Garrioch: Flames' Feaster would like to make moves

There are more than a couple of contracts Flames GM Jay Feaster would like to burn.

Two league sources told QMI Agency that Feaster is desperately trying to get money off the books.

Not only would Feaster move struggling C Olli Jokinen in a heartbeat, the word around the league is the Flames have been shopping C Matt Stajan, W Niklas Hagman and D David Moss.

You can’t blame Feaster for trying to clean up the mess of bad spending left by former GM Darryl Sutter, but he’s going to have a difficult time finding anybody willing to take on those contracts, especially this early in the season.

Stajan will be particularly tough to move.

The 27-year-old Stajan, who was part of the deal that sent D Dion Phaneuf to the Leafs, received a mystifying four-year, $14-million extension from Sutter. The contract, that has three years remaining, will make it nearly impossible for Feaster to trade him.

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  1. reinjosh says:

    Feaster has made some good moves so far. Horak was actually a decent acquisition out of a shitty situation and he's been pretty impressive so far. He's being counted on in all situations by Sutter so far. Butler has been ok, not amazing but solid. Paul Byron looks like he's going to be an NHLer too. Hopefully Feaster can prove he is going to take this team in the right direction. 

    However this team needs to rebuild. It needs to rid itself of contracts and it needs to commit to building something long term, not hoping for the short term. Obviously a good start would be trading Iginla but that might not be an option. No matter how much he could bring in, ultimately the organization is committed to giving him the choice of what to do and respecting his choice. That speaks highly of the loyalty there. It may or may not work out but Iginla isn't a slouch and he brings more than elite talent so the team could live with that. 
    Really this team needs to move Kipper and shoot for a top 5 pick. Take advantage of a team like Columbus and see if you can get some young assets from them for more NHL veteran talent. The time to rebuild this team is now. 

  2. FlamingHomer says:

    I think Feaster has done just OK. He hasn't really won his trades other than freeing up cap space. That alone would make me a bit nervous about him being the guy who trades our best assets for a favorable return. Daryl didn't leave him in a good position and he's done his best to dig out but I hope he just rides out a few of the bad contracts and plans more of a long term solution to their issues.
    They aren't that close to being a competitive playoff team so an exchange of a couple of players here and there would be pointless.

    Not sure if the writer has been actually watching the Flames play in the past two years but how is Jokenin struggling? He's been very good at both ends of the ice so far this year.
    Even Stajan has been OK it's just that he's not worth anywhere close to the $$ he's being paid.
    Sutter loves Moss so I doubt if he is being shopped.

  3. reinjosh says:

    Some funny tweets last night after Nugent-Hopkins scored his first hatty. He's also scored 4 of Edmonton's 5 goals…

    "It's no wonder the Hall-Nugent-Hopkins-Eberle line is successful, there are four guys on it."
    "Does RNH have more goals than faceoff wins?"
     "Took R. Nugent-Hopkins a little less then 3 games to tie my career number in goals. #4thLineProblems." BizNazty
    "These two players, Nugent & Hopkins, that the Oilers found could bloody well lose them the 2012 first entry draft pick."
    "#Canucks defenceman Kevin Bieksa on RNH: "We got one more goal than he did tonight. So I guess the Canucks beat Nugent-Hopkins 4-3."
  4. reinjosh says:

    I understand some of the trades though. Honestly, he probably had to lose some to get cap space. That space helps make moves later. That way he can take advantage of big contracts etc if it helps the teams future. 

    And clearing contracts was more like to Columbus for another expiring one like Huselias and picks or Huselias and Brassard. Brassard stays long term Huselias is left to expire. Those types of moves should be the ones he looks at. 
    And yeah Jokinen's been pretty good. He could be a nice add for a playoff team at the deadline. 
  5. leafy says:

    Watching the Flames last night, there were flashes of good signs, especially early on, but they seem to sag as the game progresses and do seem a bit slower. Is it just me?  On the plus side, Kiprusoff looked very good.

    Let's see how their season plays out. The next few weeks will decide if the GM will blow them up. I'd really like the Leafs to get their hands on Iggy.

  6. leafy says:

    Hard to argue with that. Second oldest team in the league. They need to get younger and soon.

  7. FlamingHomer says:

    Not your imagination. They are slow. Even when they win it's not due to out-skating the opposition.
    Iggy would really excel in the East. The west has that defensive mindset that tends to restrain the creative players slightly.

    As I said above, I don't want Feaster to be the guy that blows the team up.

  8. FlamingHomer says:

    There's no question something has to happen. After watching Van, Edm, Minn and Col. so far this year, I don't see Calgary taking a win from any of them.

  9. HockeyThoughts says:

    They should have started the fire sale in the off season. I don't know how people could have looked at this roster and thought they could win with it.

