End of the first period for the Rangers and Flyers and I’m already writing this. Rangers lost today by what could be a score of 5-0 from the way it looks right now. (2-0) in the first, Flyers Lead.

Get used to seeing this type of Ranger hockey in the playoff’s because we just lost Home Ice.

Well, the Rangers did not deserve the 3rd seed. Playing the way they have and the amount of players holding out on the biggest game of the season so they can play Tuesday against Ottawa cost them any type of impact on the playoffs.

Losing right now 2-0 to the flyers after one I can already tell you… We lost. And losing home ice advantage like this, well get used to watching games like this: Rangers losing in the first period on someone else’s home ice.

Who’s to blame? Well I’m sorry but Lundqvist better not play Tuesday. Two more extra days for him to play a game that won’t make any difference is a waste of my time and the Rangers. In an interview on WFAN 660 in NY he said he could have played today if it was the playoffs. Well guess what, today was the playoffs! He needed to step up. Now it’s not all his fault, Renny should make him play. Sorry yes you take the risk of playing him because if he plays tuesday and gets hurt then the playoffs start and he is out for the first game anyways.

Kasparaitis anyone? The news says he can play tuesday.. another waste of my time. Rucchin? he can play tuesday… and once again a waste of time. It just doesn’t make much sense how a team like this can just not step up. Forsberg is playing today, and a few other for the Flyers… and they aren’t 100%. Where are the Rangers’ players? It’s just disapointing. And Mark my words… I’m a die hard Ranger fan and all, but if we drop under Philly and the Devils… kiss the 1st round goodbye… because this was a waste of the Rangers time this year.

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  1. laserman says:

    When you know what the hell you are talking about then you might post something. Is Montreal in the playoffs yet??? No. For most of the season they could have been beat by a good junior team. In fact even bad as they’ve been the Rangers look better than Montreal did early on. Montreal is hot right now for one reason and that is Huet. It isn’t for all the goals Kovalev is putting in the net, thats for sure. And Koivu is a pretty decent team captain who gives some chemistry to their team. Gainey deserves some credit for righting a team that was going to finish at the bottom but in a playoff series, a healthy Rangers team would destroy the Habs. And I’m sure of that.

  2. laserman says:

    I hate to agree with that but after watching Ozolinsh play these last few games, he is brutal on defense. Poti is a waste. The bright side is that Marc Staal will have one of the D spots next year. I still wish the Rangers had gone after Witt. He’s been playing great in Nashville so I hear.

  3. Pock_53 says:

    either the devils or flyers are gonna win that division, rangers are lucky that both had to deal w/ the injuries they did

    the devils went w/out Elias, and the losses of their two best defensemen, somnething most teams couldnt overcome, and we all know the problems philly has had this year, w/out their problems they most certainly would have been contending for the conference if not overall title

    not to take anything away from the rangers, but there still a step in class behing the two front runners for the past 8 years of that division

  4. njcup says:

    Home ice, or home field or court or whatever, is totally overrated in all of the team sports.

    If you’re a good team, its not gonna matter where you play. Devils beat Ottawa in Ottawa in ’03, and Gretzky beat the Leafs in ’93, in the most intense situations possible.

  5. dre2k5 says:

    If the rangers lose in a shootout/ot against ottawa and the devils win in montreal, they are tied in points but nj has more wins and thus gets the tiebreaker.

  6. gojiclan says:

    its more than the division, its the difference between 3rd and 6th in the playoffs, its the difference between playing philly or the devils in the first round. The playoffs were at stake in that game, you should get a clue

    i don’t want to hear about injuries. Jagr had 1 shot on goal yesterday, their defense looked like they were confused and outmatched, and if they catch new jersey in the first round, they are finished.

    you should probably get a clue. its nice to make the playoffs, but who cares when you dont win them

  7. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    Of course it’s not a guarenteed victory, but it’s a nice little edge that you can use to your advantage. Coming from behind on the road is a lot harder than it is at home.

    I think your user name explains your position on it anyway.

  8. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    So much for that then…

  9. wingerxxx says:

    I refuse to be all doom and gloom right now. We weren’t even supposed to be anywhere near the playoffs this year. And Jagr doesn’t need no stinking Hart Trophy to prove his worth. Or the Art Ross. I am thrilled simply for the fact that we are actually caring, at this time of year. 100 points, Philly and Jersey right behind us, and a few games left to play. This is great!!! When’s the last time this kind of thing happened with the Rangers? Waste of time? Hell no. This is the reason why we watch sports to begin with.

    Granted…the way the team is right now, we won’t make a deep playoff run. The pattern this year has been to beat the hell out of the lesser teams, and put up a good fight, but lose to the better teams. I did not like the last Philly game. But I am not going to base the season purely on that. I just want to see the guys play hard. There’s just too much to build on right now.

  10. wingerxxx says:

    Ozolinsh was someone that was needed. The power play absolutely needed a spark, and re-acquiring Leetch was not an option. What can you do?

    Poti can walk though, for all I care next year. I’m praying that he does. I agree, that with both these guys in the lineup, we will not win a Stanley Cup. But I’ll take Ozolinsh over Poti right now, any day. At least Ozolinsh has made miniscule improvements in his defensive play. Poti plays just well enough not to embarass himself on a lot of nights. Which is horrible, given his physical gifts and skill level. He is turning into the North American Vlad Malakhov.

  11. wingerxxx says:

    Just ignore him. Trying to reason with this guy is pretty useless.

  12. Dynamo710 says:

    Stan Fischler said it best when he said that Lundqvist is to the Rangers what Elias is to the Devils and what Forsberg is to the Flyers…..the team just plays better with them in the game. Devils were basically out of the playoff race before Elias came back. Flyers are not the same team without Forsberg. And the Rangers…

    30-11-9 with Lundqvist in net

    14-13-3 with Weekes in net

    Stats don’t lie. Lundqvist missing, along with Kasparaitis are major reasons this team is slumping. Now put veteran Rucchin and point-per-game Rucinsky back in there to take some of the pressure off of Jagr, and this is a different team. THE SAME TEAM THAT DOMINATED THE DEVILS AND TIED THE SEASON SERIES BETWEEN THE FLYERS THIS SEASON.

    Doesn’t matter who they play first round, if Lundqvist plays like he has all season, then it will be a good series. And you can’t say that he’s not a proven playoff goalie…… Swedish Elite League Champion, Olympic Gold Medal…..there’s some pressure there, possibly more than in the NHL.

  13. wheresthesoda says:

    yea, its been a hell of a year, finally having a lot of fun watching the Rangers play hockey.

    I think the only reason we’ve been playing like garbage is the injuries. Everyone plays a lot better in front of King Henrik

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