Gainey shouldn't give up! The Habs need a''Wizard''

Slava ” The Wizard” Kozlov wouldn’t be another Samsonov, he has better hockey smarts and would be a great additional playmaker along side Kovalev. I say he can bring out the Kovalev in the pittsburgh years. I don’T like these overpaid long term contracts that have been going out to the players, maybe a 3 yrs/ 4.5 million dollar contract would do for Kozlov.

A first line that would look like this

Kozlov – Koivu – Kovalev would kill the northeast division
(Triple K line)

Maybe a lack of size and maybe lack of speed would make some of you think twice about the Triple K line but our second line would take care of the lack of speed and size would be the 3rd lines responsiblity.

Higgins – Plekanec – Ryder
Latendresse – Smolinski – Lapierre

Also Gainey really hasn’t made this team better, he let go of Ribeiro for nothing last summer, last trade deadline he let go of Rivet for nothing, and he has ONLY replaced Bonk and Souray with his latest signings.
Hamerlik being a downgrade of Souray.
Smolinski being an upgrade on Bonk.

Gainey don’t give up yet !! WE need at least one more superstar player!

**** Ryder Filling for arbitration – This has been the third year in a row that Ryder has done this, I think the second this player is a FA he will leave , so I say Trade him while he still has value… AleX Tanguay maybe LOL.