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After paying close attention to Luongo’s play this year, it is obvious that he is trying to force a trade.It surprised the crap out of everybody when before the season started Mike Keenan took Roberto Luongo, arguably one of the best goalies in the league today, to arbitration.

Now we all know Keenan is an idiot, but this shocked even the biggest Iron-Mike doubters. The best rationale I have heard regarding this move was that Keenan, struggling to come up with a deal for Luongo before the deadline, decided to take Luongo to arbitration to ensure he got signed period. I don’t know if this is actually what happened, just something I read.

If so, it worked. However it also pissed off his franchise goalie.

Luongo’s first response? Show Keenan what a big mistake he just made. Luongo was unbelievable in his first three games, getting two shutouts in a row. In his first 4 games he had a GAA of 0.75 and a save percentage of 95%. In the new NHL, that is astounding.

After one can only assume he realized he did not want to be part of Florida his game went seriously inconsistent. On games that he wanted to play he was outstanding making 32 saves on 34 shots, when he wasn’t motivated to try he would allow 3 goals on only 15 shots.

The last 9 games he has played have been terrible. He has a GAA of 3.77+, a save percentage of 86% and has been pulled 4 times. 4 times in 9 games.

I dunno…. How do you say moody?

Granted he has every reason to want to be out of Florida. He is pissed at Keenan. He sees more rubber than Michelin (36 shots a game? Sometimes as many as 45, 46? He should sue his defence for alimony because they left him. Most goalies see less than 30.) Is this the best way to do it?

With how Luongo is playing as of late, who would want him? Granted he has the talent to be the best goalie in the league, but he is earning himself a reputation of being moody. Yashin has talent… the problem with him? He’s moody. Teams are less interested in for that same fact. Same with Jagr. Most teams want a player they know will give it his all every night, not just some.

Is Luongo’s play going to force Keenan’s hand? Keenan will deal him before the trade deadline or risk losing him for nothing, but Keenan is also well known for being an insufferable &%$@#. Albeit 3.2 Million is a lot to spend on somebody who is a) playing his way into the backup position and b) possibly turning into a locker-room cancer.

Time will tell, but Luongo is forcing his trade value down.

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  1. kennerlucier says:

    are out out of ur mind , look at the team hes got , there all under achieving so far.

  2. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    hmm i wouldnt be able to tell jagr is moody on the rangers….he actually likes where he is. i wouldnt blame him for being upset on washington but if moody is always having a smile then im really moody

  3. Scruffy05 says:

    Yeah, but for oungo’s talent level, and based on how he started, he should not be being pulled out of all these games. Looking at him play it appears he has all but given up.

  4. zyphrit says:

    I think exactly the same, Luongo really forcing a trade and he play bad because he want the Panters have nothing for him.

  5. WangKumar says:

    sure, maybe he is unhappy and it is affecting his play, but the guy is in a contract year… facing the biggest contract his career will ever have.

    There is NO WAY he is tanking it. Is his confidence level down…? sure. But as we can see, where in football (except for Barry Sanders) a running back is only as good as his o-line, in hockey a goalie is only as good as his defense (see Marty Brodeur this season). For a while me, including many others thought Luongo was the Barry Sanders of this rule, but he just cant overcome the fact that at the end of the day, he is only human and no one can stop the shots he is facing.

  6. WangKumar says:

    Yashin is moody??? Cmon.. he makes 9 million a year and is tagging the hottest 45 year old ever. I dont think moody is the right word, maybe uninspired?

  7. WangKumar says:

    Yashin is moody??? Cmon.. he makes 9 million a year and is tagging the hottest 45 year old ever. I dont think moody is the right word, maybe uninspired?

  8. Marky2Fresh says:

    So I guess your saying Luongo is an emo. Poor guy probably listens to Bright Eyes and Dashboard every night and cries himself to sleep. You guys should be ashamed for making fun of him. His life is so hard.

  9. Hollywood666 says:

    Luongo’s a good goalie, but all the Luongo-loving is getting ridiculous.

    Insinuating that he’s playing sub-par to screw with the heads of the organization is a bit much.

