Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs: Critical Keys that Ploughed the Blackhawks’s Road to the Trophy


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With the Stanley Cup winding down to its final stages, sports betting online was in its full swing until today, when the Blackhawks managed to steal the show for the fifth time. The game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs gave something to cherish to all the Chicago supporters for a lifetime. The Chicago Blackhawks managed to pull off certainly one of the most doubtful comebacks in the history of this championship. With just 76 seconds left on the clock, Blackhawks gave bettors a reason to spend the next couple of days in delight. With a lead of 3-2 already in their hands after Game 5, it wasn’t a surprise to see them picking up the trophy and bringing summers two days earlier than what the Bruins expected.

The final performance of the surging Blackhawks can be dedicated to some critical aspects of their game that showed the desperate Bruins the way back home.

Strong Start to the Playoffs

Chicago Blackhawks managed to take control of the final dance as soon as they got off to an amazing start early in the season and, primarily, in the fifth game of the playoffs. Patrick Kane remained the star of the show with his much needed score in the late first period and an early blow in the second period. This gave the Blackhawks a firm stand to dictate the pace and clinch an amazing win at the United Centre. In game 6, the Boston Bruins needed a similar start to the game, which they managed to get too, but somehow the last few seconds proved to be very costly for them. The Blackhawks counter-punched and managed to outdo the Bruins with their speed and agility.

The Speedy Kane

Patrick Kane’s agility is something that the Chicago Blackhawks should boast about. He is known to be one of the quickest performers on ice. He balances his ability to roll around in skates in the more open regions and possesses exceptional hand-eye coordination skills to make the key plays and put on some heavy numbers on the scoreboard. Though he has been in talks after a series of rumours plaguing his name, he managed to continue his sizzling-streak and gave almost no chance for the Bruins to defy the sports odds stacked against them and allow them to answer his moves in the final game of the Stanley Cup finals.

The Golden Glove

Corey Crawford has been stellar all through the 2013 Stanley Cup and has shown some leading performances with 1.83 goals on an average. Though he gave up five goals from his gloves in Game 4 of the playoffs, he managed to control his vulnerabilities and displayed no sign of weakness in Game 6. After all, it is this winning performance of the star goalie that managed to keep the Bruins low at the scoreboard and boosted the confidence of the teammates to score more.

Return of the Injured Hero

Jonathan Toews missed the concluding 20 minutes of Game 5 in the Stanley Cup playoffs due to his injury. However, he managed to get suited up and rolled out on the ice for a successful reunion with Patrick Kane and Bryan Bickell. Kane gave much credit of his success to the return of Toews on the ice floor. “They always made hockey an easy sport for me and the final game was no different,” quoted Kane after winning the Conn Smythe Trophy in the final.

No matter what the reasons were for their not-so-good performance during the first period of Game 6, they did manage to make the most out of the final seconds of the game and triumphantly lift the coveted Stanley Cup trophy for 2013.

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