Gainey Should Trade For O'Neill

There have been rumors floating around (on this site) about the canadiens being interested in Carolina forward Jeff O’Neill. I feel If habs GM Bob Gainey is indeed interested in O’Neill that he should follow through.

Maybe he could offer up Richard Zednik along with either Marcel Hossa or Ron Hainsey and a 1st rounder for O’Neill and Sean Hill, or instead of the 1st rounder than Zednik, Hossa and Hainsey.

Now I know there is going to be alot of blow back from readers so let me try to explain myself. Carolina gets Zednik a player that is still in his prime and can step right in to their lineup. Hossa and Hainsey I’ll admit have not lived up to expectations thus far, however they are 22 and 23 years old respectively. Iginla was 25 when he blossomed into the star he was made out to be. I doubt Hossa will blossom into an Iginla but he may still blossom into a solid goal scorer and Hainsey can still become a very solid defenseman. So I feel a deal made along these lines maybe with some minor tinkering to it will work for Carolina.

Then there is the other side who feel that picking up those contracts may not be good for Montreal. Well let’s just say that the trade goes through pretty much like what I said. If Theodore plays as amazing as he did two years ago in the playoffs minus the breakdown against Carolina. Then add O’Neill and Hill to the mix only losing Zednik from their roster. They have the ablity to go deep depending on what other teams do at the deadline. Philly missing the heart and desire of Roenick and Primeau, and New Jersey without Stevens. These teams are still tough but not unbeatable and are not the favorites they are with the players mentioned in the lineup. Then there is Toronto who without Belfour will not go anywhere, and even though he is back. The leafs will only go as far as his bad back can carry them. Ottawa always has bad luck in the playoffs, if Theodore can steal a couple of games then Montreal can beat them.

So I say if you can make the deal Gainey do it. Montreal with this trade has the ablity to be a darkhorse team in the playoffs. Now before you all try to tear this article to shreds just sit back and actually think about the points I made, and if that fails we can still agree that this would be a better starting offer then what leaf fans believe they can get O’Neill for.

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  1. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    yeah, cool, go habs

    more importantly, i have the rare opportunity to have the first reply to a post. as such, i will not reject the opportunity to advertise myself as an hockeytraderumorer etc etc and now am proud to announce that my name is at the top of this thread.


  2. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    that would have worked better if i had title my reply as my name, as done hear.

    in any case, i would like to now voice my opinion that if we put a leaf player at the top of the site on every page in the site, he at least should be in a game jersey.

    ive had a bad day.

  3. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    is that mccabe? cuz if it is we should remember certain comments made by said party regarding “Making a living”

  4. rojoke says:

    I have no problem with getting Jeff O’Neill, but I don’t see what’s particularly exciting about getting Sean Hill. On most other teams, he’d be a fourth or fifth defenseman, plus there’s the fact that he’s 34 years old, so it’s probably a case of being a rental player. If you could get a guy like Brendan Witt, Denis Gauthier, or even Derek Morris, someone like that who’s a little younger and would be more likely to stay with the organization for at least a couple of more years, then that would be better, both this season and down the road.

    And I also hesitate to give up guys like Hainsey and Hossa for what amounts to be a rental in Hill. Yeah they are young, but Ribeiro took three years to establish himself in Montreal, and Ryder took four. This team isn’t a Stanley Cup contender this year, so getting rental players is a waste of time and resources. By all means, if Gainey can get O’Neill for one of them, then great. But if means giving up prospects, because that’s still what I see them as, to get a UFA in July, I’d prefer to keep the prospects. Don’t forget, there may be as many as three or four roster spots opening up after this year on the forwards lines alone. Depending on how the team does in the playoffs, free agents may not be filling those spots. And that’s were the organizational depth comes into play.

  5. kingbobert says:

    As far as getting Hill goes i dont think he would fit with montreal…look he’s looking good on a team that makes mediocore players look like stars.

    I’m still not too sure about o’neil either cause i dont see him fitting in the first 2 lines…

    Ribeiro and Dagenais can work magic together they read eachother and Ryder well put the kid anywhere and you’re set

    And koivu will definetly not work on a line with O’neil..

    Instead of O’neil get Cole and Barnaby and play them with Begin

    Now Play juneau/perault with ward and sundstrom

    as far as getting anothr D…go for Gauthier we need youth ause it’s the youth who;s been pulling us this year

    what do you give for cole?

    dackell and a draft choice, throw in Gratton if anything


    Rivet…straight up trade…give up hossa if calrgary wants more

    cause lets face it hossa got more than enough chances

    Hainsey i would not get rid off…the kid has speed and a great shot…just give him 1.5 seasons more..