    I can’t wait until he gets traded and still faces 30+ shots/game because he kicks rebounds right up the middle. Kind of like how the one game he played in the last world cup was the only one where Canada got blasted with shots.

  10. suppaman says:

    face it, he’s a big goalie with smaller pads who has average athleticism and lateral movement…the new NHL is not a great thing for him (not like it is for any goalie but the good one’s who are athletic will benefit the most)

    combine that with a below average defense and you get those numbers, dont forget early on in the season every team was just getting used to the new nhl and all the new teammates, which is why some numbers for goalies at the beginning of the season were better at the beginning of the season compared to now

  11. ZeroX93 says:

    Good article although I disagree with your comments and quotes about keenan being an idoit with the way he’ll dealt with luongo. Although arbitration isn’t the prettiest. Roberto was being selfish and unrealistic of what he was asking for in the beginning of the season (along with Jay Bouwmeester). What keenan did made sense ultimately and was very responsible considering the salary cap.

    Now as far as recent games…

    OTTAWA: I was present in the senators game and the cats where real strong in the first period. Its safe to say they dominated the sens and had them on heels for awhile (but keeping in mind they didn’t dress Chara Redden). Had luongo been playing has average game they would have stayed with it and at least came away with a tie. But the majority of goals he let in where soft. Also a lot of soft play by the younger panther players. No one was finishing their checks (which i find so frustrating). Kudos to Van Ryn & Horton though, they kept their legs moving

    DALLAS: this one really pissed me off, being pulled in the first 12mins of the game letting in 3 goals by a bunch of 3rd line type players. And the kind of goals that they were just disgusted me. As soon as he was out and Martins brought in Mclenan 3 consecutive goals by the cats. And well the out come of that game was not fair at all. Jere Lehtinen is a disgrace to the NHL, the dive that everyone saw him take at the end of 3rd period made me wanna puke. That in turn gave the stars a powerplay, and a powerplay goal in the final minute of the game. I hope you star fans are proud of yourselves, that was pathetic. You all know we out played you guys. Ohh and big round of applause for Montador, a fight!!! (with guerin) that fired up the bench (which lead to 3 goals) and one assist on one of the goals. Hes made in clear in the papers in florida that he just wants to play the game he loves (I’d drop luongo for a few players with that kinda of attitude in a heart beat).

    San Jose: I was happy to see luongo on the bench and Jamie getting the start. back to back road games in the west coast with an ice storm in dallas that delayed the cats travel. All that didn’t help but not an excuse. The defense just fell apart on this one. Even though Jamie let in 6 goals, I enjoy watching him get the chance to play. And maybe since the panthers don’t have as great of a goaltender in net the defense can wake up a bit more and be responsible.

    All in all, being a big fan of the cats and loving luongo. If hes going to keep this up I’d much rather have him moved out and bring in guys that will stick together through this horrible slump. Because when they do get out of this, this team will be strong. I have no problem with roberto being in a slump and having bad games. But when you watch what we’re watching in florida, it gives u a bad gut feeling.

    +:Nieuwendyk, Van Ryn, Bouwmeester, Montador, Horton, Olesz, Roberts, Jokinen, Gelinas… these are the guys I’m really liking (yes the vets were worth it), especially Joe… hes been great.

    -:Luongo, Stumpel, Hagman, Weiss(hes been playing scared), kowatski, krajecik (soft) have all disappointed whether it be attitude or play.

    Happy hueslius is out

  12. afrogintexas says:

    Whoever it was that said Lehtinen is a disgrace to the NHL for diving is, on top of being mistaken, a buffoon. First off it was Miettenan that embellished the play, not Lehtinen – though Dallas is stacked with Finnish players so I guess I can forgive you. Second, Jere is arguably the best defensive forward in the game today and any team in the league would die to have the type of guy who’s willing to do grunt work and let his play do the talking.

    It was Mietennan and it was his first infraction. I’m sure he’ll get the usual finger wagging from Campbell – it’s not like he’s Sean Avery or anything. The Stars barely pulled that game off, but the Panthers have been getting into penalty trouble quite a bit this season. In other words: they earned the loss with their lack of discipline.

