Gill the odd man out?

According to the Boston Globe Hal Gill may have trouble coming to an agreement with Bruins. Will he be on the move? may find problems with the obstruction free NHL. The Bruins certainly have some viable options with some youth on the D line, however NONE bring the experience of a Boynton or Gill, both of whom are RESTRICTED free agents. I have enjoyed Hal Gill’s style of play, and Jaromir Jagr did once say he was “the hardest defenceman to get by”, back in his pittsburgh days.

I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Gill or Boynton being moved to assist the team under the cap. I think the only question mark on the Bruins is that of defense, so if they are moved it better be for a strong defenceman to add to the core of Leetch and rookies.

let me hear it