    This will be montreals defensive corp of the future

    Brisbois as the Veteran, Souray, Komisarek, Boillon, Markov and Hainsey unless we get gauthier….Rivet is gone and quintal will retire soon

    I dont believe Gainey will get rid of Ribeiro, Koivu, Ryder, Begin, Dagenais, Belaj, Perezoghin…

    Koive is gone bla bla bla…look at his stats they’re not far behind mikey ribs and he did miss something like 12 games…

    he’ll stay in montreal but not as captain

  6. greatlife15 says:

    i loved the way that you tried to sell how Hossa and Hainsey will be SOLID when they become older. I LOVE THAT!

  7. thomas2984 says:

    Don’t get me wrong, but O’Neill is not worth Zednick alone…Zednick pots you 25-30 goals a season, which O’Neill has only done a few times in his career (i know he was in the 40’s once!)…Plus, I also dont’ think he would fit well with montreal because he needs a set up man to feed him the puck – much like Francis – make note – Francis is having an off year, and as too is O’Neill – Coincidence? Bottom line just like Gonchar is not suited for Toronto, neither to is O’Neill in Montreal!!

  8. shady_records says:

    NOOOOOO! Don’t trade Hainsey! This will back-fire on us more than you think! Hossa can go and rot in the minors – quote from Tampa’s Coach.

  9. Byzz33 says:

    Hainsey? He’s not half the player then people was hoping for. I don’t think he will produce more then 25 pts a year in the NHL.

  10. Scott24 says:

    CBS sportsline says”Reports out of Montreal suggest Canadiens GM Bob Gainey is working on a deal with Carolina that would see the Habs send LW Richard Zednik and a young player, either D Mike Komisarek or RW Michael Ryder to the Hurricanes for RW Jeff O’Neill and D Sean Hill” This is bullshit. Montreal is not going to trade Ryder while he is probably going to win the calder trophy. I’m a toronto fan but I want him to win the calder because I’m from Newfoundland like him

  11. afanofthelakings says:

    Just give up Higgins and/or Gratton for O’Neill

  12. afanofthelakings says:

    Just give up Higgins and/or Gratton for O’Neill

  13. Komic-J says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Rutherford was referring to Ryder when he said he was looking for a first year player who can play right now for the Hurricanes. To bad for him, I don’t think Gainey is stupid enough to make a move like that.

    I know I wouldn’t…not Ryder vs. O’Neill, one-on-one. But, if the Hurricanes want him so much, why not try something like:

    Michael Ryder, Marcel Hossa and a 2nd Round Pick in 2004 and 2005 for Jeff O’Neill, Erik Cole and Bret Hedican.

    I know a lot of you might think this trade is way off, but listen. So far, we’ve seen Bondra, Kovalev, Lang and few other changing sides for a prospect and a 2nd Round Pick. Here’s how I see it.

    Michael Ryder is exactly what the Hurricanes are looking for. A young talent who can play right now for them. Marcel Hossa has been called up many times already, but will always be in his brother’s shadow. Now, I’m not telling Hossa will be a 1st line left-wing or center (he can play both), but I think he’ll be better than Vrbata or Brendl…Wait a minute, that would be a great line to see, don’t you think ? Vrbata – Hossa – Brendl…

    Anyways…So Ryder and Hossa would be good values for the Hurricanes…and who knows what these two draft pick will eventually become. Honestly, who cares so much with 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th round picks ?!? At this point, it’s a gamble…

    Two 2nd Round Picks is just what they need, and just what they can afford…

    In O’Neill and Cole, Montreal would find the strenght they need to add on their top two lines. Ryder will be missed, but O’Neill can fill the hole…and with recently acquired Kovalev in the line-up, I think the offense will be just good.

    Hedican would be a great fit in Montreal, at least until Hainsey can take the spot.

    …and while we’re at it, why don’t we try the same with Washington, who’s kinda in the same situation as the Hurricanes. Grier, Halpern and Witt would all find a place on our current line-up…and since Washington seems to be shopping for a lot of Draft Picks and Prospect (which Montreal has plenty of…) why don’t you try something like Grier, Halpern and Witt against Markov, a young prospect and a 1st Round Pick.

    Next season, chances are that Perreault, Juneau, Dackel, Kilger, Dykhuis and few more won’t be back…

    That would give us enough money to sign everybody (if there’s an NHL season next year) and will give us a young, talented and powerful team…

    Zednik – Koivu – Kovalev

    O’Neill – Ribeiro – Cole

    Bulis – Halpern – Grier

    Sundstrom – Begin – Ward

    Souray – Rivet

    Witt – Brisebois

    Hedican – Quintal

    God…I’m dreaming now !!! 🙂

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