Gainey Should Trade For O'Neill

There have been rumors floating around (on this site) about the canadiens being interested in Carolina forward Jeff O’Neill. I feel If habs GM Bob Gainey is indeed interested in O’Neill that he should follow through.

Maybe he could offer up Richard Zednik along with either Marcel Hossa or Ron Hainsey and a 1st rounder for O’Neill and Sean Hill, or instead of the 1st rounder than Zednik, Hossa and Hainsey.

Now I know there is going to be alot of blow back from readers so let me try to explain myself. Carolina gets Zednik a player that is still in his prime and can step right in to their lineup. Hossa and Hainsey I’ll admit have not lived up to expectations thus far, however they are 22 and 23 years old respectively. Iginla was 25 when he blossomed into the star he was made out to be. I doubt Hossa will blossom into an Iginla but he may still blossom into a solid goal scorer and Hainsey can still become a very solid defenseman. So I feel a deal made along these lines maybe with some minor tinkering to it will work for Carolina.

Then there is the other side who feel that picking up those contracts may not be good for Montreal. Well let’s just say that the trade goes through pretty much like what I said. If Theodore plays as amazing as he did two years ago in the playoffs minus the breakdown against Carolina. Then add O’Neill and Hill to the mix only losing Zednik from their roster. They have the ablity to go deep depending on what other teams do at the deadline. Philly missing the heart and desire of Roenick and Primeau, and New Jersey without Stevens. These teams are still tough but not unbeatable and are not the favorites they are with the players mentioned in the lineup. Then there is Toronto who without Belfour will not go anywhere, and even though he is back. The leafs will only go as far as his bad back can carry them. Ottawa always has bad luck in the playoffs, if Theodore can steal a couple of games then Montreal can beat them.

So I say if you can make the deal Gainey do it. Montreal with this trade has the ablity to be a darkhorse team in the playoffs. Now before you all try to tear this article to shreds just sit back and actually think about the points I made, and if that fails we can still agree that this would be a better starting offer then what leaf fans believe they can get O’Neill for.