Gainey moving after the freeze ?

The question is… The Habs are they correct to go to the playoff with this team?

The answer is … No! And Gainey knows it.

With Koivu, Plekanec and Theodore on the injury list… The Habs need a little boost.

Rumors are telling that Montreal is trying to get Todd Bertuzzi. Personnally… I doubt it will happen.

Petr Sykora ? Why not, but Gainey have to make a fast offer to get him because many teams are already in line.

Who is left ?

The man that I think the Habs are trying to get is Brad Richards. The former Rimouski Oceanic’s player is on the target of the Habs for a long time.

Gainey is probably waiting for the end of the season to sign him because Richards might not receive any decent offer from the Lightning.

The cap space already taken by Martin St. Louis and Vinny Lecavalier is too high to keep Richards at Tampa for the moment. So, he could be a good target for a trade.

Eric Dazé ? Nahhhhh. Still injured and always injured, the Habs don’t want him.

Simon Gagné ? This is the player that Gainey wants. When I say he wants him, he is probably ready to move anybody except Kovalev and Theodore to get him. But Gagné is living the year of his carreer and he’ll become UFA at the end of the season… Jackpot for sure.

Strangely, the Teemu Selanne Rumors has come back when I was in a bar last week. Does Selanne could be had ? I don’t think so, the Ducks want to move Sykora, not Selanne.

The Devils have some problems with their cap space and I would not be surprised if Gainey try to get Jamie Langenbrunner. The salary of Langenbrunner is not too high, but a defenseman like McGillis could be part of the trade.

One question that somebody asked me was… Does Milan Hejduk could be a possibility ? I think it’s really a good possibility. With his 3.7M contract, the Avs will try to keep Alex Tanguay so to make cap space, Hejduk will possibly pay the price. Hejduk is not producing like the time he was playing with Forsberg so Gainey should try it.

Give me your opinion, maybe other players could be on the market and I forgot them. But for sure, Gainey will move… Koivu is rumored to be missing the game against the Caps and maybe the 4-5 next games… Plekanec 4-6 weeks, Theodore will come back soon but they can’t hope to win on a regular basis without Koivu and Plekanec… And in the next 25 games, as I remember 18 are on the road. A move is required.

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  1. habsoverserver says:

    Good article. Yes Montreal, still needs help on offense, years after Gainey took over a team that couldn’t score goals.

    However, Gainey has yet to prove he is smart enough to get a superstar. Other than Kovalev, which was a great move, he has brought no talent to this team. He has been content to find waiver wire players and let the youngsters develop.

    If he can bring Brad Richards to Montreal then I salute him. But when I look at his fascination with Bonk, I realize that he rarely focuses on the right players.

    With a higher salary cap for next year, Richards probably gets bid away by a more agressive GM.

  2. FLAMESOWNU says:

    theres 50 games left in the seaon and your in first by 1 and 2 points. the oilers will fall apart soon, how long can a team go without a goalie and being down 2 goals every game?? it will catch up to the oilers sooner rather then later…

  3. FLAMESOWNU says:

    extinguished???..were 2 pts behind you with a game in hand…

  4. FLAMESOWNU says:

    cuz hes doing brutal this year and i have him in my hockey pool =(…trade him please!!!

  5. FLAMESOWNU says:

    WOW u have no clue…a better trade would be bonk for kolvachuk hossa and savard

    this is really one of the dumbest things iv’e seen

  6. Canadiangold316 says:

    hehe yer always full of pi(ss) and vinegar I’ll give ya that =)

    cheers & merry christmas, from yer neighbor to the south

  7. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Maybe………but even with that seven game losing streak at the start of the season, they have sure come back strong and are now currently on top of the division……….But, good luck with your hypothesis.

    GO OILERS GO!!!!!!!

  8. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too.

  9. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I’m just talking smack with you….

    I know there is a long season to go. But this is the first time since Mark Messier left town that at the Christmas break, the Oilers lead their division. It may not last, but I’m gonna enjoy every minute of this.

    Anyways, Merry Christmas.

  10. rojoke says:

    There’s one thing you didn’t take into account when speaking of Tampa’s ability to re-sign Richards next season. There has been speculation that the salary cap could rise as high as $45 million next season, which would give the Lightning more than enough room to fit him into the cap. Richards only makes $3.4 against the cap this year. If that were doubled, it still would put them well under that $45 million.