    Kipper is great, as is Iginla. Giordano played well for them last season too. Glencross shows true potential, along with rookie Butler and Horak. There is a serious drop off after that.

    The rest of the team are either washed up, or just not good.

    I don't know how much you could get for Jay Bo, but freeing up that kind of cap space is never bad, and I'm sure you could still start a bidding war at the deadline.

    Kipper and Iginla could net them a lot. Teams might even take on a bad contract like Stajan or Tanguay to get them. If Columbus freed up some cap space, or even sent back a bad, but expiring contract (like Huselius) Kipper would be a good deal for both teams. Boston's got the cap space and youth to bring in Iggy. They desperately need someone who can score. Maybe they'd take Tanguay with him, they employed Ryder for 5 mil for a bit right?

    They could free up a ton of space, lose some dead weight, and then jump on into the Parise & Semin sweepstakes. Try getting Schneider from Van City, and that could seriously speed up the re-build.

    That's what I'd do. I'm sure Jay is going to call me any second now.


  10. LeafsFTW17 says:

    The flames need a Holmgren. 
    Which GMs are available?

  11. thisgamewelose says:

    What about moving Kipper, and then picking up Nabokov from the Islanders? They could try and dump Jay-Bo to them as well, but I'm not sure who the Islanders would be willing to part with. 

  12. reinjosh says:

    It depends how the Isles view Montoya or even Dipietro. I'm not sure how smart its going to be for the Isles to have 10.3 million dollars all in the net around an aging guy and an injured guy. 

    Jay-Bo to the Isles is probably possible. Its a good fit. THe only issue is bouwmeester is a minute muncher for the Flames. He's overpaid but he does his job well. Plus he still hasn't made the playoffs in the NHL…
  13. albertateams says:

    You have to remember that this past off-season the Flames had no cap space and as such a fire sale of assets would have resulted in reduced returns. I agree that changes need to be made but I think they should occur from now to the trade deadline and then, with the cap space they will have available next off-season really make changes.

    Most of what you say is correct however Tanguay's contract isn't bad 3.5 million for a guy that put 69 point. The term only takes him to 36 years old, which for a guy that plays his style should still be productive.

    I know I'm in the minority but I think Calgary should hold on to J-bo. After this year the Flames have a ton of cap space so moving him just to free space for very little in return doesn't make sense and defense is already a weakness. Jay is over paid but he logs big minutes and is still only 28.
    I doubt Iggy is traded, however if he is I could see Calgary looking at deals that centered around top shelf prospects, LA (Bernier), St Louis (Tarasenko), Boston (Seguin (doubt Boston would move him) or Hamilton) or NYR (Krieder). LA and NYR would have to send back equal salary so that would make it more difficult. For Kipper, CBJ (Mason +, or Johansen (Calgary would have to add something else to get Johansen), Tampa (Connolly or Ashton) and Phoenix (Turris or Gormley) could all be decent matches.

    I think the Flames should consider any deal not involving Backlund, Barertschi, Reinhart, Horak, or Irving. I would even move one of those guys if it was a substantial prospect coming back.

  14. albertateams says:

    It's been a problem for the past 3-4 years both as a team and individually. There are times when you see guys like Hagman, Bourque, Jokinen and Glencross dominate and then the next game you wonder how they are even in the NHL. It's such a frustrating team to watch. Flashes of brilliance, mediocre seasons.

    Iggy has been absolutely horrible this year. He will bounce back I have no doubt but missing training camp and the preseason has really put him behind as he has always been a slow starter.

    One thing for sure is the Flames need to get younger. The Nhl has moved to a young speed driven game, the flames are old and slow its not a winning formula.

    I've never been a big advocate of the tank philosophy to build a team but with a guy like Yakupov in this years draft I'm really hoping Calgary is in a position to draft him, the kid has franchise written all over him.

  15. reinjosh says:

    I agree with pretty much everything. 

    The Flames have some nice pieces. Kipper should get some interest from a couple teams and Iginla would bring a lot of interest. Tanguay should get some nice looks too although I'm concerned GM's will see his time with Tampa and get scared to acquire him.
    I'm also with you on Bouwmeester although I'm more willing to trade him if the price is right. If it doesn't, keeping him isn't terrible. He's a minute muncher even if he isn't a 6.6 million dolllar man. He's still a top 3 dman. 
    And yeah, those prospects have to stay. Baerstchi is looking like a stud, Irving is making his way slowly but surely to the NHL, and Horak looks like a solid top 9 pick up. Reinhart I love. I think the kids going to be a stud, he's quickly becoming one of my favorite prospects. He can do it all. And Backlund, yeah sure keep him. I'm not so high on him anymore but he's still got some nice upside. 
  16. reinjosh says:

    How sweet would it be to have Yakupov on the Flames. Oh I'm just drooling at the thought. 

