Gainey Won't Be With Stars Next Season…May Open Door For Other Organizations


Bob Gainey is exploring options both in and out of hockey, as his days with Dallas Stars are drawing to a near close…

Gainey has worked the past year as a consultant with Dallas after resigning from his post as vice-president of hockey operations and general manager last year.

He’s been with the Stars since he became coach in 1990 while the team was still in Minnesota.

His contract with the Stars expires at the end of June and he said it’s unlikely he’ll stay in the organization.

“I’ve been exploring different things both in and out of hockey since probably February, when I started to form some ideas and make some phone calls and poke around,” said Gainey, who was serving hot dogs at a fundraiser on Friday, to raise money for a 200-bed long-term care facility in Peterborough.

“I’ve been a year in semi-employment as a consultant and haven’t been involved day-to-day. I’ve been able to do a lot of things I wanted to do and some things I needed to do but I’d like to be busier come September.”

Gainey remains interested in pursuing NHL employment and is keeping coaching, management and organizational roles among his options, but he doesn’t expect a lot of openings with club’s preparing for the end of the collective bargaining agreement and a potential work stoppage next year.

“I think NHL things will normally happen between now and the end of June,” he said. “That wouldn’t completely close off that something might come around in the summer, but most of the positions whether it’s in management, the organization or coaching, whatever it might be, they usually try to fill before the draft.”

After 30 years of employment within hockey, Gainey said he’s willing to step away if opportunities arise outside the game.

“In Dallas, I have some relationships where I could be involved in from a business point of view and the same thing here. I have people here I do things with that could become more available. I don’t like to bring them up because I don’t want to include other people in the speculation of things.

“It’s nothing major and nothing big but it’s a question of me feeling that after a year of a laxer schedule, it would be better for me if I got a little more on-line and structured.”

Gainey said he’s not looking for a job outside of hockey as much as a project.

Experts Look: This could be one of the early signs of a huge champagne on Bob Gainey to be the next Toronto Maple Leaf GM.(He would be a pretty darn good one though)….