuck67 says:

    wow those are some crazy rumours…where’d u hear them?

    in any case, i went on my bonk rant in another post…id rather keep him around until chipchura is ready to take the gainey/carbo defensive role…besides, it cant hurt to have a1 veteran on the team…

    i like marleau for ribs…but no matter who centers that sammy/kovi line will get 70+ pts…and ribs has something to prove….

    mclaren can kiss my ass….if he is on the team i’ll boo him everytime he touches the puck….how soon we forget what he did to zed….he’s no better than tucker

  2. leafssuck67 says:

    how credible is

    just wonderin…

  3. Drifter says:

    I like the sounds of acquiring Marleau as much as the next guy, but do I think it’s worth swapping a guy that just keeps getting better like Ryder? Hell no! I’d love to see Gainey acquire Marleau and i would totally be cool with Montreal trading up Bonk and Ribiero, but my two favorite habs at the moment are Souray and Ryder. I would hate to see that move. Maybe Gainey could pull it off with shopping some of our prospects in a deal or possibly Aebischer. Whatever happens, GO HABS GO!

  4. Les-Habitants says:

    We can’t start quoting another blog site as a credible source…that’s how a lot of these crazy rumors get started, which began just as ideas around a water cooler somewhere.

    If Gainey were to pull that off, it would be insane but SJ would almost be getting robbed. First of all, the trade involving Ryder and Souray is at least a TINY bit feasible, but when you just switch Ribeiro and Bonk you make the idea completely unrealistic. Why would SJ trade and make their team worst for next season, all for a prospect and a draft pick. A number 1 draft pick to be sure, but this would be a horrible trade for SJ, even if it were Ryder and Souray in the package.

    This trade wouldn’t make any sense for the Sharks, and I don’t understand where people got the idea that Marleau is on the trade market!! I highly doubt they will trade their captain and a great center for a less skilled center…it’s not a good trade for them.

    This isn’t a rumor, and it doesn’t make sense. You got it from another blog, and then changed half of it just because you like Ryder more then Ribeiro. Ain’t gonna happen. And how did Bonk even enter into your equation, aside from that Washington apparently wants him?

    Latendresee needs another year in the minors, we’ll see how he plays in the World Juniors, and some time in the AHL, before jumping to the NHL. Chip is closer to the jump, but Gainey also mentioned that he thinks another year with the Bulldogs would be good for his development.

    I agree with you about Johnson though, and I almost wonder if by season end he’ll become out #2 center. He is a lot faster then Ribeiro, and has good play making instincts as well. Plus, he has a good body size for center. But we’ll just have to wait and see if Ribs can step up or not.

  5. Hoondog2 says:

    Is Leafhater in here? Oh yea, hes in the Leafs Rumors section, because he’d rather read those articles than the ones about his own team!

  6. jocool_88 says:

    anyone remember the mclaren hit on Zeds, even thought zeds is not on the team anymore, you think the fans really forgot that. The guy will be boooooed out of the arena. Can’t really see him coming….

  7. saku_rulz says:

    why in the hell would SJ do that trade unless marleau asks to be traded? they just built one of the most powerful offense in the league and you think they’ll trade marleau for ryder or ribeiro? also, they wouldn’t trade mclaren for souray because mclaren is way better than souray!i doubt it is a rumor…..just another dream of a bored fan…also, it’s not another stay at home def. that we need, we already have it in rivet and komisarek…we need a REAL n.1 def….all around, offensively and defensively to replace markov!

  8. Les-Habitants says:

    wouldn’t a name like leaf hater be indicative of him not being a leafs fan?…just my 2 cents

  9. Habs_to_the_top says:

    I would have to agree. I know I will never forget that hit. Zeds was starting to catch fire at the time of the hit. Don’t think he’s been the same player since. But it was nice to come back and beat those dirty Bruins in that first round series. I hope we don’t lose Ryder if any of this pans out. It would be nice to have Marleau though….

