Gilmour Career May Be Over!

Doug Gilmour flew back to Toronto on Friday to get his injured left knee examined by doctors.

The Maple Leafs fan favourite didn’t have crutches when he got off the plane in Toronto but he did have a pronounced

Leafs winger Gary Roberts, suffering from a groin injury, accompanied Gilmour back to Toronto and past reporters at Pearson Airport.

Asked whether he thought he would play again this season, Gilmour said: ”How would I know?”

Gilmour then left without saying anything else.

There’s concern that Gilmour’s career could be over if there is serious ligament damage to the knee. Gilmour, traded from Montreal on Tuesday, has indicated he will probably retire after this season.

The 39-year-old centre was just over a period into his much-anticipated return to the Maple Leafs on Thursday night when he collided with Calgary Flames forward Dave Lowry and injured his left knee. Gilmour, who starred with the Leafs from 1992 to ’97, crawled back to the bench and didn’t return. He left the arena on crutches.

Toronto was missing right-winger Alexander Mogilny in Thursday’s game as well, who was given permission to leave the team to attend to a personal matter. Mogilny’s agent, JP Barry, told TSN on Friday that he left due to a family illness and that he has returned home to Toronto. He plans to rejoin the team on Monday.

Poor Gilmour, I don’t think he was planning to finish his career like that… At least it was in a Maple Leaf uniform… Right?

I wonder if he is still eligible to receive his ”playoffs team bonuses” for each rounds saying he can’t return to action?

Let’s wish him a speedy recovery.



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