    No one disses Jere!

  13. penguinos66 says:

    There is no way Luongo is playing him self to a back up position. He is easily 1 of the top 5 goalies of the league. no team loses 12 in a row only due to a lack of goaltending. I also dont think hes decreasing his value has to what the panthers would receive in return. any GM looking to deal for luongo will have to give at least a big name and prospect. he is a top 5 goalie, playing for a bottom 5 team, and thats all there is to it.

  14. suppaman says:

    and that is why you don’t work in the nhl 🙂

  15. oildude says:

    Moody or not , we’ll welcome him in Edmonton

  16. Mullet says:

    That Toronto Boston rumour has been reported at least 3 notable sources. CBS has reported it, Eklund has reported it, the other however has not been revealed. However, the deals are different from what the CBS said, the other two reported it would be Ken Klee, Nik Antropov and Justin Pogge for Glen Murray and either Nick Boynton or Hal Gill. However, other rumours have said the Leafs may need to switch Pogge with Colaiacovo if they want Gill or Boynton. However, I beleive this deal will happen very soon and the Leafs will be minus Klee, Antropov and Colaiacovo but plus Glen Murray and plus I would believe probably Hal Gill as he makes less than Boynton.

  17. tml28 says:

    I know this has nothing to do with this article, but i dont feel like waiting for a leaf article.

    So dont bash it bc of that.

    Ok but anyways i think the leafs are using a couple of there players in the wrong fashions. I also think a few players are not getting the respect they deserve.

    For one instance, Mariusz Czerkawski, I believe is an established player, and i believe he would flourish in the new NHL but he is not being give a chance at all, and everyone is bashing him, he has more skill then most other leafs, besides sundin, lindros, allison, oneill, and mccabe. But when you dont play players right, you make them lose their edge, and when you put them on lines with players with some “skill” that player is most likely going to suffer. Even though he is not playing, he is still being a good sport about it, hes not crying out, he admits his mistakes, he wants to prove himself, he is a good teammate. He is being positive and i think he deserves to play.

    Stop all the Allison Trade rumors because believe it or not he is one of the best leafs, and i think it would be very dumb to move him, ya know what i think its bad on his part to be crying about his ice time, but he does deserve to be a second liner, if not a 1st liner on most teams. the leafs need to move him to the 2nd line center.

    Another thing is Antropov, the guy plays fine, he loves Toronto, and is a good player, people have just labeled him,as of now he has like 10 pts in like 18 gms- Toronto and all the other nhl fans give the guy a chance he was 10th overall choice not a 1st what the hell do you expect out of him, hes actually a quite good all around player- Give him a break.

    Also, I know all of you hate berg but he is not that bad, he may be alittle overpaid for a 5th or 6th dman, but he does his job night in and night out, leave him alone.

    I think Toronto needs some changes and they need to change their lines up.

    The lines should be as follows:










    Get rid of useless space such as Belak

    I think these lines would make Toronto go in the right direction Instead of ruining players confidence by putting them with utility players, cutting there icetime or not even playing them.

    Czerkawzki when playing with lindros and sundin will flourish we need to up our offense, so why not put all the great players together for a 1 2 punch. they would have a very explosive offense instaed of 3 ok lines.

  18. Adam_0486 says:

    Good post, very interesting idea

    if this was 3 years ago i would have laughed in your face, the thought that a profession athlete would purposely not play well or up to par was unconcevable for me, but after the Toronto Raptors season where both V.carter and A. Davis admitted they just weren’t trying and in the nhl like u said yashin and company, its a joke. If i was a GM i would ship anybody who tried a stunt like that out of my team just to prove apoint to the rest of the players on my roster. Luongo should be traded before his actions rub off on other players on his team.

  19. muckies says:

    Wow you Totonto fans and your god-damn imaginary line-ups.

    Whant to know what my Sens imaginary line-up would look like????????