  10. Habs_to_the_top says:

    replace Markov???!!!?!?! That’s absolutely insane

    !!! He was a +13 last year! Markov is a #1 def. Granted he’s no Jovo or Pronger or anyone like that. But he’s plays a sound defensive game and obviously with his +/- knows how to get the puck out of the zone. 46 pts aint too shabby either. And Mclaren better than Souray???? Come on man………..

  11. Les-Habitants says:

    I think by replace Markov he meant in shifts, i.e be sub for Markov

    As for McLaren, I don’t like him and I like that’s that for me.

  12. Habs_to_the_top says:

    ahhhhh, that would make sense. stupid me.

  13. mikster says:

    Saint Happening.

  14. PolO780 says:

    Doug Wilson is not going to trade Marleau. Espacially not for anything involving Ribeiro. But if Gainey can’t sign Ryder long term then we should probably trade him.

  15. HockeyGirlHH says:

    Wait a minute… MCLAREN!?

    I really don’t think he’s going to be welcomed very warmly in the Bell Centre. Remember the Zednik incident in the first round against Boston some years ago?

  16. habswinthecup-again says:

    Latendresse will not make this team this season.

  17. HockeyGirlHH says:

    Bonk to Washington, huh?

    I guess if that happens it’ll be for draft picks. Moving Radek would free some excellent cap room and make room for a young guy (like Plekanec) to get more icetime.

    Also, I can’t see Koivu playing anywhere but first line. That’s just me though.

  18. Habs_to_the_top says:

    I haven’t really been keeping an eye on him. Did he play poorly last year? Or you just think there won’t be room for him on the team barring a trade? Just wondering…We already have a full line up signed I do believe. Minus Ryder of course…

  19. Habroller says:

    Just to clear things up about Latendresse. Before stating he had a bad last year and so on, he had a horrible 1ST HALF of season with Drummondville, hardly making 1pt/2 games.

    Then, the World Junior incident, not getting any better!

    BUT, for some reason he finished his season with 43 GOALS in 51 GAMES for 83 PTS (and +20, over 100 PIM!)…Not that bad! I know it’s an offensive league, but still, the guy clearly stepped up.

    It’ll be interesting to see if he’s still on a roll at the camp.

  20. Les-Habitants says:

    He hasn’t been playing amazingly, but not poorly either. I think people were expecting him to step up a lot more at the World Juniors, so he is going to have to prove himself again this year. He apparently also needs to mature mentally a bit…

  21. Les-Habitants says:

    He won’t, but the Habs are going to go with having a 1 and 1A line, with Koivu, Higgins and Ryder, while 1A will be Ribeiro, Kovalev, and Samsanov

  22. neiltaylor11 says:

    Even tho I would love for this too happen. Its not going too. SJ isn’t run by idiots.

  23. Habs_to_the_top says:

    And I think our PP is gonna be dynamite! Ooooh baby!

  24. Breese1 says:

    You habs fan are crazy… Booing Mclaren because he injured Zednik. Mclaren is a great D-man, maybe better than Souray. he could add some Strenght to our defence. Stop being mindless. You’re all the same habs fan, always saying : bring Latendresse to the club.

    Bring all Quebecers all around the league to the club. Begin for Captain! You guys don’t know a thing about hockey

    Just like if Quebecers were the best player in the world. lol. You guys would prefer Brashear over Dany Heatley. You would say that there’s no room for players like heatley lol.

  25. Breese1 says:

    Why you guys keep talking about Latendresse?? Because he’s a quebecer or because he’s talented? Latendresse will probably be a 2nd or 3rd line Foward not more! Grabovsky deserves his place before Latendresse i think.

  26. Habs_to_the_top says:

    Blow it out your ass. Talk about being stereotypical. Bunching every Hab fan together. And maybe Souray got beat’n (badly) a few times last year, I’d still take him over Mclaren any day.

    You’re an idiot.

  27. Habs_to_the_top says:

    People keep talking about him because he almost made the team last year with a great training camp. Showed offensive ability along with hard hitting.