  17. albertateams says:

    Ideally for both the Flames and a potential trade partner, a deal involving both Tanguay and Iggy would work best. They play very well together and I think they would be more likely to waive NTC /NMC clauses knowing they'd still play together, however due to a combined 10.5 million cap hit a trade like that seems unlikely. Just for fun something like:

    Cal: Penner, Stoll, Bernier (9.1 million), 1st rounder and Forbort
    LA: Iggy and Tanguay (10.5 Million), might have to include one of Irving or Karlson

    Its a steep price for LA, but rolling out a top six of Tanguay-Kopitar-Iggy, Gagne-Richards-Brown would make them the team to beat in the west, while keeping their D in tack. Calgary could then flip both Penner and Stoll at the deadline for picks or prospects.

    NYR: Iggy and Tanguay (10.5)
    Cal: Gaborik, Wolski  (11.3) and Krieder and 1st

    Not really sure how much the Rangers like either one of these guys as their names have circulated in several rumors. Both Gaborik and Wolski could be flipped. If the Rangers really want to for it this deal could make sense. There is just no way the Rangers could swing a deal from a cap prospective without moving Gaborik. Gaborik has some skill but the guy is pretty fragile.

  18. albertateams says:

    I know its early but best draft prospect since Stamkos?

  19. mojo19 says:

    David Moss plays D now….?

    Also, I would pick up Olli Jokinen. He, Giordano and Stempniak were hands down the best players on Calgary Saturday night vs the Leafs. I was really impressed.

  20. albertateams says:

    10 Games 25 points in OHL as a kid that just turned 18 two weeks ago. Ridiculous high end skill.

  21. mojo19 says:

    I really want to see Iggy win a cup in his career. It would be a damn shame if he didn't. Also he did win the cup in 2004 and it was accidentally awarded to *****ing Tampa Bay. Oops. #NHLerrors

  22. albertateams says:

    Completely agree moving Jay just to free up cap space doesn't make any sense. If a good return can be realized then it could be considered. If he was making 5.5 million I don't think people would be raging on him as much. I just wish he had a nasty streak in him like Pronger, he's very passive for a guy his size in a shut down role, his skating ability is something the Flames would sorely miss.

  23. reinjosh says:

    Yeah the kid is a stud. He's doing that without his running mate Galchenyuk too. Kid can score with the best of them and he's showing he can make plays right with that as well. 

  24. reinjosh says:

    Trading them both is interesting. I'm not sure how much teams would like grabbing that much salary in a trade but the allure of the established chemistry would certainly be a draw.

    I honestly think LA is the best fit for a trade. Lombardi looks like he finally gets it and he realizes his roster is close to winning he just has to lose his prospect fetish and trade them. Iginla is almost a perfect fit. He's the scoring winger they lack, the one that would put them over the top.
    That is steep but it would be what it would take. I would probably think they either wouldn't want Tanguay (Williams would be in his place instead) or they would have him going back with Stoll instead of Penner. Tanguay and him swap salary and the Flames get a top 6ish guy still. 
    And I think Lombardi would probably want to include Voinov instead of Forbort. Voinov is redundant in their system, where Forbort fits a need for an all around guy. Plus Voinov would give us the dedicate PMD we've sort of been lacking for a long time (Giordano is more all around, and no one else in the system is really a PMD).
  25. reinjosh says:

    Kid is nasty. I'd be good with Grigorenko too. He'd actually be a long term Iginla replacement. 

    I'd love for them to bomb and get one of those two and also grab another pick or two in the top 30. Target Gaunce, Maidens or Reinhart (in that order). Gaunce or Maidens are talented and big pivots and would a perfect center option for us. Reinhart would be a long term Bouwmeester replacement and of course adding him to his brother would be awesome. 
  26. albertateams says:

    The other option if they were to try and move both would be to take back a bad contract. Unfortunately neither LA or NYR has a contract that would warrant additional compensation (Reddens not on the cap so no deal could not involve him). Obviously the Flames would want more prospects and picks back . For example, if Calgary agreed to take Gomez and Kostitsyn from Montreal for Tanguay and Iggy what else would Calgary potentially get? Multiple firsts + Pacioretty and Tinordi. I don't really know how to put a price on a trade like that. 

  27. albertateams says:

    Both Baerstchi and Reinhart are playing great in the WHL, 14 points in 7 games and 13 in 9, respectively. Its not a deep prospect pool to say the least but those two guys combined with Backlund, Horak and Nemisz is a decent start to rebuilding a young forward core. The D is young enough that if one or two key pieces were added it would be solid. Even Irving is showing positive signs as a future NHLer. The Flames just need a big trade, a couple of deadline moves, and a really strong draft to turn it around. Bottom line a rebuild doesn't have to be a 5 year process, 2-3 years if done right and the Flames could be right back in it.

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