    The bottom line is that if there’s any movement of Richards by the Lightning, it probably won’t come until the off-season, the trade deadline at the earliest. It may even come down to a sign-and-trade deal next fall. He’s still a big piece of their defence of the Cup, and unless Feaster can get a similar player, or plug a major hole elsewhere, I don’t see him being dealt this season. Then it will depend on the cap number for nezt season.

  11. Air33 says:

    Merry Christmas yall!

  12. habs79 says:

    Gives them a couple of offensively talented players. The move would benefit Ribiero since there is more of a speed game in the western conference. Since he seems to be so easy to knock over maybe he could stay on his skates longer in the west and really use his playmaking ability.

  13. habs79 says:

    Plays with heart? He spends have the game with his ass on the ice. He seems to be useless his his own end. He is not considered an offensive threat. The ONLY reason he is considered so good in Montreal is cause he is FRENCH.

    You are right I’m sure they would love to get more french players. It leads to such great trades like Thibaut for Roy. Ulanov for LaFlamme, which one is STILL in the NHL. Weinrich for Traverse, there was a really winner. Lets not forget my favorite of all time the fact the Rejean Houle one of the DUMBEST GM’s in NHL HISTORY was able to keep his job for so long was simply because he is FRENCH.

    When Montreal stops concerning themselves with the origin of there management and players, and just worry if they can do the job or not. Then they will finally CONTEND for the CUP. Before you say Gainey won the Cup with Dallas, yes he is a smart GM. However if he wasn’t FRENCH, he would NOT have got the job.

  14. habs79 says:

    I call it the curse of the FRENCH. If you notice the one similarity between all you named, they are all FRENCH. Lets not forget the biggest JACKASS of them all REJEAN HOULE. The guy was Montreal’s GM for like what 6 years. Did he make one trade that could be considered a good one for Montreal? Until Montreal stops looking at where their management and players are from, and looks only at what they can do for the team. They will NEVER contend for the CUP again. When they lost Vokoun to the expansion draft, they could have kept him and Theo and exposed Thibault, but wait Thibault is french and Vokoun is Czeck, so it’s obvious who had to go.

  15. skandelousHABSfan says:

    Gainey isn’t french. He’s from Peterborough, Ontario.

    But regardless of that mistake I must agree with you, RIbiero is the most, he’s gotta go. He is weak onthe puck and is a whiney *****. I Used to watch him in junior and no one liked him then (not even his teammates and coaches) and i don’t know why anyone likes him now.

    But let’s keep the unfounded Gainey bashing outta this. If you have a problem with him that is apt, then i would entertain it. but if you thihnk that the only reason that he got the GM job is because he is french (which he isnt) then we have problems. he was one of the best Captains the Habs have had in recent years and thats why he is so loved.

  16. skandelousHABSfan says:

    It’s for this basic reason that Gainey only signed Riberio for a 1 year deal. A guy like Gainey who likes character players would never want Ribiero on his team, but its hard to let a guy who just had a breakthough season leave the club.

    You won’t be seeing ribiero on the habs next year….You can take that to the bank!

  17. skandelousHABSfan says:

    he’s injured, but i doubt the AAA team would want him anyways…lol

  18. skandelousHABSfan says:

    His slapshot is great except for its one main flaw…IT NEVER HITS THE NET!!!!!

    Every since he hurt his wrist again at the end of last season he and his shot have not been the same.

  19. GagneFlyers71 says:

    The Canadiens can try all they want to get Gagne but I’m pretty sure he’s going to want to stay in Philly especially with Forsberg being signed for two years. Maybe it was a smart move by Clarke….sign Forsberg 2 years so Gagne re-signs for hopefully long term and then re-sign Forsberg once his 2 years are over. GAGNE IS THE REAL THING.

  20. hitman46 says:

    What was Gainey thinking by trading Garon for Bonk??

  21. habs79 says:

    I must apologize. I have no personal problem with Gainey, I apologize if it wasn’t clear. He did an amazing job with Dallas. I hope he does the same job in Montreal. I thought he was french. I guess I was wrong. Again it was not my intention to Gainey bash, unless of course he is looking to aquire players simply because they are french. Then I would bash him. But we would have to wait for a trade to see any reasoning on what he is looking for. Either way Montreal (especially the fans in the city) have to worry less about where the player is from and more about what they are doing for their team.

    Case in point was the Koivu, Ribiero fight. How badly did Koivu get booed after that? Ribiero is one of the laziest players in the entire NHL, and yet some Habs fans want him named captain, simply cause he is from there. The man clearly shows no leadership, unless he is showing his teammates how to fall on their asses.

