Gill the odd man out?

According to the Boston Globe Hal Gill may have trouble coming to an agreement with Bruins. Will he be on the move? may find problems with the obstruction free NHL. The Bruins certainly have some viable options with some youth on the D line, however NONE bring the experience of a Boynton or Gill, both of whom are RESTRICTED free agents. I have enjoyed Hal Gill’s style of play, and Jaromir Jagr did once say he was “the hardest defenceman to get by”, back in his pittsburgh days.

I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Gill or Boynton being moved to assist the team under the cap. I think the only question mark on the Bruins is that of defense, so if they are moved it better be for a strong defenceman to add to the core of Leetch and rookies.

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  1. sumthingbruin says:

    I don’t want to see Boynton moved. I think he’s a heck of a player. He gets better every year and is a leader…also the only dman on the team who can really play in both ends.

    My prediction is that Gill signs for way below market value. He’s a local boy and I think the b’s know he’lll take a discount to stick around.

    Hilbert & picks to the caps for Witt would be a great move right about now…

  2. toronto77 says:

    witt will probably jump on it

  3. Bruins4771 says:

    Great call I think hilbert and picks and is a pretty even i think seeing the year hilbert just had with providence.

  4. Neely4Life says:

    boyton is solid. Saw him play tons for the 67’s, this guy could be on team canada one day.

  5. Bretzky says:

    You’re right… Leetch can’t play in both ends…………………………………

  6. wingerxxx says:

    As long as Leetch is paired with a defenseman who actually knows what he is doing (unlike Kevin Hatcher, Tom Poti, Rich Pilon, and some of the other defensive geniuses he has played with in recent years) he is just fine defensively. Very positionally sound and is still a first rate penalty killer. He doesn’t have to scramble all over and do the job of two guys. He was very solid for Toronto, and paired with someone like Boynton, he would still do well.

  7. BLACKNGOLD248 says:

    Boynton and Raycroft have to be resigned. They should package Gill and Hilbert to the Caps for Witt. Gill is a big body but he doesn’t use his size to his advantage. With his size he should be a physical presence but instead he’s too slow and soft.

  8. Heinzee57 says:

    It’s true. Hal Gill is tough on Jagr but I’ve seen Cliff Ronnning undress him in his own end.

    He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

    A guy of that size should be feared.

  9. Bruins4771 says:

    I think that is too much for witt. He is solid, but thats it. Not an offensive threat. Hilbert and picks should work. Only package Gill if we get more from the caps

  10. mikemodano9 says:

    i say trade him caps with hilbert and a pick or 2…for witt and halpern

  11. CaptainInsano says:

    Well it’s easy to undress someone when you know you can easily get between their legs … because Ronning is 5’8″ I think and Gill is what 6’7″ so Ronning can just skate under him.

    Gill ain’t going anywhere. He doesn’t have the offense or meaness of someone like Chara, but he is still a solid hitter and decent in his own end. If the Bruins decide to trade him, there will be a lot of teams interested.

    Also, I can’t see Witt going to Boston, unless it’s Gill for Witt which doesn’t make a ton of sense for Boston because they’d be trading apples for apples.

  12. habfan1160 says:

    While watching the two series that Boston played against Montreal, Gil appeared to be too slow to compete. The Montreal forwards continually undressed him, especially Zednik. I do not think that he will be able to thrive in a faster and more skilled NHL. Consequently, he is expendable to free up cap space to resign Raycrof and Boynton who I believe is a high quality two-way defensman.

  13. redbeard says:

    I think O’Connell overspent for some of the forwards (Scatchard – 2M?…even Leetch for 4M and Zhamnov for 4M). I guess other team may have spent that so they needed to adress the holes on the team, but they are now finding themselves in a bind when it comes to signing their top 2 dmen from last year and their goaltender. I am not sure O’Connell is sold on Boynton, or he is using him to get something else. He was offering Boynton and 2 of their prospects to St Louis for Pronger but St Louis took Brewer over Boynton essentially. The Bruins only have about 5 or 6 M left so I can’t see all three of Raycroft, Boynton and Gill staying unless someone takes less to stay here. I could see O’Connell trading Gill for draft picks and giving Stuart, Alberts, Jurcina or Dalmann an opportunity in his place. I was excited to see the Bruins making moves, but now I am worried their defence won’t hold up and they may need to win games 6-5 or hang on for a shootout. Guess we’ll find out soon.

  14. payne says:

    if you look at every team they have a towering defenceman(physical) thats what gill brings to the table as far as offencive defence we already have leetch boynton slegher and girard. philly took a chance on big def they must know something i think if anything we need a guy like yannick perrault a faceoff man did’t montreal kill us in round one on crusial faceoffs. you can get perrault for about 800k

  15. redbeard says:

    Zhamnov and Scatchard are both very strong on the faceoffs and Thornton has been improving every year. Green’n not too shabby there for a 4th liner. They just need to fill out their D and they are ready.

    Isbister – Thornton – Murray

    Samsonov – Zhamnov – Bergeron

    Boyes – Scatchard – McEachern

    Axelsson – Green – Fitzgerald

    Leetch – Boynton

    Slegr – Gill (if he signs)

    Moran – Girard

    Stuart – Jurcina – Alberts (pick 2!)

    Raycroft and Toivonen

  16. payne says:

    other than gill who packs a punch

  17. redbeard says:

    I know…there toughest guy is also their most skilled in Thornton. The only other thing is to bring up the Manitoba Mauler…Colton Orr from Providence, but the dude can’t skate well. O’Connell is quoted as saying with the new rules he does not expect teams to need an enforcer but if it changes, he thinks Orr will fit the bill. Thornton and Murray can check, Green and Fitzgerald will check and Isbister and Scatchard will check…not weak by any means, not tough either…on D, I was hoping to see them get Witt and sign Gill…then pair Gill with Slegr and Witt with Moran. Always concerns.

  18. NemiNA says:

    Yeah. He got ripped on the Zhamnov deal.

  19. GretzNYR99 says:

    Tell Eric Lindros that.

  20. gmg316 says:

    i think that the bruins wanted hal gill to be another kyle mcleren, which ended up not happening….hal gill is the worst guy on the team, you guys are right, the guy is wicked tall but doesn’t really stop anything from coming into the Bruins zone,


  21. BOSBOY says:

    how bout they trade him to the caps and try to get chris bourque some how?

  22. bigbruinsfan says:

    I agree that Gill may find problems with the obstruction free(assuming that this new crackdown holds out the whole season)NHL. I like Gill, but feel he isn’t that valuable to the Bruins. I think they need to sign Boynton. How about this for a trade scenario: Since the Bruins appear to be in a rut signing Raycroft and they need a defenseman, trade Raycroft, Gill, and Boynton to Florida for Luongo(supposedly he’s not happy with Keenan) and Bouwmeester. I’m sure Keenan would demand more, but please not Samsonov.

  23. BOSBOY says:


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