Games Goalies Play

After paying close attention to Luongo’s play this year, it is obvious that he is trying to force a trade.It surprised the crap out of everybody when before the season started Mike Keenan took Roberto Luongo, arguably one of the best goalies in the league today, to arbitration.

Now we all know Keenan is an idiot, but this shocked even the biggest Iron-Mike doubters. The best rationale I have heard regarding this move was that Keenan, struggling to come up with a deal for Luongo before the deadline, decided to take Luongo to arbitration to ensure he got signed period. I don’t know if this is actually what happened, just something I read.

If so, it worked. However it also pissed off his franchise goalie.

Luongo’s first response? Show Keenan what a big mistake he just made. Luongo was unbelievable in his first three games, getting two shutouts in a row. In his first 4 games he had a GAA of 0.75 and a save percentage of 95%. In the new NHL, that is astounding.

After one can only assume he realized he did not want to be part of Florida his game went seriously inconsistent. On games that he wanted to play he was outstanding making 32 saves on 34 shots, when he wasn’t motivated to try he would allow 3 goals on only 15 shots.

The last 9 games he has played have been terrible. He has a GAA of 3.77+, a save percentage of 86% and has been pulled 4 times. 4 times in 9 games.

I dunno…. How do you say moody?

Granted he has every reason to want to be out of Florida. He is pissed at Keenan. He sees more rubber than Michelin (36 shots a game? Sometimes as many as 45, 46? He should sue his defence for alimony because they left him. Most goalies see less than 30.) Is this the best way to do it?

With how Luongo is playing as of late, who would want him? Granted he has the talent to be the best goalie in the league, but he is earning himself a reputation of being moody. Yashin has talent… the problem with him? He’s moody. Teams are less interested in for that same fact. Same with Jagr. Most teams want a player they know will give it his all every night, not just some.

Is Luongo’s play going to force Keenan’s hand? Keenan will deal him before the trade deadline or risk losing him for nothing, but Keenan is also well known for being an insufferable &%$@#. Albeit 3.2 Million is a lot to spend on somebody who is a) playing his way into the backup position and b) possibly turning into a locker-room cancer.

Time will tell, but Luongo is forcing his trade value down.