  22. les_canadiens says:

    Ribeiro is still young and has a big carrere in front of him in montreal.Hes playing well weve just havent heard of him.I think hes 3rd in points wit tha habs.But its tru he is not playing at his full capcities but his points arent bad so its would be no use trading him.

  23. les_canadiens says:

    Garon wanted to leave thats why…

  24. skandelousHABSfan says:

    Point taken, and i agree with the ribiero bashing. hes a bum.

  25. habs79 says:

    You need more from a player then just the occasional points. He is only third cause of injuries to Kovalev and Zednick.

  26. BunchOfLies says:

    Anyone reading get it, obviously not a Gainey bash but definitely a Frenchie bash. But just so you know, cause it was an uneducatered bashing, Gainey is NOT french, Ass. Coaches are not either, half the supporting staff is not either. Thibeault / Roy trade also involved 2 Europeans, Garon (french) traded for Bonk (european).

    Only 7 players of the team right now (with Streit from Switzerland and Huet from France) are french by the way. That includes Dagenais (at worst, he’s gone at the end of his contract), Bouillon & Begin (both play with TONS of heart) and Huet & Streit (part timers)…

    So, if lack of heart is based on nationality, in this case, they lack heart cause they’re ENGLISH… don’t you think ? 😉

  27. habs79 says:

    He traded Garon for Bonk and Huet (french).

    You said it half the “supporting staff” is not french. Before Gainey, who was the last, non-french GM they had, who was the last non-french head coach. If you don’t think they look at the persons origin, while considering one of the key positions, try explaining Rejean Houle. Did he make one trade that was good for Montreal?

    Not to mention it was his buddy Trembley that cost Montreal Patrick Roy. You are right there were two european players involved. Kovalenko who was traded for Keane (who was dealt cause he said that he felt he didn’t have to learn french to captain the Habs, and of course got booed out of Montreal after that), and Rusincky who was just a throw in. Houle wanted Thibalt, cause as he put it “Thibault was the man”. Why was he the man? Well you can guess my answer. How about the fact that when he traded Recchi he could have got Langenbrunner and Matvichuk from Dallas instead opted for Zuburus a player everyone knew was a bust. I know he is not french but yet another dumbass move by Houle who for some reason kept his job for so long. How about Ulanov for Laflamme, a trade that even Bob Mackenzie and other “hockey experts” called that move “Montreal trading for a french player”.

    However getting to your main point, you completely missed mine. It’s not cause Ribiero is french that he is lazy and plays with no heart. There are alot of great french players that play with alot of emotion and heart. It’s cause he is french that he gets away with being lazy and heartless. It’s cause he is french most Habs fans think he is so good and want to name him captain.

    I personally feel Sean Avery is the biggest ***** in the NHL, and would love to see Gauthier beat the crap out of him. I also bashed Cherry with his stupid visor remark about the european and french players. I just call things like I see them.

    If you don’t think that Montreal considers people’s origin when they consider their management, especially higher-ups. Then you need to take a closer look.

    As for your very last comment, if it is based on nationality, then only Huet is FRENCH, Striet is SWISS, Begin, Dagenais, Bouillon, and Rebiero are CANADIAN.

  28. BunchOfLies says:

    Rejean Houle, I think everyone will agree with you that he basically destroyed the Habs, not because he was french though. He just didnt have what it takes. He stayed there that long cause he was french ? not really, the guy who put him there (Corey) had no choice really, Houle was HIS choice, had to live with it… The guy to blame for that “glorious period” though is not Houle, or Tremblay… but the guy who hired em all : Houle, Tremblay and Cournoyer ??? ZERO experience, zero knowledge… well, only Tremblay is still in the NHL (assistant coach, Minnessota)… that’s sums it up I think… 😉

    Ribeiro, story from two years ago… should read french boards like RDS and such, not a fan favorite really…

    As for Keane, you’re right, no need to speak french to captain the habs, totally right… but hey! when 50% of the fans are french you gotta be smart enough not to make the comment… guess he was not! 😉

    Just so you remember, the guy before Houle was Serge Savard… last 2 cups were with his as GM. and, in both cases, Head Coach was french 😉

  29. habs79 says:

    Why did Corey have to stick with Houle? He should have never hired him and he should have fired him, GM’s get fired all the time. If Houle was a GM for any other team (if any other team would have been stupid enough to hire him) I doubt he would have lasted one season. We both agree this guy single-handed ruined the Habs.

