Gainey To Offer Contract To Elias!!

Acording to

Patrick Elias, who becomes unstricted free agent, will most likely receive an offer from Canadiens GM Bob Gainey.

The forward could be asking at least $8 million a year.

Other News: Talks With Francis Bouillion and the Habs are still going. According to RDS, Bouillion is looking for $2.2M a year. Montreal has offered him $1.7M a year so far.

Darryl Gagnon

13 Responses to Gainey To Offer Contract To Elias!!

  1. FlyersfanKyle says:

    would be nice for mtl but i just dont see it happening although i think if it comes down to the habs and leafs i know who i would choose

  2. Turnbull says:

    Didnt someone just post almost the exact same thing about Montreal and Elias?!….like 2 articles down?

    I guess the fact that montreal, like a dozen or 2 other teams will be talking with elias is worth 2 posts.

  3. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Definitely…I hear Elias is a free agent….maybe the Habs want him.

  4. mtl_prince says:

    I live in montreal, and am a habs fan. but it really annoys me when rds starts all these rumours. there are like what, 12-15 teams that are interseted in elias. what happened to the arnott rumour. i guess they needed something new, seeing as july 1st was approaching. and what about perezhogin and souray to columbus for Nikolai Zherdev. like common, is columbus that stupid? i do beleive gainey will sign someone, but until the ink is dry we wont know who!

  5. mtl_prince says:

    actually, now i remember….

    montreal will sign elias, arnott, trade for zherdov, sign mckee, um who else….shesh…lol

  6. Komisarek says:

    I know, this is getting stupid. The medias are starting a bunch of rumors just to keep us talking. Do you honestly think Gainey walks around stating that he will be making an offer to Elias ?

    Except about 5-10 teams…EVERY other GM will be making an offer or checking if Elias is interested…’s not like MTL is the leading candidate.

    As a Habs fan….I’ll be happy if Gainey gets one decent guy (like Arnott)…which we will over pay for anyway !

    We are still in the rebuilding process….and a few years away before our youngsters can cary this team to the top.

  7. Shatterday says:

    well montreal have like 15 million cap space left…..they can offer the best deal for elias.

  8. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Hes going to offer it to show the Habs he is trying to make the team better. Elias will then take the contract and politely take a dump on it and send it back via Fed Ex to Gainey’s office.

  9. AfroCon says:

    From a source on

    Bouillon has reached an agreement with the Canadiens which would give him $5,675,000 for 3 years which rounds out at $1.89M per year.

    Official announcement has not yet been made but that source is a friend of Bouillon who has been reliable many time in the past.

  10. magnifikko says:

    Wow the habs are going to offer a new contract to Elias, not big news, every club will try their luck with elias he’s one of the best players out there.

    In boullion’s case, i just think the little guy is getting greedy, i already see montreal fans whinning that it is too much money, and i agree with them, he wants to get payed more then Markov their top defenceman????

    Anyways, i just hope Gainey wont pay bouillon 2,2 i would offer him 1,2 MAXIMUM, he can be replaced.

    As for Elias…offer him 7mill i dont care, get a big name in montreal. Kovalev Koivu Elias. that says it all…

  11. Habfan1234 says:

    Gainey is rarely one who would leak or state his intentions to the media. Therefore, rumors such as these should be taken with a grain of salt. As a result, I will only believe them when the ink has dried on the players contract and I see them at a news conference in a Habs jersey. Lastly, practically 2/3rds of the NHL would be interested in a player like Elias. One should thus not assume that players of this calibre are going to exclusively deal with the Habs.

  12. SmileZ says:

    Elias is a great hockey player who loves the game, and now he has the chance to earn some big coin and play where he wants. He can get the cash anywhere in the league, but he would be cheered like Kovalev on a nightly basis like a Hero if he played in Montreal. I’m sure Gainey will offer him 6.7-7 mill. and show him how much hockey means where he would be. That could be the selling factor like it was for Kovalev, another big name talent that very little thought Montreal could retain after we stole him from NYR. Do it Bob!

  13. Mainer87 says:

    In Bob We Trust!!!!!!!

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