  28. Breese1 says:

    Souray had like 1 good year. Mclearen is more my type of player. Very Physical. You know what, ur like every habs. You don’t have any arguments except bashing people who think differently than you.

    Keep saying: bring latendresse to the club, you look so intelligent!

    you should be a GM it would be so funny!

  29. blarneylad says:

    the sharks already have nabokov and toskala. why would they want abby, they already have two #1 goalies

  30. Habs_to_the_top says:

    Actually not once did I say bring Latendresse to the club. Maybe pay a little more attention to what you read! I simply asked a question about him. THAT’S ALL. If you can show me where I said he should make the club this year I’d like to see it. Huh? Eh? Yeah, you can’t. That’s what I thought. And you’re the first person I’ve “bashed” here at all because of your comments that grouped all Habs fans together. Piss off.

  31. Habroller says:

    That’s right.

    He’s also a 2nd round steal (so a real prospect), with great size and obvious passion for the game.

    If you (Breese) have any problems with the fact he’s francophone and already a crowd favorite (in part) for that reason, well, that’s your problem and I just hope it doesn’t extend on other levels of society…

  32. Breese1 says:

    I was refering to every habs fan when i said : Bring back Latendresse. But, all habs fan are the same. They think Ribeiro is a master with the puck but when he’s on a cold streak, you guys complain about the lack of talent and everything. You can’t make ur mind about any hockey players.

    oh and by the way, leafs will own Montreal this season.

  33. passionch says:

    How did Perezhogin jump from 4th to 2nd line just because Ribeiro got traded instead of Ryder? Anyway, Marleau would be so nice in Montreal but McLaren is not.

  34. TheStryker says:

    As nice as Marleau would look in a Habs jersey, it won’t happen. They have no use for Souray. They have similar D-men that resemble Souray but have more talent. They also don’t need a Ryder i.e. Cheechoo, Bell

  35. leafssuck67 says:

    uh retard montreal is hockey central..if anyone knows about hockey, dont u think it would be the team with ummm how many? oh yeah 24 stanley cups!!

    oh and btw…who captained all those cups…lets check? umm i dunno, people like richard, henri richard, beliveau, cournoyer lafleur, carbonneau…what about now? there was some guy in the 90’s….arguably best player of all time….what his name?? MARIO F’N LEMIEUX!! (from montreal btw) ur such a retard…and how do u think tampa won the cup? lecavalier, st.louis had nothing to do with it i guess…just like martin brodeur had nothing to do with it in 95 and 2000

    and in case u decide to enlighten us with ur ignorance again…i guess its impossible that people like toe blake and bob gainey ever captained the habs to a cup…they must have been french like our 3 best players: saku koivu mike ryder or alexi kovalev

    and of course, it takes a dumb kind of francophobe to forget 3 time conn smythe award winner patrick roy and how he inspired a generation of goaltenders which took over the nhl…

    get ur head out of ur ass and go back to the golf course with the leafs

  36. hab_o_holic says:

    *****in right!

  37. HockeyGirlHH says:

    Most def. I still think we could do with a big body in front of the net. I want Daze!!! 6’6″!!

  38. kinslayer says:

    WTF !! Those are only dumb rumors !! Marleau will never be a habs !! And yeah why not Mclaren !! This guy is the one who hit and severaly injured Zednik in 2002-2003 playofft when he was with the Bruins !! The center i would try with Kovy and Samsonov is Kyle Chipchura. Carbonneau could try these 2 guy in off-season game !! Maybe Try Chriss higgins in the middle of the 2 russian ?? But the guy i would like to see betweem Kovy And serei Is the great Pavel Datsyuk !! A russian line !! It would be asmome !! But it will happen in my drams inly !!!

    Go Habs Go !! All the way to the cup

  39. Habs_to_the_top says:

    the only thing the leafs will own is a tee time when the playoffs start.

  40. toughend says:

    Souray is a phony, talentless wife beater! Why would SJ want to pick up that kind of baggage? They can do much better!!!!!

  41. magnifikko says:


  42. souray_brawls says:

    ya okay. right away thats sum bs right there

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