    As for Ribiero, yeah he may not be a fan favorite on the RDS board, but who did the fans back after his tilt with Koivu. There is NO DOUBT which one of those two truely gives this team his blood sweat and tears. Koivu is the heart and soul of the Habs.

    As for Keane he didn’t just make the comment a french reporter for the Montreal Journal I believe the paper is called, asked him if he was going to learn french since he was named captain. He should have NEVER been asked the question.

    As for Serge Savard, again I never said a french guy couldn’t do the job. All I said was that it shouldn’t be so important, which it does seem to be.

    The head coach also couldn’t read or write which is pretty freaking amazing. The last cup they won was all Patrick Roy, 10 overtime victories, he carried the team. After that incident the whole management team should have been fired. You don’t cost the city one of it’s greatest ever, trade him away for nothing and keep your jobs.

  30. BunchOfLies says:

    Chosing between french/english/european is NOT a hockey decision, its purely business. half the fans are french so… (its simple, if half your clients are french, wouldnt you do a little extra for ’em that wou wouldnt normally ?? I mean, it’s half your business right)

    Journalist shouldnt ask such question ? dont be silly, it’s their job to get the scoop, to help selling newspaper and all… what else ? should have been told what questions he’s allowed to ask or something ?? on all the possiblilities, he gave the worst he could come up with (again, read between the () at the end fo 1st par.)…

    Yeah, gotta say about the writing/reading… just thinking Demers coached Detroit for years, and TB and was even GM at TB for a year… GM!!!

  31. BunchOfLies says:

    Chosing between french/english/european is NOT a hockey decision, its purely business. half the fans are french so… (its simple, if half your clients are french, wouldnt you do a little extra for ’em that wou wouldnt normally ?? I mean, it’s half your business right)

    Journalist shouldnt ask such question ? dont be silly, it’s their job to get the scoop, to help selling newspaper and all… what else ? should have been told what questions he’s allowed to ask or something ?? on all the possiblilities, he gave the worst he could come up with (again, read between the () at the end fo 1st par.)…

    Yeah, gotta say about the writing/reading… just thinking Demers coached Detroit for years, and TB and was even GM at TB for a year… GM!!!

  32. habs79 says:

    Yeah but as GM, he could get the assistants to deal with the contracts, he only had to discuss things. As coach don’t they usually have to write on their big chalk board in the locker room.

    What else was Keane suppose to say? “No comment”? That would have got the same response. It’s the journalist’s job to get the scoop? How is that the scoop? Texas has the largest hispanic population in the US. Was Mike Modano asked if he was going to learn spanish? Was Steve Nash? Was Drew Bledsoe? Or any athlete in Texas? Does any team in Texas have a spanish coach or GM?

    More than half of Montreal’s fans are french. However when you let things like that guide you, then you open yourself up to making major mistakes like Rejean Houle, and Mario Trembley. Then you miss the playoffs year after year, and your team goes into a tailspin.

  33. digs says:

    Here is Montreal’s Problems:

    1- They need to have a # 1B goaltender, since it seems that Theodore only seems to play when someone is waiting to take his place…or get rid of him altogether.

    2- They have an abumdance of #3-4 defenseman, but not really a good # 1 quarterbacking defensemen.

    3- Ribeiro belongs in a rap video, not on a Professional hockey team!

    4- They need a more vocal veteran who knows what it takes to win. I think the only player on the Habs that has won a stanley cup is Dandenault, and though a consistent player, he is only cog in any winning machine.

    Here is how gainey will play it:

    1- He will get a veteran goaltender, like when he got Belfour in Dallas, to help win and build the youthful goaltenders (that is why he drafted Price! Danis looks like he belongs)

    2- Get a defenseman who can carry a offensive load, or defend the net without getting pushed around since it looks like Souray’s still has some problems to iron out.

    3- Get a guy who is a vocal leader. If he deals, he has to bring in a guy can show the guys what it takes to win. They need this type of guy to help mold their unaccomplished veterans, and also to set the example in the locker room for the rookies….as well as score some goals. Kinda like what Gilmour did here a couple of years ago.

    Montreal does need to make a change, and I think the players are expecting it. With all the rumours of fighting amongst the players, the chemistry is shot.

    This is not gaineys team yet, and he will make some immidiate changes, but I think he will put his stamp on the team during the what looks to be another free agent bonaza during the off season.

    I have confidence in Gainey to build Stanley Cup contender, it just will take a little more time than I think the fans might be willing to make.

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