Garrioch at it again

The ultimate gossip monger for the Ottawa Senators is at it again today with his latest rants and raves about an “impending deal” with the NYI. Today he is claiming that Muckler is on the phone all the time with Milbury and that the deal is right around the corner. On the block are Bonk, Isbister, Scatchard, and Arvedson. Bonk seems to be the flavour of the week for him as this is the 3rd article this week he has posted with his name and trade in the same paragraph. Here is the story. is a weekly recycled article by Garrioch. He adjusts the names but always includes the salaries and how it would be beneficial for the Sens. Since Christ was a Cowboy, Garrioch manages to come up with these trade dealings and I don’t recall an accurate one in the past year. Unless of course it came in the form of a press release from the Sens front office. Regardless, I don’t see the Sens making this type of move unless they are prepared to put a Defenceman on waivers. This is the area they are loaded in. They need to move one now as Shane Hnidy has been cleared to play making that 8 defencemen. The easiest move for the Sens is to send Volchenkov to Bingo and keep what they have. Is that a smart thing with the kids play so far this year? Who knows, look where Spezza is now. For now, I am sure that the Sens are quite content with their current lineup and everyone will be sticking around until at least the new year.

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  1. NYIchooch75 says:

    Not going to happen. At least I hope not. Isbister is finally playing well, and Scatchard is on pace for career highs in goals and points. Scatchard also is way too valuable on faceoffs, can hit, fights (as we saw last night) and is a good fit in the clubhouse. This deal doesn’t really help the Islanders at all. Bonk is okay, but you have to wonder what kind of relationship he has with Yashin, with everything that happened in Ottawa. Arvedson is okay too, but he is injured so much that he wouldn’t be beneficial at all. I can’t see replacing gritty power forwards with these too soft players. Why not just add Czerkawski off waivers?

    Remember that after the Islanders horrendous 3-9-0-0 start, they are 7-4-2-0. And they have beaten good teams in that stretch…Dallas, Rangers, Pittsburgh, Vancouver, Tampa and they tied Ottawa. Peca is back and the team penalty kill is on the rise. Osgood has been solid lately and it reflects in their record since that slide.

    Sorry, Milbury is a fool if he starts screwing around now. And I really don’t see anything happening. All the papers here in NY say that unless things start to really fall apart (like another 6 game losing streak), nothing is going to happen until the March deadline.

    P.S. – I was at the game last night against the Leafs, and it was awesome! Isles looked really good. Only 1 complaint…the refs were absolutely horrible. The things they called, compared to the penalties not called was terrible. For both teams.

  2. Leaf_Expert says:

    Toronto Sun reported the same thing…

  3. tsaler says:

    The Toronto Sun announces a new ludicrous trade rumor every other day now, sometimes even more frequently. Sadly, I can’t believe it until I see it for real anymore. These folks have destroyed whatever credibility they may have once had.


  4. rojoke says:

    Doesn’t Garrioch write for the Ottawa Sun? And aren’t they owned by the same publisher? If both are true, that explains where the Toronto Sun got the story.

    And if anybody has spent any time at Spector’s, they know that Garrioch has Bonk/Arvedson rumours only about 8 days a week.

  5. krustymedic1 says:

    I believe this was my point.

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