Geno got Hart!

Early and midseason predictions were that Claude Giroux was the runaway leader for the Hart trophy. The Sedins were in the race, as was Kessel. How things change so quickly in this game.

Kessel has come back to earth – albeit at a much higher place than previous seasons. He’s really coming into his own and proving he is an elite player in this league. He proved me wrong and Im eating some crow.

Giroux is in the same boat as Kessel. Coming out of the gate on fire, he has slowed a bit and is settling into a normal pace. A lingering injury may be at play but who really knows.

The Sedins are doing what they do … remaining at about a 1.2ppg pace, as they always do.

Some new faces have appeared on the list recently.

Marian Hossa is 3rd in the league in points, top 10 in +/- and is playing well on both sides of the puck.

Mr Toews is 2nd in the league in goals, and as well, playing an all around great game for his club.

Stamkos has slowly and quietly climbed in the league lead in goals (5 up on his closest enemy) and is tied for 3rd in points.

Enter Geno.

Geno came into this season after having surgery on one knee and had to rehab the other (albeit only a little) after a fluke injury when Tyler “Gigantor” Myers fell on Geno’s leg. Fast forward to this season. Geno started off slow .. again, compared to his standards. His skating didnt seem right. He’d have jump one day, then miss practice and skate like mud the next game. Over the course of October, he would miss 8 games attributed to soreness and pain in his injured knee. After about 2 months, he was on pace for about 70pts. Sure, a pretty good total for most players but for a guy who averaged 95pts a season, thats a pretty low total. Fast forward again to January 23rd. Malkin is on a tear.

– 12pts in his last 5 games (including 9 goals)
– He has shot up from well behind the pack to leading the league in points (despite having played less games than anyone else close to him)
– He is tied for 3rd in the league in goals.
– He is taking less stupid penalties
– His shooting %age has climbed back to where it was earlier in his career
– His 7 GWG goals are 2nd in the league and shows that Geno is “clutch.”
– His +/-, while not among the league leaders, is better than his career average
– As of today, the only player in the league going to top 100pts

He has taken the team on his back and with the help of (mostly) Neal and Fleury, have carried the team to remain in the thick of the playoff race in the east.

Dont know if Geno will keep up this pace to win the Hart trophy, but he has certainly taken the lead in the race.

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  1. 93killer93 says:

    Hart- Malkin

    Art Ross- Malkin
    Rocket Richard- Malkin
    Norri- Karlsson
    Vezina-Elliot(if blues make playoffs), Howard
    Calder-Adam Henrique
  2. reinjosh says:

    At this point, it's Malkins to lose. Not only is he the leagues best player right now, he's almost single handily keeping the Pens in the playoffs.

    You just can't not give him the Hart. He's leading the league in points, has played the least amount of games out of the top 30 scorers and he's been playing on a weak offensive team (while they struggle with injuries anyways) 
  3. reinjosh says:

    Hart and Art are going to Malkin if he keeps it up. This year I would have no problem with him getting either.

    Stammer will win the Rocket I think.
    Vezina will be interesting.
    Its going to be a three horse race between Howard, Quick and Lunqdvist. Elliot has no shot at it while he platoons with Halak. They might win the Jennings but Thomas and Rask might give them a run at it.
    Anyways I think you have to give it to Quick. He's winning games when his team isn't scoring (as the worst scoring team in the league) and he has the most shutouts in the league. He's simply been the best in the game right now. In fact he should get Hart consideration since his team hasn't done jack. 
  4. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Art Ross: Lupul
    Hart: Lupul
    Rocket Richard: Kessel
    Norris: Phaneuf
    Vezina: Gustavsson
    Selke: Grabovski
    Calder: Gardiner
    Materson: Kessel
    Lindsay: Lupul
    Messier: Phaneuf
    NHL foundations award: Lupul
    Jack Adams: lol

  5. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Malkin should get the Hart for sure.  Without Crosby for basically the whole season there is no way the Pens would make the playoffs if it weren't for Malkin. That is the definition of the Hart trophy, most important to your team. And Malkin is that.

  6. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Norris Karlsson?????????

    I agree he's been great but he's basically just Mike Green, he doesn't deserve a norris for offensive play.
    Shea Webber.
  7. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Also Adam Henrique is playing with Parise and Kovalchuk

    Nugent Hopkins is playing with two injured second years (still very talented but, not on the level of Parise or Kovy yet) 
  8. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ya seriously, Karlsson….WTF???? Shea Weber agreed here followed by oh a dozen better allround defencemen

  9. reinjosh says:

    I know Mojo has never been a fan of that definition. He's always defined it by the "most valuable player to the league".

    Either way, Malkin has been that this year. 
  10. GO_LEAFS_GO_Noni says:

    Jack Adams= Francois Allaire?

  11. MystifoLeafs says:

    That Jack Adams to Francois Allaire was priceless.

  12. mapleleafsfan says:

    Yea Norris is the best all-round at your position, which Karlsson is not. He still should get nominated though IMO. Best offensive Dman in the game right now (3 points under ppg at the 50 game mark on a not very talented team). He's also +7 on a team whose total goal differential is -2, so clearly he's playing fine defensively. 

    That said Weber is the best defenceman in the game and should win the Norris. 
  13. Boston_Bruins says:

    Thomas looks to be taking himself out of the running lately with sub-ar play. I'd say the Vezina goes to Lundqvist with Howard and Quick as runners-up. I'd love to see Bergeron get the nod for the Selke. Datsyuk is always there though. And I think Chara might be the favourite for the Norris right now, although Weber is right there. Karlsson's defensive play just isn't good enough. For the Hart it's definiteyl Malkin. I'd say Giroux and Kessel are runners-up.

  14. albertateams says:

    I agree he's not the Norris winner but he should get nominated 13 points up on the next closest d man. When Green was putting up huge numbers in Washington he had Ovi, Backlund and Semin flying. Karlsson has Spezza and a 39 year old Alfie.

    Would love to have a guy like him on my team any day.

  15. albertateams says:

    **should be Backstrom.

    Flames game day.

  16. mapleleafsfan says:

    Agree with all of this but I think Weber takes it over Chara, though it's close. I'd like howard to win the vezina, he was the second goalie I chose in fantasy (behind vokoun – wow hindsight) and he's absolutely killed it. I do think Lundqvist will take it though and definitely deserves to at this point. I knew NY would be good, but not this good. 

    Malkin HAS to win the Hart unless something changes dramatically. I haven't seen a player put the team on his back this hard in a long time. As good as kessel and giroux have been, it isn't close. Also I think Lupul is equally earning of a hart nomination as kessel at this point, which means he defintiely shouldn't win IMO. 

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