End of the first period for the Rangers and Flyers and I’m already writing this. Rangers lost today by what could be a score of 5-0 from the way it looks right now. (2-0) in the first, Flyers Lead.

Get used to seeing this type of Ranger hockey in the playoff’s because we just lost Home Ice.

Well, the Rangers did not deserve the 3rd seed. Playing the way they have and the amount of players holding out on the biggest game of the season so they can play Tuesday against Ottawa cost them any type of impact on the playoffs.

Losing right now 2-0 to the flyers after one I can already tell you… We lost. And losing home ice advantage like this, well get used to watching games like this: Rangers losing in the first period on someone else’s home ice.

Who’s to blame? Well I’m sorry but Lundqvist better not play Tuesday. Two more extra days for him to play a game that won’t make any difference is a waste of my time and the Rangers. In an interview on WFAN 660 in NY he said he could have played today if it was the playoffs. Well guess what, today was the playoffs! He needed to step up. Now it’s not all his fault, Renny should make him play. Sorry yes you take the risk of playing him because if he plays tuesday and gets hurt then the playoffs start and he is out for the first game anyways.

Kasparaitis anyone? The news says he can play tuesday.. another waste of my time. Rucchin? he can play tuesday… and once again a waste of time. It just doesn’t make much sense how a team like this can just not step up. Forsberg is playing today, and a few other for the Flyers… and they aren’t 100%. Where are the Rangers’ players? It’s just disapointing. And Mark my words… I’m a die hard Ranger fan and all, but if we drop under Philly and the Devils… kiss the 1st round goodbye… because this was a waste of the Rangers time this year.