  20. oildude says:

    Who gives a shit

  21. muckies says:

    Dude, if you call letting in a goal after your D caughed up a puck on a routine dump-in, and then Healtey in front all alone – I mean all alone with both defenceman behind the net, then you are ceacy.

    The Sens scored 2 power play goals that game. It’s not Luongo’s fault, don’t blame him.

  22. tml28 says:

    I dont know who Totonto fans are but… Imaginary? Its their real players whats so made up? Its actually quite real!

  23. the_canadian_game says:

    did you purposely not include stajan and wellwood? id put them way ahead of wilm kilger and czerkawski

  24. lukeleim says:

    DO you actually watch the games?? first you have excluded two young good player from the leafs lineup (wellwood and Stajan) and induced Czerakwski who has been horrible, and wilm. Then you go ahead and split up mccabe and kaberle; ok maybe that isnt a bad idea, giving the leafs a little more balance on defense. Plus Lindros has never played on the left wing.

  25. HOTROD17 says:

    After the Flyers-Oilers game Thursday night on Comcast, Keith Jones said it looks like the Flyers might trade Jeff Carter or Mike Richards with ANTERO NIITTYMAKI for Luongo

  26. intothevoid001 says:

    hah totally agreed…

    i can’t begin to understand the hardship he’s facing for $3.2 million

    poor baby… boo hoo

  27. Adam_0486 says:

    man ur halarious i was reading comments from other posts and i swear u wrote the exact same thing in every post… man anyone who is not a leaf fan will not care infact ur setting ur self up for a harsh punk off from some of the losers on this site.

    However since i do like the leafs ill tell u this much, Murray + Boynton = never going to happen,

    Murray + Gill = could happen would be decent Gill is large strong dman but isnt he always failing and cant really skate (reminds me of berg).

    Better if TO looks elsewhere for dman like Hannan, Salei or Modry.

  28. caspien says:

    I don’t think he is doing this on purpose BUT I do think he is going in to his games with less heart and he is getting frustrated. Im pretty sure he is a moody goalie and somewhere down the road he is going to have to figure out how to put bad games behind him. Maybe he needs Clint Malarchuk back as Goalie coach. Also, until he learns consistency he will never be the starting goalie for Team Canada, in fact I think he has completey pushed himself out of the Olympics. This is another reason why I don’t think he is doing this on purpose, because I guarantee he wants to be starting goalie for Canada someday and if he doesn’t even make the roster this year that means he loses VALUABLE and I mean VALUABLE with $$$ signs experience. If he wants to play for the team of his choice in the future he has to play hard everyday (Montreal would never take him if he didn’t)

  29. muckies says:

    the best thing about Mcabes game is he doesn’t carry the puck into the zone. Kaberle does all the work. Mcabe just waits for the puck- and Fugcking BOOM, its in the back of the net. Talk about big lines for a team, this is it in Totonto.

    Splitting these 2 up would be the worst thing Quinn could do.

  30. ZeroX93 says:

    i stand corrected (as far as the player)… yes the panthers have been taking untimely penalties. but still that burned me up, we’ve been struggling for awhile now and we lose a game that we seriously battled back for… and in the last minute(which has now happen to us tooo many times its scary)!!! because of a dive/bad call… give me a break, that pissed me off like you wouldn’t believe. Its games like that that make me wanna get out on the ice and hit someone! Plays leave the fate of these 3rd period games in the hands of the players only!

    and being a bit off subject… I’m liking the new nhl for the most part. Except I just think that aggressive edge has been completely loss. I see players so scared to play physical and referrees not letting them play through (especially in the 3rd). And the lack of fights & face washing/shoving matches in front of nets, whats up with that, its like there no pride… they basically elminated that fiestiness, that emotional part. Its what use to make me hate teams like Philly (when they had lindros), & love my team (when we had paul laus).

    I don’t know maybe I’m off, I’ve just been watching my panthers, and they’re pretty soft I’m not gonna lie.

  31. ZeroX93 says:

    i hear you guys have the best ice over in ur arena. must be nice

  32. oildude says:

    We have the best ice and the nastiest winters in the league.

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