Gambling Fantasay Game

Ok, there were some errors committed by a couple of members or so, but that’s the whole idea. This is a try out.

Changed rule:

Ok, as of tonight, when a member bets an amount of points against the other member, if his bet wins then he wins his own betted points. So, let’s say Mantaray bets 5 points, Rushing bets 4 points. If Mantaray wins the bet, he wins his 5 points, and those are added to his original 25 points. If he loses, he loses 5 points. Makes more sense.
Here is a review of the bettings for games on the 28th of Januray:

Tradedude bets 4 points against bruinsfan37 that the Devils beat the Red Wings.

bruinsfan37 bets 5 points against Tradedude that the Red Wings beat the Devils.

WeStSiDe bets 4 points against Bruin that the Red Wings will win.

Bruin bets 5 points against WeStSiDe that the Red Wings will win.

Rushing bets 4 points against Mantaray that the Red Wings will beat the Devils

Mantaray bets 10 points against Rushing that the Devils will beat the Red Wings. (remember Manta, if you win you will get his 4 points, if you lose, he gets your 10 points).

edmontonrules bets 6 points against Cam that the Oilers will beat the Wild.

Cam still needs to place a bet.

I’ll wait for Sands to place his bet.

Leaf_Fan and r_milley still have to place bets.

Remembers folks. This is a try-out. That means that i am also looking if the rules are right or if they need to be changed.

Ok, the few mistakes:

Me, Sands, r_milley, Leaf_Fan, and Cam did not place bets on time. Remember, 6,30 Eastern time.

I read it and posted it, but it was wrong. edmontonrules betted on tonight’s game Wild @ Oilers. The game last night was Wild @ Canucks.



























31 Responses to Gambling Fantasay Game

  1. Leaf_fan says:

    Leaf-fan bets r_milley 5 points that the leafs will win.

  2. Cam says:

    I posted my bet. Once I got my computer going again.thw mouse and the keyboard wasn’t working so I had to get a new one. ANyways I betted the Wild would beat the Oilers

    5 points I think

  3. mikster says:

    Ok, just make tonight’s bets.

  4. cosmos says:

    I think ties should be worth 1.5. What do you think? And where dor we post our bets? On the comments page?

  5. cosmos says:

    I’ll put 5 for edmonton to win over mini

    5 for dallas over calgary

    5 for ottowa over ducks

  6. mikster says:

    This is just a trye out, a demo of the game. The real game will start as soon as the rules are refined.

    Just watch 🙂

  7. Leaf_Expert says:


  8. Tradedude says:

    ok, i think tonights gamble game or wutever u call it is minnesota vs. edmonton or vice versa. correct me if i’m wrong mik, just going by wut i’ve read on the comments to this art.

    But do we bet against the same person every time?

    if we do and im right about the min vs. edm game, then i’ll place a bet of 4 pts that Edmonton wins over Minnesota.

    That good bruinfan37??

  9. Tradedude says:

    so in the demo week, 1 can bet all there points and if the team they betted lost, they lost all there points, am i right?

    do we have to start all over again when we refined the rules, i think we will, just wonderin’

  10. bruinfan37 says:

    thats good, I’ll take 4 for minnesota

  11. mikster says:

    Yeah, doesn’t really matter if you lose here, just a pre-season exhibition game 😉

  12. mikster says:

    When the game actually starts with more divisions, you’ll face different members within your division.

  13. pop0331 says:

    when is the real game gonna start? any limit to how many people can join?

  14. Bruin says:

    I Challenge WeStSiDe for 5 points on 01/29/03; Minnesota (Winners) @ Edmonton (Losers)

  15. mikster says:

    You really want to piss me off don’t ya?

  16. Tradedude says:

    alrighty than, thats settled.

  17. mikster says:

    It will start when everything is settled and when i find the right rules.

    I don’t think there will be a limit. But, hopfully i can have the right number of memebrs since i will do 6 members per division.

  18. cosmos says:

    So am I included for the trial or what?

  19. Cam says:

    against edmontonrules

  20. Cam says:

    No am changing my bet to 24 points. I am positive the Wild Win this game

  21. Tradedude says:

    Why don’t you just ban him?

  22. OldNord says:

    Example : PHI vs TOR

    ?????? bets 5 pts than PHI will wins and

    !!!!!!!! bets 7 pts than TOR will wins

    so the final score is PHI 4 and TOR 0

    ?????? gets his bet of 5 pts plus the 7 pts of !!!!!!!!

    and !!!!!!!! lost 7 pts of is initial amount.

    That’ll should be that.

  23. Rushing says:

    If I’m not too late?

    I was going to give Manta the go ahead this game but I see he hasn’t made a bet yet. I say 5 pts Wild over Edmonton.

    BTW…..why was I subtracted 5 pts.? I bet 4 so why did I lose 5?

  24. edmontonrules says:

    i dont think so

  25. edmontonrules says:

    Hahahaha looks like Edmonton will win. Who needs Comrie and Smyth now?

  26. bruinfan37 says:

    How does OT work? If you choose that a team will tie, and they lose it OT, would u consider that a tie?

  27. WeStSiDe says:

    I challenge Bruin 5 points that Edmonton beats Minnesota

  28. WeStSiDe says:

    I would think so..

  29. Tradedude says:

    its not hard to understand, if you bet 5 points one team will win and they lose, you lose your 5 points.

    Say the other person bet 7 points that the other team would win, and they do, they get your 5 points that u bet.

    Understood yet?

  30. Tradedude says:

    i bet edmonton too, they won 5-1, i bet 4 points, so i should be at 33 points now since i won the bet that my devils would win over detroit.

    33 points, if manta bet edmonton and atleast 4 points we’re tied 🙂 for first.

    I’m already winning in my division.

  31. OldNord says:

    Yeah but also you must win your own bet when your team wins or else, what’s the use of that to bet high.

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