Gerber to Calgary? is reporting that there should be a conclusion to the Martin Gerber saga today. One highly speculated rumor is that Murray will ship Gerber to the Flames to become Kiprusoff’s backup.

It is not mentioned in the article what the deal would be however it is likely a late round draft choice. A trade is likely to happen in this scenario rather than recall waivers in order to ensure that a team such as LA does not pick up Gerber for half price.

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3 Responses to Gerber to Calgary?

  1. pezzz says:

    I'm really not sure about this. Gerber would be a pricey but useless backup. I'd take a look at Sanford, or Anderson, or Ellis, or Legace, or anybody UFA this summer or with a small contract. but NOT Gerber.

  2. UWSensFan says:

    You mean you don't want a goalie that'll let in a deflating goal just after the team's struggled to get back into it, or worse yet, BEFORE the team has a chance to start?

    I'm not surprised nobody wants Gerber.  He has had a couple decent stretches with the team in a 3 year span and that's it.

  3. FlamingHomer says:

    So TSN is now competing with Bruce Garrioch and Eklund for the most untrue never-will-happen rumours.
    There are much better ways to improve the Flames than adding an overpriced inconsistent goaltender who will never play anyways.

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