Gainey moving after the freeze ?

The question is… The Habs are they correct to go to the playoff with this team?

The answer is … No! And Gainey knows it.

With Koivu, Plekanec and Theodore on the injury list… The Habs need a little boost.

Rumors are telling that Montreal is trying to get Todd Bertuzzi. Personnally… I doubt it will happen.

Petr Sykora ? Why not, but Gainey have to make a fast offer to get him because many teams are already in line.

Who is left ?

The man that I think the Habs are trying to get is Brad Richards. The former Rimouski Oceanic’s player is on the target of the Habs for a long time.

Gainey is probably waiting for the end of the season to sign him because Richards might not receive any decent offer from the Lightning.

The cap space already taken by Martin St. Louis and Vinny Lecavalier is too high to keep Richards at Tampa for the moment. So, he could be a good target for a trade.

Eric Dazé ? Nahhhhh. Still injured and always injured, the Habs don’t want him.

Simon Gagné ? This is the player that Gainey wants. When I say he wants him, he is probably ready to move anybody except Kovalev and Theodore to get him. But Gagné is living the year of his carreer and he’ll become UFA at the end of the season… Jackpot for sure.

Strangely, the Teemu Selanne Rumors has come back when I was in a bar last week. Does Selanne could be had ? I don’t think so, the Ducks want to move Sykora, not Selanne.

The Devils have some problems with their cap space and I would not be surprised if Gainey try to get Jamie Langenbrunner. The salary of Langenbrunner is not too high, but a defenseman like McGillis could be part of the trade.

One question that somebody asked me was… Does Milan Hejduk could be a possibility ? I think it’s really a good possibility. With his 3.7M contract, the Avs will try to keep Alex Tanguay so to make cap space, Hejduk will possibly pay the price. Hejduk is not producing like the time he was playing with Forsberg so Gainey should try it.

Give me your opinion, maybe other players could be on the market and I forgot them. But for sure, Gainey will move… Koivu is rumored to be missing the game against the Caps and maybe the 4-5 next games… Plekanec 4-6 weeks, Theodore will come back soon but they can’t hope to win on a regular basis without Koivu and Plekanec… And in the next 25 games, as I remember 18 are on the road. A move is required.